Barack Obama Humiliated in Israel – Big Money Backfires, What Does this Mean in California?

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Mar 202015

I am starting to see a trend. Big Money is backfiring in political campaigns.

By now – you’ve seen that Bibi Netanyahu has won an astounding victory despite millions in US Tax Dollars and more millions from Scandanavian Arab Muslims flooding in to Israel.

By now – you’ve seen that Barack Obama is pouting. After six years of screwing Israel over, his plan to oust their leader also failed.

In the US, it is well-known in insider circles that the Left has a huge money advantage in politics.

George Soros financed the campaign to pass prop 47, which is causing a crime-wave in California. Look at the list of felonies that are now misdemeanors.

In California Republican Politics, one man on the R side has made his presence felt more than any other, with mixed results at best.

In 2014, Charles Munger’s Money appeared to be toxic. He dumped $1Million in to Bonnie Garcia, who got thumped by Senator Jeff Stone. Almost all of his preferred candidates lost their primaries – including Anna Bryson who outspent Assemblyman Bill  Brough 7-1 on the aggregate. Charles Munger did support Assembly Member Jay Obernolte who was endorsed by CRA! (who also won)

Still other big money candidates lost famously with a broader range of PAC money – Keith Curry in AD74 got hammered by Matthew Harper. It looks like Don Wagner may lose outright despite nearly $1million spent on his behalf in a very intense and short SD37 special election.

In 2012, The incompetent Beth Gaines was almost surely saved by $800k plus from Mr. Munger. Liberal Republican Frank Bigelow was helped in to office by a conglomeration of money totalling $2 million in the very conservative AD05.

What changed?

Polling data since 2012 is showing a cynical and disinterested electorate in America.

In Israel – they had 72% voter turnout, almost directly because the citizens there knew that the Muslim President of the US was trying to pick their government.

In America – people are throwing their hands up and giving up on the process because it seems that the big money is trying to pick yes people that are unprincipled. Don Wagner is no moderate, but was tarred with that label by virture of these outside groups intervening and attempting to impose their will on SD37.

I have seen polling – organizational endorsements now poll better than any individual in California. Most individuals are a net negative. Even Tom McClintock’s name is a neutral factor now.

It appears that American voters have finally figured out they are being manipulated. 6 years of hope and change will do that to anyone. However, a large share of voters still vote for their welfare check, that part is also proven in polling data repeatedly. If you ask me, California Voters are about 15 IQ points lower than America, so maybe by 2020… they will get equally as clued in all over the state versus just in some areas.

Candidates are going to have to go back to the basics. You can’t come in with big bucks anymore and expect to win. Beth Gaines would lose in 2016 to Andy Pugno even with Munger’s Cash again – her name ID everywhere in the state is low and net negative badly (except in El Dorado County – which is why she moved there for her next run). Gaines is incapable of connecting with people and does not appear to be interested. Polling data I have seen related to her shows it.

Howard Jarvis is down to a +2, the CRA is a +4 with reps / -10 with dems, and on and on and on. It appears that eventually organizational endorsements will be marginalized in their effectiveness to micro-targeted groups.

Walking Precincts. Calling People. Having Campaign Events – you know, retail politics… and Blogging / Social Media are what appear to be more effective than a blur of media. (please note that some candidates do Social Media in place of fundraising or real campaigning, that is also a fool’s errand)

In Israel – the phenomina was that people started buzzing on social media about the foreign money. In California, more people are buzzing about Chevron, PG&E, Unions, etc etc etc in an election and who they are trying to buy.

Don’t count on political consultants willingly changing their stripes. It will take a few more humiliating defeats. I continue to hear stories repeat about short-sighted decisions that appear aimed at increased commission versus sound political strategy.

An unknown liberal Republican is going to invade and self-fund an Assembly Campaign right here in AD-06 in Placer. We will have a laboratory for big money versus grass roots right here in my backyard. She has apparently been planning her run for some time as I have detected evidence of items that indicate that she has been preparing herself for a campaign.

Former Roseville Council-member John Allard is jumping back in the AD-06 saddle and is building his coalition. Here’s to John Allard being Placer County’s Bibi Netanyahu.

P.S. an interesting side note: There will be no open assembly seats until 2022 due to the change in term limits unless there is a scandal, retirement or death. Look for some epic campaigns and some freaked out political consultants looking for a paycheck.

