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There is a reason why the Press Tribune is read by few if anyone. That newspaper is a joke and the quality of their news may be better described with by notes scribbled in a padded cell with fingerpaints from the McCourtney Road Asylum.

If your name is Larissa Berry, you can call Andrew Westrope and have him fire up his Commodore 64 and write up a story about your deepest, darkest paranoid fantasy as if it were fact. I am wondering if Westrope, cheat-shot artist turned editor of the Roseville Press Tribune believes his path to a Pulitzer Prize is working with the mentally unstable Granite Bay NIMBY’s.

Larissa Berry was once a friend of Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler’s. Similar to Vicktor Bekhet who enlisted Uhler’s help splitting his lot (for his double-wide), Berry asked Uhler for help getting traffic control devices set up in her Granite Bay Neighborhood… once she got what she wanted, she began to show up to planning commission meetings advocating against any development whatsoever.

Now Larissa Berry and Victor Bekhet have gone full social justice warrior working tirelessly to keep everyone out of Granite Bay with their new NIMBY organization pictured in this post.

Enter Andrew Westrope, who was enlisted by Larissa Berry to write a partial birth abortion of Journalism in 2016 that was later used as the spiritual basis of the Bekhet for Supervisor campaign. Berry and Bekhet exploded their suicide campaign somewhere near one of the then-undeveloped parcels (that are now being developed, how sad).

Despite Westrope’s best efforts to smear Mr. Uhler and the support of the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson, the Proprietor of the McCourtney Road Asylum, the former Treasurer of the Placer GOP who could not be bothered actually doing real work for the party and the aforementioned three left-wing liberals… Uhler was re-elected by 19% in a terrible year for Republicans (even by California standards).

To no one’s surprise, Westrope re-emerged from the journalism waste dumpster behind the clinic known as the Press-Tribune, this time hiding behind a “reporter” to write another story worthy of the New York Times (who has retracted a record number of stories in 2017 for falsehoods, un-vetted anonymous sources and the like…)

The headline was sensational; “Conflicts of interest alleged for Kirk Uhler on fairgrounds votes”

OMG – what did that Uhler do now??? The article references “many complaints against uhler over the years”. I wonder if the extreme left-wing environmentalist Andrew Westrope learned such buzzwords from the ANTIFA / Greenpeace Saul Alinsky school he went to when he was out trying to save the environment as a green warrior? (You can learn interesting things about people when you do research – kind of like how I learned that one of Westropes’ editor predecessors was a convicted Cocaine Dealer) If Westrope was interested in Journalism, he’d realize that FPPC complaints are a dime a dozen and whiny wackjobs are about a nickel a dozen. However, when you live in a sad, shrinking left-wing bubble your own ideological harlotry overrides better judgement. (He ought to ask Hudson, Campbell and Jackson what their excuses were…)

Larissa Berry was grasping at straws and filed an FPPC complaint because Kirk Uhler does charitable work and also owns a business. In her mind and the mind of the neurotic Victor Bekhet (who has been running around with a similar emotional wound as one of Donald Trump’s vanquished foes) this means he had to be corrupt. Westrope may as well have had the crazed former Placer GOP Chairman write his story from his warden’s den at the McCourtney Road Asylum.

The FPPC responded to Larissa Berry’s psychotic fantasy in record time and they nuked her. Now – I am informing the world about Andrew Westrope because he is a coward and a left-wing cheap-shot artist… at least that is what I think of him and when I am done writing about him for a few years, everyone else will also. Westrope will never publish this humiliation of Berry – so leave it to your intrepid blogger whose traffic is greater than the Press Tribune’s Circulation:

Dear Ms. Berry:

The Fair Political Practices Commission’s Enforcement Division has reviewed your sworn complaint regarding Kirk Uhler. After review, staff found the complaint contained insufficient evidence of a violation of the Political Reform Act (“Act”). We will, therefore, not pursue the matter further.

You alleged Kirk Uhler abused his political/county positions and failed to disclose personal involvement and to promote/secure funds for the benefit of Up Pageantry Inc. at the March 21, 2017 Board of Supervisors meeting, and failed to disclose his interest in the pageantry on his statements of economic interests.   Under the Act, public officials are prohibited from making, participating in the making, or in any way attempting to influence a governmental decision in which he knows or has reason to know he has a financial interest.  (Section 87100.)  Mr. Uhler has a financial interest in any business entity in which he has an ownership interest valued at $2,000 or more, and in any source of income of $500 or more, including his pro-rata share of his wife’s income. (Sections 87206 and 87207.) It appears that Up Pageantry Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which is not considered a business entity under the Act.  In addition, there is no evidence either Mr. Uhler or his spouse received income of $500 from Up Pageantry Inc.  Therefore, Mr. Uhler does not have a financial interest in Up Pageantry Inc. under the Act.

As for the allegation against Casting Calls America, LLC, there is insufficient evidence that it was reasonably foreseeable that Mr. Uhler’s decision at the March 21st meeting had a material financial effect on his financial interest.

This complaint was so retarded mentally challenged that even Thomas N Hudson would not have filed it.

And for the final irony, the photo on the home page of Defend Granite Bay (embedded in this post) depicts a man-made pond in Hidden Lake Estates. Hidden Lake Estates was built by Lewis K Uhler, Kirk Uhler’s Father. If any of these nimrods actually did research or had heritage in Placer County, they may have picked a different photo (say of a toxic waste dump) for their social justice group.

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  2. Word is

  3. Word on the street is that Andrew W was released from his position last month.

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