The Background of the CRA Coup Part 1 – Apology to Steve Frank and Celeste Greig

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Apr 302015

Now that the lynching of George and I off of the CRA’s Board of Directors is scheduled for May 30th 2015, let’s explain how we got to this point.

It started at the April 2013 CRA Convention in Burlingame.

A series of events set the process in motion to run a challenger, John W Briscoe against Celeste Greig. Celeste and others had crossed the line in several ways in a campaign against CRP Vice Chair Harmeet Dhillon. Steve Frank was basically pulling Celeste’s strings and the resources of CRA were being used to support Rodney Stanhope de facto. (BTW, Stanhope was recently arrested on a felony) Greig had also made a string of comments in the media that could only be described as bizarre.

Some of us objected and this gave birth to the campaign of Mr. Briscoe.

We pulled off a stunning upset, beating Celeste 84-78 and beating Steve Frank (humiliating him in to an 8th place finish in a vote for 7 race) by five votes as Frank finished with 83 and the 7th Place Finisher Alice Khosravy got 88. Ironically, it is Khosravy (who is also a PHD) who is the mastermind behind the current CRA coup.

Recently, in Late Feb of 2015, we stumbled across fraud in Ventura and Pasadena RA. It was the cover-up and neglect sort – both units were struggling and there was no indicating they had met for months before the convention. Yet, Alice turned in rosters for both units. This set a carefully laid plan by Alice Khosravy in to motion a bit sooner than she had planned on, that is outside the scope of this post, but will be addressed in detail later.

After thwarting an effort to use her post as Credentials Chair to influence the outcome of the CRA’s officer elections in 2015, we started to look at Alice’s home unit, SCVRA.

We found via emails from people in the area that one of the members of SCVRA was in fact, dead. Two others live in Texas now. 31 others have emailed stating that they had not renewed their dues in a long time, (some as many as four years ago) including one couple that says they never joined CRA at all.

This got me thinking.

One of the members of SCVRA at the time told me that when John Briscoe won in 2013, Alice Khosravy referred to him as a “placeholder”. This certainly means that she had hung a target on him back in 2013.

We have to go a little further back to when Alice Khosravy, David Gauny and Wendy Albright took over the Santa Clarita RA in late 2010. (SCVRA) I have had two people involved in the effort tell me that they were paying people in to the unit with cash in the parking lot. Two of the members from the local tea party that they used were reputed to be DTS and not Republicans. (Please note that Alice took over that Tea Party and destroyed it prior to the SCVRA coup)

Now we have a pattern. Alice sends in the roster for multiple CRA units. Some attempted to pay dues in cash. She refused to send in meeting minutes. Upon further investigation we find massive evidence of fraud in all three units…

… I can easily draw the conclusion that the fraud existed in the SCVRA in 2013. I have proof in the persons of Linda Paine and Cameron (and Mrs.) Smyth. All three have been on the rolls for many years all have said in writing they have not been members since 2011 at least.

We have 34 members and growing that claim fraud in 2015. (including a dead member that renewed her dues in 2015)

I think I can suggest that Steve Frank and Celeste Greig may well have been the victims of Alice Khosravy’s Fraud in 2013. With margins of defeat of 6 votes and 5 votes respectively – the 16 delegates that the SCVRA sent in 2013 loom huge.

I’ve been told that the SCVRA has no more than 30-40 real members. Even if SCVRA had 75 real members, they would get 9 delegates, not 16. This is a swing of 7-10 votes depending on the real number. The largest unquestioned units at the time were Placer at 85 and San Joaquin at around 70 members. So, SCVRA was a massive voting bloc as they got as many delegates as Placer and San Joaquin combined.

I think I owe Steve Frank and Celeste Greig an apology. We defended the SCVRA from an attack in 2012 when Bob Haueter had accused them of fraud. I think Haueter was right. It was Alice that provided us with the records to disprove the fraud allegations – the same Alice that we have now proven beyond reasonable doubt has perpetrated fraud in CRA.

The irony is that now, Alice Khosravy appears to have clandestinely contacted Bill Cardoza to get him to complain that his 82-54 defeat was somehow tainted in March of 2015. Bill Cardoza was Celeste Greig’s hand-picked credentials chair in 2013 who was asleep at the switch when the SCVRA pulled their fraud over on him and Steve Frank was also on that committee. Cardoza’s classless act a month after his defeat in 2015 (by complaining to the board) is a sick irony to 2013.

Yes – the evils Park Brothers need to be lynched, because once lynched Alice will be able to close the book on the fraud forever once in control of CRA. That is until the string of men with paper-thin egos she has manipulated in to retardation start to exhibit signs of their brainwashing wearing off.