Interesting News Roundup 3/19/2015

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Mar 192015

In an effort to deliver some extra content beyond lighting candidates on fire – enjoy periodic posts of stories that got my attention!

With an eye on 2016, congressional Republicans are adopting a new strategy on repealing ObamaCare.

For years, the effort to kill President Obama’s signature healthcare law has stalled in the GOP-led House. Now, Republicans have a new goal: getting a bill to his desk.
Congressional Republicans plan to pass a deficit-reduction package that repeals the Affordable Care Act (ACA). After a shaky start this year, GOP leaders want to show they can govern and set the terms for 2016, when they will try to retain control of Congress and retake the White House.
Even though the ObamaCare repeal bill will not become law this Congress, Republicans believe they will benefit politically if they can force Obama into a veto. They claim that would send the message to voters that Republicans just need the White House in order to shake up Washington.
The decision to target the ACA through a budget measure is clearly a nod to the right, as well as an effective way to round up votes for the GOP blueprint this spring.

The Out of Control EPA wants to monitor how long you spend in the shower!

The agency is spending $15,000 to create a wireless system that will track how much water a hotel guest uses to get them to “modify their behavior.”

Democrats Attempt to Kill Human Trafficking Bill Over Abotion Language.

Senate liberals don’t want to help victims — they want to create more! That’s the takeaway from yesterday’s cloture vote on Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-Texas) bill to limit human sex trafficking. The bill, which is a political no-brainer for both parties, came to a screeching halt last week, when Democrats feigned surprise that the legislation included a ban on taxpayer-funded abortion — standard operating procedure for any spending measure.

Religious Persecution in the Name of Equality Update: NJ Teacher Fired for Supporting Natural Marriage.

Like Dr. Ben Carson (and science!), Patricia believes homosexual behavior is a choice. So when the popular Republican came under fire for saying as much, Jannuzzi backed him up in a post. “They (advocates of same-sex marriage),” she wrote, “want to reengineer western civ into a slow extinction. We need healthy families with a mother and a father for the sake of the children and humanity!” Furious that Dan Savage lived up to his name with another disgusting tweet, Patricia shared an article about his rant (so vile we can’t repeat it) against Carson.


From the Sutter-Yuba RA – The Best Summary of the CRA Convention I Have Seen

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Mar 162015

California Republican Assembly Convention

By Carla Virga

Several members of the new Sutter-Yuba Republican Assembly (SYRA), who are also members of the Sutter Buttes Tea Party, attended the Convention and 80th Anniversary of the California Republican Assembly (CRA) at the Hilton Sacramento Arden West, March 14-15, 2015.

SYRA is the fastest growing chapter of the CRA, and we earned five delegates to the convention.  (The average number of delegates per chapter is three; i.e., San Diego and San Francisco each have three delegates.)

The Saturday morning session included reports by the Credentials Committee, Rules Committee, and Nomination Committee; election of officers by acclamation for unopposed officers; and speeches by two candidates for Membership Secretary and two candidates for National Committeeman.

Assemblyman Jay Obernolte (R-Big Bear Lake) and our Assemblyman James Gallagher were the speakers at the Saturday luncheon.  We are blessed to have these two young freshmen Assemblymen in Sacramento and need more conservatives like them representing us!

Saturday afternoon, each state Senate district caucused; and the Bylaws Committee provided its report.

SYRA received special recognition at the Saturday night dinner with keynote speakers Harmeet Dhillon (CRP Vice Chair) and Michael Reagan.  We were honored with a certificate and later with a photograph with Mr. Reagan.  With five delegates, eight associate delegates, and one guest at the dinner, SYRA was the largest group in attendance at the dinner.

Paul Chabot, an Iraq war veteran and former Congressional candidate, and Bill Leonard, former Assemblyman and Board of Equalization member and current Chaplain of the Assembly Republican Caucus were the inspirational guest speakers at Sunday morning’s Prayer Breakfast.

Incumbent George Park won the election for Membership Secretary.  Johnnie Morgan, a long-time and well known activist in Central LA and member of the South LA Inglewood CRA Unit, won the election for National Committeeman.

After pros and cons were presented, a resolution opposing the Convention of States passed.

As a former delegate to California GOP Conventions, I was struck by the difference between shadowy CRP voting (where I was left feeling my vote was meaningless) and transparent CRA voting (where I saw my vote was counted and mattered).  CRP accepts voting by proxy, and the majority of votes are by proxy.  CRA requires in-person voting after presenting photo identification.  CRP prefers delegates turn over their voting proxies to others and not attend conventions; whereas, CRA requires all voting be by attending delegates only.

