Apr 112015


The Placer Parkway has been in the planning stages for 15 years and the Whitney Ranch Parkway Interchange is the first, very first piece of a project expected to take 12(!) years to complete. The last 15 years have been spent lining the pockets of government idiots, frog kissers, tree huggers, pencilnecks and other useless people that leech off of innocent taxpayers in the form of retarded studies.

Ted Gaines was our “Assembly-Member” from 2007-2011. Since then, he has “Represented” us in the State Senate, while foisting his wife in to the Assembly seat, doubling the nothingness in government from Placer at the State level.

When Ted Gaines was not yukking it up with Sssssteve Davey taking bets and laughing about when Dave Cox would die so he could run to replace him… he was doing nothing for Placer County, and after Cox died, he continued doing nothing.

Placer County On-Line had a story about an important ground-breaking in Rocklin.

“We are very excited about the start of construction of the Whitney Ranch interchange and the enhanced connections to the City of Rocklin,” said City of Rocklin Vice Mayor Greg Janda. “This opens up approximately 355 acres of developable land and has the potential to add over 7,000 jobs to the local economy.”

You can make bank that the “Senator” and the “Assembly-Member” will be there to smile for the camera as if they did something. Instead, Developer Impact fees from the City of Rocklin were used along with funds from SPARTA (the South Placer Regional Transportation Authority). No state. No federal. Just a gigantic sucking sound out of the budgets of local government.

Thanks a ton .  7,000 jobs for the local economy and Ted/Beth Gaines delivered nothing at all for the project.

When you see potholes in Rocklin streets, thank Ted Gaines for doing nothing for Rocklin. That city, despite massive vacancies in its office and retail spaces has been struggling to build itself out. Finally, the Town of Loomis had an exorcism on its’ town council which shut down the lawsuits allowing the Wal-Mart and other evil capitalism to be built at Sierra College and I-80… Rocklin has basically been on its’ own…

… but the North end of town featured a whole bunch of incomplete development, stymied by lack of funding.

I am harping on this issue – because the Tea Party’s since retracted attack about a 1/2 cent sales tax did indeed expose a real issue. Where the hell have Beth Gaines and Ted Gaines been for Placer County? Oh, wait, they moved out to another county that does not know them as well to go shop for another government paycheck. They will get nothing, too.

On one hand, I am proud of the City of Rocklin for figuring out how to fund their projects while their money gets stolen by the state en masse. On the other hand, I feel like a broken record reminding my readers that Ted and Beth Gaines have been absolutely useless for all of us.

P.S. The Placer Parkway has a federal nexus. The project is designated as some sort of pollution reducing thing because it will reduce traffic on I-80. It will be interesting to see as this develops if the federal government helps fund this.

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