Aug 182017

Harmeet Dhillon introduced the following motion:

“Given the uproar over recent decisions and actions by Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes and the fact that those decisions and actions have acted to divide the California Republican Party, the Board of Directors of the CAGOP urges Leader Mayes to resign his leadership position immediately, and if he fails to do so, urges the members of the Republican Assembly Caucus to select a new leader at the earliest opportunity.”

The CAGOP Board Voted as follows:

Jim Brulte: AYE
Kristen Olsen: NAY
Deborah Wilder: NAY
Mario Guerra: NAY
McCully: NAY
Sue Caro: NAY
Rob Bernosky: AYE
Joy Stewart: AYE
Steve Fazio: AYE
Dave Wilmon: NAY
Mike McClellan: AYE
Mike Osborn: AYE
Pat Bates: AYE
Chad Mayes: NAY
Dianne Harkey: AYE
Harmeet Dhillon: AYE
Shawn Steel: AYE
Tony Krvaric: AYE
Tom Ross – ABS
Tom DelBecarro: AYE

Final Tally: 13-7-1

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  One Response to “CAGOP Board Votes to Call on Chad Mayes to Resign 13-7-1”


    #CaDeservesBetter #CaVoteMelendez #Melendez #2018GOTV #Vote4Change

    We need to start calling Legislators in Sacramento to vote for Melissa Melendez for our next Republican Leader. She will fight for the right reasons and not for big companies looking out only for themselves.
    Assemblyman Dante Acosta – (916) 319-2038 – or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Bill Brough – (916) 319-2073 – or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Phillip Chen – (916) 319-2055 – or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Steven Choi – (916) 319-2068 – or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Health Flora – (916) 319-2012 – or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman James Gallagher – (916) 319-2003 – or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Matthew Harper – (916) 319-2074 – or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – (916) 319-2006 – or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Tom Lackey – (916) 319-2036 – or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Brian Maienschein – (916) 319-2077 or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Devon Mathis – (916) 319-2026 or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Jim Patterson – (916) 319-2023 or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Mark Steinorth – (916) 319-2040 or email [email protected]
    Assemblyman Randy Voepel – (916) 319-2071 or email [email protected]
    Assemblywoman Marie Waldron – (916) 319-2075 or email [email protected]

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