Mar 012015

The State of Jefferson Movement is Not Dead – Lassen County did it, we are going to go around Shasta’s Board of Supervisors, they say.

We are going to make a noise and do everything we can to never acknowledge the stupidity of attacking Placer County’s Most Conservative Supervisor.

Jefferson is not dead! (We don’t need Kirk Uhler).

It is sad really, instead of engaging in the activities that win elections – many have gotten new meaning in their life from a movement that is destined to be still-born.

When not engaged in ruining GOP Central Committees and organizations, they are out standing on overpasses or organizing lynch mobs for people that disagree with them.

It is actually sad, very sad – Tom McClintock had to prop-up the tea party controlled Placer GOP Central Committee and basically fund their operation in Placer. If the Tea Partiers dedicated half their energy to trying to build the GOP instead of tilting at windmills, they would be dynamic. If they vetted their attacks, and actually made them accurate and factual – they would be deadly.

The dirty little secret is even if you could get the California Legislature and Congress to sign off on the resolution (won’t happen), the State of Jefferson is dead without Placer County. Period. No amount of overpasses and spin can change this. The NorCal Tea Party is stuck – they are going to have to admit they lied and retract the attack against Kirk Uhler before they can expect to get anywhere.

Do the NorCal Tea Party think ANY Placer Supervisor will work with them after the way they treated Kirk? Are they really that arrogant?

The sad thing is – I agree with the concept of the State of Jefferson. I agree with the Tea Party Mission. I take umbrage at their naivete and how easily led they are by bad operators as well as the implied ideological superiority exhibited by many in their leadership. Simply practicing the basic concepts of inter-personal relations would solve a lot of it.

Day 19 of the Uhler Lie

4 Years, 4 Months of the Placer Central Committee Money Laundering Lie.

Only they can stop it.

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  One Response to “NorCal Tea Party Update: Lie Day 19 and Counting”

  1. the state of jefferson is the only solution , and no matter how hard you try you will never have a solution until you embrace the idea of resetting the laws and forming a new state and if the legislators refuse to allow it , it opens the door to a legal challenge your not going to get 410 representatives in state of California, meaning the only solution is to split the state to address the long standing problem

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