Yeah – I screwed Steve Frank and Celeste Greig over, I thought ethically at the ballot box as I ran John Briscoe’s campaign against her. I had no clue that fraud played a role in that election until recently. I’d have preferred to have sent Celeste and Steve Frank packing with a legitimate election… I am just not sure that it was legitimate now. For that, I apologize to Steve Frank and Celeste Greig.

What’s worse is that the leadership in charge of CRA now – CRA VP Tim Thiesen and CRA VP Alice Khosravy were elected via this fraud. Thiesen finished 6th, only a couple votes better than Alice.

P.S. I won 92-69 and George 87-72 in that 2013 election, well outside the margin of the likely fraud.

CRA Coup Part 8 – 9 More People Come Forward, Bringing SCVRA Fraud Total to 34 Verified Fake Members of SCVRA

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Apr 282015

CRA VP Alice Khosravy is now panicking.

First off, there is a CRA Fraud Investigation Committee forming that will be investigating everything she has done to defraud CRA.

Khosravy, who rarely does her own dirty work has actually been contacting people directly. Please note that Nancy Hinton, CRA Voter Registration Secretary also called this Senate District Director directly in an attempt to get him to vote against the fraud investigation.

Hinton works for a firm that does paid voter registration and is the CRA Voter Registration Secretary – yet is fighting against a membership fraud investigation. Let that sink in, it confuses me as well.

Nevertheless – 9 more people have stepped up saying that their presence on the SCVRA membership Rolls is fraudulent. This brings the total to 34 Unique Fake Members! Out of the 150 claimed members of SCVRA. Now nearly 20% of the units’ roster is verified fraud, the Conscience of the Republican Party.

Will the CRA’s Board of Directors do anything about the SCVRA?

Will the CRA’s Board of Directors do anything about the Pasadena RA whose own President had to ask for a copy of his own unit roster (because Alice sent it in)?

Will the CRA’s Board of Directors clean up the Ventura RA who claimed 25 members, yet only has ten paid members? (Again, their roster was done for them by Alice)

How did the Pasadena RA or Ventura RA elect officers? Elect Delegates for 2015?

CRA VP Alice Khosravy may have been able to manipulate some of the CRA’s board, but not all. This is why the evils Park Brothers need to be lynched.

Take a look at the quotes from today’s batch of fraud:

Hi….George and I did NOT pay dues for SCVRA in January 2015 as listed below.  We dropped out and haven’t been members since the vote fraud fiasco over a year ago.  I believe the last year we paid dues was 2013.  You have permission to use our names.

Kathy & George Aliano

And here is a family of three:

Hi Tammy:

Neither Maggie nor I paid dues for 2015 and Gabrielle does not live with us and has never lived here.  Our name is on the deed for her town house so someone could be using that address.  The town house is on Sand Wedge but our house is on Sombras Court and that is where we are registered and reside.

Thanks for all the hard work.

Ted & Maggie Aquaro

The SCVRA roster is full of incorrect addresses. I was told that at least 6 of their members have moved to Ventura County, yet are still listed with Santa Clarita addresses – 2 such members are CRA VP David Gauny and his wife who live in Ventura County. The out of area members are not a violation of the by-laws, but when added to the rest of this mess sure suggest that the SCVRA is a paper tiger and a colossal fraud.

CRA Coup Part 7: 28 CRA Board Members Vote to Cover Up Fraud!

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Apr 272015

The Conscience of the Republican Party is dead. It is all about getting the evils Park Brothers.

When faced with real evidence of fraud – 28 CRA Board Members chose their jihad. (Heaven forbid, they might call posting this list a data breach)

CRA VP Tim Thiesen was calling board members telling them that there is no fraud ( and/or that the claims are exaggerated) and that the investigation was a stall tactic. This is a theme repeated from the Bathroom Boys all the way to the folks that run a paid voter registration company.

They have God on their side, don’t you know… and thus, the facts and morality don’t matter. They have also disregarded the needs of the CRA as a whole and have become overwhelmed with a burning personal desire to get the Evils Park Brothers.

This drill is all to cover up the fraud and malfeasance of CRA VP Alice Khosravy who has led the jihad from behind the scenes as she rarely does her own dirty work. However, I have seen email forwards that indicate that Alice has been contacting people herself directly. Manipulation requires maintenance. Alice Khosravy is a sociopath in my opinion and she has been playing several board members off against the middle – preying upon their personal feelings of inadequacy and paper thin egos to control them.

Alice has been planning a hostile  takeover of CRA for at least two years – this has been her pattern, the Santa Clarita Tea Party, A Local Women’s Fed, a Local Charity, and the Local CRA Unit have all been attacked by her and her minions and in most cases she took them over. Alice does not play well with others and this represents the first time she has been caught and exposed before her ‘plan’ comes to fruition.

CRA VP Tim Thiesen, CRA VP Jim Shoemaker, CRA VP Carl Geletech, CRA VP David Gauny, CRA VP Mark Gardner are all on the record as supporting fraud. This is the conscience of the Republican Party.

