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Many of you will recall the poorly worded legal demand letter Mazarei sent me, that included my home address. You will recall that several within Mazarei’s echo chamber shared the letter, including a couple of local elected officials in an attempt to gain political advantage for Mazarei.

Mazarei has several problems, beyond his financial largess to Stan Sniff.

Doug Hassett is a candidate for Congress. He is pictured with several other candidates and local elected officials at an event.

Apparently Mr. Mazarei felt it was a good idea to threaten Hassett in a public forum.

Allow us to remind you about Mohammad Ali Mazarei:

In the process of chasing down leads on the Sheriff, we stumbled across the Mohammad Ali Mazarei caper. We’ve learned that he, his business and an employee were named in a 25 page complaint regarding cold-plugged smog checks by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. This is significant because Mazarei is a $50,000+ donor to the Sheriff according to my math based on public records.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair filed their complaint on 9-14-2017. The most recent check from Mr. Mazarei (actually in the name of his Arco business) was written on 10-5-2017 according to a late-filed FPPC form 497. Records and sources indicate that a criminal complaint by Mazarei against a former employee was made in October of 2017. Mazarei said publicly in writing he filed charges against a former employee, Walter Cole.

Mohammad Ali Mazarei can’t file charges. Only the DA can. The internal machinations of this case are the stuff of legend in insider circles, and it appears that there has been sudden insider interest in the case in the three weeks since our first expose on Mr. Mazarei / His Business appeared.

And now for the latest wrinkle, insiders in the various offices (I am being vague on purpose to protect people’s identities) have been talking amongst themselves and this blogger about the Walter Cole prosecution. Cole is the employee of Mazarei’s. If you read the legal demand letter posted on facebook by Mazarei, you will learn that he is asserting he is innocent of everything and it is all Walter Cole’s fault.

In Mazarei’s mind according to sources, if Cole is prosecuted successfully, then he (Mazarei) will be innocent and able to sue everyone that he disagrees with over the caper. The problems for Mr. Mazarei and his attorney (who appears to be an officer in a local Young Republicans Club) are multi-fold. Let’s start with the fact that Cole’s guilt has no bearing on Mazarei’s guilt in any civil or criminal case. Secondly, those talking to this blogger have been clear that those involved in this case are not happy they are being pushed to investigate or prosecute it. In their words the case against Cole is weak and minor. Words like “politically motivated prosecution” are being used. A third problem for Mr. Mazarei and his attorney is called discovery. Imagine what sorts of stuff your intrepid blogger could find in an open court case with subpoena powers and witness testimony/declarations under oath.

It is completely unclear who gave the orders to do what. There is also no evidence or anyone suggesting that the District Attorney of Riverside County himself is involved in this issue at all as it could be a simple administrative review of a case not previously filed, subordinates pushing the case or a figment of Ali Mazarei’s imagination.

The other allegation we are leveling here is that Mazarei received special treatment for a CCW Permit in Riverside County. Did he have to wait two+ years like most people? We’ve been told from several anonymous sources that his financial largess to the sheriff may have moved him to the front of the line. (Update: Through his attorney we learned that his CCW Permit was issued in 2009, two years after Sniff took office, but 2 1/2 years before the first check was written. We did however, never assert a time as to when Mr. Mazarei got his CCW. Further, Mazarei claims there was no relationship between Sniff and himself until 2011.)

Mazarei is also known for posing for photos with a variety of weapons. Some of his photos look downright scary.

Enter the Attorney: You also imply that Mr. Mazarei is a violent and dangerous man because he has been photographed posing with a variety of weapons. That he would be photographed like that is not surprising given that he is a Federally Licensed Class III Firearms Dealers supplying weapons to local Law Enforcement and Homeland Security officers. (In case you are wondering, I note that he has not sold weapons to the Riverside County Sherif s Department, though he proudly counts many individual officers and deputies as customers and friends.)

(Please note, we did not edit the typographical errors in the portion of the letter we posted)

Note that when the original post about Mazarei was written, we did not know about the latest $9300 check as it was reported three months late by Sniff’s campaign. If you look at all three pictures posted in this blog, it is clear that Mazarei is trying to big-time and intimidate everyone in the photo with Chad Bianco. This is pretty brazen given the legal trouble that Ali Mazarei is in, regardless of how much he thinks everyone around him is going to take the fall for it.


