Jan 172018

Since we’ve taken on the cause of defeating Sheriff Sniff, it has taken on a life of its’ own. Hardened Police Officers / Deputies have been coming forward to tell their stories. They are emotionally disturbing, it is unnerving as a private citizen 25 years removed from Military service to hear and see the palpable fear in the deputies. These people see blood, gore and the absolute worst in society and, yet they are mortally afraid of Sheriff Sniff.

Sniff is aided and abetted by a series of Captains and Lieutenants who have compromised their personal integrity for a paycheck so they can retire with maximum benefits. (Not all of the Riverside Sheriff Office management personnel are like this, but it appears most are) The deputies have to tip toe around them all to avoid retribution.

Worse, when there are chances to show even minimal levels of leadership, we are all met with failure, which compounded with the psychological environment created by the Sheriff is a devastating legacy of abject failure.

This brings me to the latest outrage. By now, you’ve heard about the horrific case of two psychos that chained their 12 children ages 2-29 to a bed and were starving them to death.

I received a tip that sheriff sniff was MIA when this story broke as national news. In fact, a check of local media reveals no pictures or videos of the attention-starved sheriff at any of the initial or follow up media events surrounding this case. This is a video of the actual press conference at 10AM featuring the Captain of the Perris Station.

Where was Sheriff Sniff for this breaking news story?

He was at a Republican Woman’s meeting at a winery.

That’s correct, the embattled sheriff was out campaigning.

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