Feb 152018

Say goodnight Hemet Dave and Sheriff Stanley.

  3 Responses to “As Broken 1/29/2018, $300K Money Bomb for Chad Bianco is a Reality.”

  1. What a great Valentine’s Day gift!! It’s up to the voters and department members to not make this money go to waste.

  2. This is an awesome thing to see!! When an organization like this goes “all in” great things will happen! Chad Bianco will come out on top and the people will no longer have to live under this reign of terror and corruption. This ridiculous regime where Sniff orders his brass to attend every function Chad has in an attempt to intimidate his own department members from attending for fear of retribution. The corruption and madness has to stop and the time has come for Sniff to leave the department. He should do the honorable thing and step down, but since he won’t, we will get the word out to the voters to remove him from office and restore the position to one of honesty and integrity. It’s time to drain the swamp and eliminate this lifetime politician. Vote Chad Bianco for Sheriff!

  3. If the election were held today…with only RSD personnel voting….Sniff would LOSE by a 90/10 landslide. He has alienated us troops. He’s created a dept of fear. Fear to do anything except the basics to get through the day..just answer your calls and don’t make any honest mistakes beccause if you do, you’ll get pers’d. Heck you even get pers’d now for things that are clearly false…captains can no longer to ‘admin reviews’ on obvious false complaints etc…the answer is to just ‘lets do a pers just to unfound it.’ So yeah, lets pers the little guy, the guy/girl who the dep needs the most. So now, we just do the bare minimum to get through the day. The super good things you see deputies doing (i.e. dep rice at perris) are done only because those are good deps who care about the people…they don’t care about the agency because heck “we’re paid too much” anyway,,,according to our sheriff (not our leader…he has zero leadership skills).

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