Apr 122015
  • Superior Court Jude Ben Wirtschafter, denied a request by the Marijuana Growers to be allowed to turn in the signatures they have gathered for a Referendum attempt. He also said he would make a ruling, later this week, on their request for a temporary injunction to halt the enforcement of the Marijuana Ordinance. Editors Comments: Last week the same Judge denied the marijuana growers request to halt the enforcement of the Ordinance by a Restraining Order, so now they ask for the same thing under a different type of ruling. They are also stating, they will appeal the local court’s rulings. In addition, their bay area attorney didn’t even show up for the Court, he argued their case by telephone. In the audience, there was four Yuba County Fact representatives and maybe three people from the growers. So it appears the marijuana growers are comfortable taking the time and resources from our local Courts and Yuba County Council, but not willing to show the courtesy to even attend the hearing.
  • Buck Weckman spoke before the Yuba County Board of Supervisors meeting at 6 pm and thanked them for their efforts to adopt the new Marijuana Ordinance and urged them to establish and provide funding for a Joint Sheriff’s Office/Code Enforcement Unit.
  • Karen Liggett appeared before the Marysville City Council and asked them to consider adopting their own Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance.
  • In a meeting with Jeremy Strang, Chief Code Enforcement Officer, we were informed that two new Code Enforcement Officers have been hired and will be on duty soon. He also confirmed that the names of persons turning in a Marijuana Complaint will be kept confidential.
  • The Butte County Board of Supervisors received a report on efforts to enforce their new Marijuana Ordinance which became effective in January 2015. Thus far they have processed 74 cases with 16 citations and 5 arrests. More Editors Comments: In February a Butte County Superior Court Judge denied an Injunction, requested by their growers, to halt the Butte County Ordinance.

If you care about Common Core – Take a Look:

Please come to the Yuba-Sutter Common Core Group meeting on Thursday, April 16th! It starts at 6:30 PM and is at 723 D Street in Marysville. Come into the parking lot and use the back, side door.

We will be  finalizing the resolution to present to the counties and cities and need your input. There will be phone calls to make and meetings to attend to support the resolution in the next couple of months. We will be planning for that as well. It’s going to take some work to kick Common Core out of Yuba and Sutter Counties!

We will also have some time to share what we are seeing in our children’s and grandchildren’s curriculm as well as what our teacher members are experiencing.

One meeting each month we will have a speaker so that we can be knowledgable and up to date on Common Core State Standards. We will also update everyone on what we’re doing locally. I just spoke with Mr. Sinhue Noriega, author of “If It’s Broken Don’t Fix it” and he will be speaking at our meeting on  Friday, May 1st.

On a side note, some of us are meeting on Tuesday nights to take Hillsdale College’s class on the Federalist Papers. It should be very educational! We’re meeting at 6:30 PM at 723 D Street.

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Debra Gaylord
Yuba-Sutter Common Core Group


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