Mazarei has written Stan Sniff checks totaling $40,500. We believe (Not) coincidentally, he is one of the just over 2000 CCW permit holders in Riverside County. (A county of 2.4 Million people) Since it is in doubt the circumstances surrounding the original issuance of the CCW, it is also a very valid question to ask if that financial largess had anything to do with the 4 renewals that have occurred within the time frame of his donations to the Sheriff. Again, according to Mazarei and his attorney there is no connection between his donations and any special treatment by the sheriff.

Does Sheriff Sniff know that Mazarei has a checkered business record? Are there more issues out there?

Ali Mazaeri and his business are named in the document and his business is accused in this complaint filed by The California Bureau of Automotive Repair (featuring Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s letterhead) of Dishonesty, Fraud and Deceit. If you read the complaint, you will see that Mr. Mazarei’s business got stung for making bogus smog checks. (They reference 15(!) instances) We were sent photos of his shop recently that indicate that the auto repair garage parts are shut down.

If you take the time to read the complaint, he (Mazarei) got caught lying multiple times over the course of several days – again 15 references to rigged smog checks in the complaint. (Update – Mazarei is named several times throughout the complaint as an individual although he and his attorney are claiming the complaint is against his business, not him and is related to the conduct of an employee or multiple employees.)

What a mess, huh? And this guy is the loudest advocate for Stan Sniff there is. I have reason to believe that the Bureau of Automotive Repair Complaint is not the last thing we will learn about Ali Mazarei’s business practices. Stan Sniff has a major league problem if he is being forced to rely on people like Ali Mazarei to carry his water.

  3 Responses to “Ali Mazarei Update: He bullies everyone, not just this blog (When he is not giving parts of his $50K+ to Stan Sniff)”

  1. What is the old saying? “When you lie down with dogs you will eventually get fleas.”

    In this scenario, Sniff is the big dog who has turned his back on his department in the name of political fame and fortune. He has given his cronies bumps up the ranks, allowing them to have bigger financial security when they eventually retire.

    The screen shot is telling and almost verbatum what many supervisors tell their troops when monitored social media posts show deputies out and about with Bianco supporters or associating with personnel on the black list.

    Ali loves to tell deputies how close he is with the sheriff, how they are friends, and brag about the last outing he shared with Sniff. I’m sure like Tony Soprano, Ali figured he could get away with breaking the law if he bought enough politicians (in this case, The Big Dog) and kept them in his pocket.

    Connecting the dots is difficult, but how many “friends” do we commoners know who can speed track a CCW, or possibly grease the wheels of justice to the point a lame case can be reviewed by the DA’s Office? AND how many friends offer up over $40,000? Some friend!!

    But Sniff is smart enough when the heat gets too close, to use flea repellant, wag his tail, and get those political pats on his furry back. In the morning, he would throw his own family under the bus to look clean and take photos with some MILF that evening. With a Cheshire Cat smile on his face!!

    Just Ali’s and Sniff’s association should be enough proof this administration has to change. They are already on course to silence us, as proof of the baboons showing up at Bianco meetings (of course, it is a free country and my hope is they decide to vote against Sniff, what irony that would be) and order department members not to talk about the election or express your desire to see Sniff out of office.

    If any deputy were in this same scenario, I know he or she would be placed on admin leave post haste. I’ve seen deputies investigated for much less.



  2. let’s talk about what 40-50k buys for Mohamed. He has free access to the range when employees can not even take their spouse. We know know he doesn’t call 911 like a normal person he calls his friend Stanley. He gets special CCW treatment for himself and his friends, who unlawfully use his business as their “good cause” even though they don’t work there. And he gets his very own tax payer funded private security. That’s right, the residents in Woodcrest get to sit without law enforcement services for an entire afternoon while both deputies sit watch Mohamed load up all his guns and move them to another residence in the city of riverside. Both of them should be charged with embezzlement and misuse of government funds. Unethical and illegal. Great job Sheriff!!!

  3. Ali is investing in Sniff. Ali is a firearms dealer. Perhaps he is the middleman between the department and firearm purchases to the manufacturers . Maybe somebody should do a FOIA request to see who the department is buying firearms through. Like the recent purchase of Smith & Wesson AR-15s for motor officers. Just a thought……

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