Please also note that the mantra of a “Data Breach” has also been proven to be a lie. As the above repeat the lie, they show their ignorance of California law. But, it does not matter as they have God on their side and Alice manipulating them in to retardation.

They are claiming that the exposure of the information proving fraud is a data breach because some of the redacted checks had partially visible account information. Several people’s analysis shows that none of the account numbers were completely visible – thus claiming a data breach is a lie. This is where the conscience of the Republican Party has gotten to, lying to cover up a lie (aka Fraud).

Please also note that CRA VP Alice Khosravy was chair of the credentials committee for the last convention and knowingly credentialed ineligible delegates. According to CRA VP Carl Geletech – because those delegates were not challenged at the convention, they should never be investigated, ever.

So no one gets credit for not picking another fight at the convention – which is why those delegates were not challenged. There were five from Santa Clarita (which has been proven to have 26 fake members and counting), that were ineligible and Alice is also their membership secretary. There were other units that had delegates credentialed even though there is ample evidence their delegate selection process was not done. This is the sort of stuff the committee they fought so hard to stop the formation of will be investigating.

Given the fact that people on the CRA’s Board are so angry over the exposure of fraud – I’d lay odds they’d be trying to lynch George and I if we have tried to de-credential the fraudulent delegates at the convention! It is the conflict that matters, it is the people raising the issue that matter more than the morality or the by-laws, don’t you know.

This is the sad state of the CRA – it is all about lynching the evils Park Brothers. The facts don’t matter, the CRA does not matter – if we just get those evils Park Brothers, everything will be OK within CRA.

Meantime, a dead woman renewed her dues in 2015 and a unit President had to ask for a copy of his own roster. #facepalm

Watch the CRA Commit Suicide in Real Time!

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Apr 252015

With the rampant fraud exposed and a second board vote coming out requesting an investigation, we get this GEM from CRA VP Jim Shoemaker from San Joaquin County:

No. To this committee.
This is a stall tactic.
1. The evidence of some of our members personal information is out in public right now on Aarons blog site.
2.There is no question that it is wrong and illegal to disclose this information.
3.We don’t need to appoint a committee to investigate what has been confirmed breaches of confidential information.
4. Mr President You must act Right Now to stop this. Not by kicking the Ball down the street, but by taking action. This is the reason I had problems with sending info to the state 2 years ago. George and Aaron had a track record of using info against those who don’t follow them. I was told that this type of activity would not happen and it was safe to send it in. I could go on but this is not the time. As a unit President I have first hand knowledge of what they have done.
5. Mr President, I am asking for the immediate resignation of both George and Aaron Park from the State CRA and immediate removal from there positions. For the betterment of the CRA. 

Jim Shoemaker
President, San Joaquin Republican Assembly, V,P. State CRA

Here is the key point – it is not the fraud that matters, it is getting George and Aaron. This is where the CRA has gotten to.

We will get lynched on 5/30 – for personal disagreements. No by-law violations mind you, while those doing the lynching have been exposed committing fraud.

Grab your popcorn and watch the CRA implode in front of your eyes. It is all about Control (which is an illusion).

BTW – Mr. Shoemaker was in favor of forwarding an entire copy of the CRA’s Membership records in unsecured format to the Credentials Committee in March 2015… what consistency.

Apr 212015

Please note that sources within El Dorado County have indicated that for the first time a Woman has successfully gotten a restraining order against Stanhope. (We’ve documented at least three other incidences.) The victim of the below mentioned crime got a 3 year restraining order against Stanhope.

A major operative in El Dorado County’s Republican Party has been arrested on felony willful infliction of corporal injury of a cohabitant charges.

Rodney Stanhope, 47, is married, but the alleged victim was not his wife. The Placerville resident was arrested earlier this month.

Stanhope was the executive director of the El Dorado County Republican Central Committee in 2010 and a paid consultant on the failed Mike Owen for county auditor campaign in 2014. Stanhope also worked on the campaigns of disgraced former Supervisor Ray Nutting, Sheriff John D’Agostini, Rep. Tom McClintock, and Assemblywoman Beth Gaines. In 2011, Stanhope represented Gaines at a campaign function.

Most recently, Stanhope was working with the Dave Pratt’s 2016 supervisorial campaign.

This is not Stanhope’s first run-in with the law. In 2009, a Central Valley couple sought a restraining order to stop Stanhope from, among other things, harassing their 14-year-old daughter. In 2012, a Pollock Pines woman sought a restraining order to stop Stanhope from sending her threatening text messages.

Whoops. I told you so.

Article credit: Lake Tahoe News

Please note that they did repeat one of Stanhope’s many lies – Stanhope never did work for the El Dorado GOP. He was an independent contractor on a very short term project before getting fired.

Update – Kim Pratt just commented that Stanhope’s connection to Dave Pratt is yet another lie. Imagine that.