Apr 072015

Everyone knows that El Dorado DA Vern Pierson is vicious, vindictive and has been emboldened by putting the Nutting notch in his political belt. (You can bet he will try to parlay that lynching in to a campaign issue for a future run for higher office)

Pierson also took a run and Dan Dellinger and Cris Alarcon – who ran Sheriff D’Agostini’s campaign. While Pierson’s sock puppets Clinchard and his assistant got mailed back to Placerville in pieces on that case – the issue stands, Vern Pierson has people in his cross-hairs.

So you would wonder why the good sheriff would be associating with individuals who have a laundry list of issues.

This is a picture of the recent felony arrest of Rodney Stanhope on 3/31. He beat up his girlfriend. Two days later, he conned his way back in to his Wife’s house again.

For the last three years, I have listened to various political activists complain that the Sheriff has been protecting this guy as his drug addiction has progressed to the point where he is getting physically violent with the women in his life.

True to his sociopathic lack of conscience, he is claiming to be the victim. He posted pictures of himself (with “injuries”)on his social media in a pre-emptive effort as the fight occurred two days before he was arrested. What a guy. His tea-party enablers were right there to aid him in his delusions.

Mr. Stanhope has already been convicted of battery once. Recent social media posts suggest that he may have broken the finger of the same victim in a drunken / or meth-induced rage a few weeks prior.

His current wife, whom he left to go live with the victim had told me that Mr. Stanhope had gotten physically violent with her at least twice when she found his dope. I have this in writing.

And, she took him back.

Stanhope still has six outstanding tax liens and his wife indicated that she was paying his child support for him, but stopped paying in October when he moved out to cheat on her when they separated. Where is the county of El Dorado? Where is the IRS or the Franchise Tax Board?

And, she took him back.

While Mr. Stanhope was living with this other woman, he went to local suppliers for his business(that is in his wife’s name due to the tax liens he is avoiding paying) and attempted to charge large batches of supplies to his wife. Once, she even paid a $3k bill.

And, she took him back.

Rodney Stanhope’s Driver’s license has been suspended for quite a while (reputedly nearly two years) for – not paying a traffic ticket! Where is the Sheriff???

I guess the fetching Mrs. Stanhope will have to drive him around, as well.

Sounds like Springer show crap.

Why was the Sheriff down at the shed while he was living with this other woman? Did the sheriff go down there to make sure Rodney was not pocketing the money from the Shed as he had in years past? (as alleged by two of his exes)

I have to seriously question the blind spot of the Sheriff of El Dorado County. There have been other social media pictures of him hanging out having beers with Mr. Stanhope.

It would be one thing if the issues were in the past, even five years ago. But everything mentioned in this blog is recent and/or ongoing.

Given that Vern Pierson is on the hunt for his political enemies, it may serve the Sheriff well if he is never seen in public again with Mr. Stanhope (or anyone else that has similar issues).

Just sayin’

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