Oct 132017

Sheriff Stan Sniff has had a history of fighting with his cops. Sheriff Stan Sniff has had a history of fighting with the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, blaming all of them for every bad decision he has made. At the same time, Sheriff Stan Sniff is providing no leadership for the deputies he still has on the beat.

On the 8th of July, a couple of Riverside Sheriff’s Department Officers responded to a DUI. Here is a link to a quick hit in the local paper.

The officers on the scene did the following:

Unfortunately, Sheriff Sniff will not be able to delete this from the internet as he has with other items that were controversial.

This picture of Sargent Robert Garcia and Community Service Officer Stephanie Perez was actually on Perez’ social media account.

In the three month’s since, there has been nothing out of the Sheriff’s office about this.

Six Firefighters are working on the wrecked car and this is the contribution from Mr. Sniff’s troops?

Maybe the Sheriff needs to take a break from going to the rotary club dinner, the women’s luncheon, the chamber of commerce crab feed and his regularly scheduled bashing of county board of supervisors to actually attempt to enforce some discipline?

It is a fair question to ask.


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  3 Responses to “Leadership #EPICFAIL: Sheriff Sniff Officers Take Mocking Selfie of DUI Aftermath”

  1. When you see enough blood and gore, a little levity is occasionally in order. I’ve done worse.

  2. The D.A. Investigator, S. Freeman, who leaked this photo is a coward. Where were these posts on social media when he worked for the Sheriff? The District Attorney’s office must be really proud of this gem of an investigator, but how long will it be before he is posting derogatory comments about the D.A.’s office? His departure was no loss to his partners at the Sheriff’s department. Law enforcement has come under enough scrutiny from the public without its own members posting photos as this in public forums to advance their own political agenda. I’m sure Freeman’s superiors at the D.A.’s office will enforce “some discipline” as he called for the Sheriff to impose on these employees. I can recall a half dozen violations under the D.A.’s office employee policy, in which this behavior is prohibited. I cation you to remember, when you call for backup the responding officer may have been the target of your shallow and inept social media posts. For the true members of law enforcement, our society is indebted to your service; above all else keep yourself and each other safe.

    Blogger’s Note: Thank you for the threat.

  3. Update! Here is a cut and paste from S. Freeman’s social media account responding to the criticism associated to this post:

    “Let me be crystal clear. I entered this battle knowing that I would lose “friends”. I knew that when I attacked elements of the tan and green I would be labeled a Blue Falcon. I knew that people would talk poorly about me. What they should have known is that popularity is unimportant to me. Their opinion is unimportant to me. Their ‘friendship” is unimportant to me.

    If my posting of an article showing a couple of dip shits taking a selfie caused you to lose respect for me, then your respect is not worth having. My wife and children are the only three people in this world who’s opinion of me matters. The rest is window dressing. My true friends know why I am doing what I am doing.”

    Deeply embarrassing, right??!! Also very disturbing.

    Blogger’s Update: doubling down on the threat are we?

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