The CRP recently chaptered Log Cabin Republicans “in an effort to be inclusive” despite the objections of CA Assemblywoman Shannon Grove and others, including the California Republican Assembly.  We heard the CRP Resolutions Committee held back a pro-choice resolution.  The CRP will probably hit us with that one at the next GOP convention.

Although the overall messages of the convention speakers differed greatly, the basic message from all is the need to stop engaging in circular firing squads, to come together, and to spread the truth of what it means to be a Republican.  Given the path the CA GOP is on, I don’t think they remember what it means to be a Republican.  As Alexander Hamilton said, “He who stands for nothing will fall for anything.”

Ronald Reagan said the CRA is “the conscience of the Republican Party.”  As such, it is our duty to overcome the forces destroying the Republican Party. If you left the Republican Party out of disgust with the direction the Party is going, please re-enlist.  The CRA and its chapters are our weapon to take back the Republican Party. Join us as we grow and support conservative candidates.  Our next SYRA meeting will be Monday, April 13, at 6:30 p.m. in the Yuba City City Hall Sutter Room.

Encyclopedia Moorlach – Part 2 Living Large, Way Too Large On Our Dime

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Mar 162015

We detailed how John Moolach soaked us all for a $198k extreme office makeover.

$8,990 on a desk. $10,300 for shelving. A 52 inch flat screen to the tune of $4000. Moorlach, whose tab was the highest among the supervisors at $198,525.84

At least John Moorlach is consistent – his total compensation package weighed in at $237k, far more than his colleagues.

$16k for 5 years of taxpayer money in to his 401 plan.

A 2.7% at 55 Pension – guaranteed by OC Taxpayers. Opposed efforts to cut said pension.

7/31/2007 – Moorlach voted to bump up his Car Allowance, which counts toward his pension, nearly double his comp time from 90 to 170 hours and bumped the taxpayer funded part of his 401(k) plan from 6 to 8%

Moorlach also received $6300+ for serving on the OCTA – the Orange County Transportation Authority.

In addition to this – Moorlach also receives a cash benefit of $4500.

He also voted to give large amounts of money to losers, sexual harrassers and contract breachers.

In order to vest himself further in his office, Moorlach supported onerous campaign finance rules.

John Moorlach completed the package by opposing Term Limits, publicly multiple times, including supporting a failed ballot measure.

Ask yourself if this is what you thought you were getting from a “Conservative”, “Tax-Fighter”, “Fiscal Watchdog”. John Moorlach is a fraud. He got rich on your back and spent your money poorly on many occasions.

Just because John Moorlach foresaw the OC Bankruptcy of 20+ years ago correctly, does not qualify him to hold office. He has dined on the reputation for years. It is time to retire him.

Don Wagner? Lifetime 93% CRA Score.

Encyclopedia Moorlach – Part 1, He Said WHAT?

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Mar 132015

John Moorlach lists Deborah Pauly as a paid consultant. (see page 45) Perhaps Pauly is a fitting hire for Moorlach? (See also George Wallace, Bizarre Public Statements, etc)

John Moorlach also lists an eccentric slew of endorsements while his team obsesses over the bright shiny Pringle. Most recently, he added the scandal-marred Carl DiMaio to his list.

Moorlach defended Mike Corona. Remember the “lil Sheriff? in 2010

John Moorlach appeared to waffle on the 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Increase. in 1995

5/18/98 – John Moorlach publicly spoke out against a proposed Bill from Tom McClintock (then of somewhere in So Cal) to abolish the Car Tax.

According to California Public Finance in an article entitled, Opponents Trade Jabs on Car Tax Bill… Moorlach publicly opined on the effects to the County Budget of Replacing or Repealing the Car Tax.

IT’s Not a Tax, It’s a Fee! (Circa 2014)

The sole supervisor supporting the fee increase was John Moorlach, whose motion to increase fees and implement the red-yellow-green placards died for lack of a second, with no discussion. He was asked about Spitzer’s comment that public health would not be endangered

John Moorlach proposed an Illegal Alien Tax (2007)

John Moorlach also Supported a $3 inmate fee to see a nurse.

Ladies and Gentlemen – the John Moorlach experience. But, wait… there’s more.