Mar 072015

In El Dorado County, everything moves a little slower.

They are the home of psycho DA Vern Pierson and the legendary Staff-Abuser Joe Harn – the patriarchs of the Dead Fish Society.

I had a farewell Hug with Beth Gaines (I wrote that correct) at a Don Wagner for State Senate Fundraiser that I was invited to recently. That was a surreal experience given the fact that I have been annhiliating her on this blogsite repeatedly. Her daughter that was with her (apparently who works for her) did not know who I was. (Beth had to introduce her to me)

Beth Gaines is gone from Placer. At a retirement party on Friday night, she was gone. Her Pilsbury Doughboy look-alike staffer, Jeff Short was gone. It was noticed.

Beth Gaines has told several people she is moving to El Dorado County. I’ve known this for three weeks, but could not bring myself to write about it as the Emerson Drive property was never listed.

Beth Gaines is gone. (from Placer County)

She has $205k in the bank with unknown off-the-books-debt to use on her campaign for (fill in the office here).

People in El Dorado County have not figured out who Beth Gaines is. Yet. Because, everything moves a little slower in El Dorado County it is hospitable for her..

No one credible has run against the Dead Fish Patriarchs. Because, everything moves a little slower in El Dorado County.

Rodney Stanhope was still getting hired by candidates in El Dorado County. Because, everything moves a little slower in El Dorado County.

Beth Gaines moves a little slower these days. People in El Dorado County Like Beth Gaines, El Dorado County is the only place she could go to get another government job.

Beth Gaines considered running against Kirk Uhler – more on that soon

Beth Gaines considered running against Roberta MacGlashan

However – the end game is to infest a supervisor seat for a term and then to run to replace her husband in the state senate in 2020. You see, El Dorado Hills is in SD01. AD06 AND El Do Sup District 1 Cozy. The El Dorado Supervisor there (aka the incumbent) is a moron – somewhere around plant life… which is the sort of candidate even Beth Gaines can beat.

El Dorado County – welcome to the Emerson Drive Express. Coming soon to you, complete with a certificate-wielding dough-boy.

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