Aug 232017

What is known is that Chad Mayes has been taken down. He has endorsed Brian Dahle to succeed him.

What will Jay Obernolte Do? He is the swing vote here, literally. I will not be choosing between Dahle and Fong until I hear from Jay. I do not abandon friends on the field of battle. I am not sure what happened to the 10 votes Jay had assembled, but that appears to have reduced by half or more. Update: Jay Obernolte is reputed to have signed an endorsement of Brian Dahle, waiting for a confirmation.

Melissa Melendez is not being mentioned in any conversations at all – even after she got run over with a truck by Chad Mayes. Update: Melendez endorsed Vince Fong as reported to me by her staff

I am being told that Vince Fong could have as many as 13 votes.

And, I am being told that Brian Dahle could have as many as 13 votes.

Get where I am going? This thing is far from over.

I was contacted by “Third House” people and a legislative chief of staff telling me that Brian Dahle had wrapped this whole thing up. Apparently not.

I am also unsure if what I have been told about my arch nemesis David Stafford Reade is true. (as in he is lining up for the high paying caucus advisory jobs)

I’ve also been told that Mitch Zak and Jeff Randle are behind Fong and are attempting to re-assemble the old Pete Wilson money machine behind Vince Fong.

I’ve been told that Fong is receiving support from Congressman Kevin McCarthy who is calling for him.

Does Dahle fire the staff brought in by Kristen Olsen and retained by Chad Mayes if he wins? Does he go more conservative? What does Fong do?

The current mess the Assembly GOP finds itself in was the creation of Staff recommendations and unprincipled leaders. It does no good to replace bad staff with other bad staff?

I am confused as I proudly supported Brian Dahle over the “Munger Machine”. Dahle pulled of a stunning victory and won his primary. Now, Dahle is the so-called moderate and the choice of the donor / lobbyist community.

The world looks backward. I will keep investigating further as the vote will not be happening until 8/29/2017.

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