Mar 032010

This weekend the CRA will be celebrating its 75th Anniversary. As a 10-year CRA member, your 4-Term Sgt, local Central Committee Member and infamous blogger – I take great pride in knowing that Ronald Reagan once enthusiastically, and rightly, proclaimed that the CRA is the “conscience of the Republican party”. The CRA represents the last pure, credible filter for all of the shenanigans that occur in party politics. In short – We value Conservative Integrity.

In 2002, the CRA endorsed Bill Simon over Richard Riordan for Governor, in 2003 the CRA endorsed Tom McClintock over Arnold, and during Schwarzenfailures administration, the CRA has been the only Republican group in California to oppose every single one of his bond measures, his budgets, his environmental extremism, and his Sacramento cronyism approach to governance.

Arnold, Epic Fail – and the CRA did not cower to his vindictive reprisals. We stood as the lone voice of sanity until the advent of the Tea Parties.

Conservative Grassroots know the CRA endorsement is given for good reason to the candidate that understands Conservative Principles, believes in them, and has built TRUST with the CRA membership.

The CRA endorsement process is in full swing. I know this not only because I am the Sgt of Arms for the CRA, but because I’ve been shelled with campaign emails, phone calls, and even old fashioned snail mail. Two CRA Leaders – Dick Mountjoy and Mike Spence wrote letters of support for Steve Poizner.

Already, I see candidates covering up their flaws with negative ads.

Meg Whitman – despite “the pundits” crowning her, has unloaded slime, you have to ask why? Steve Poizner, taking a page from Bill Simon has gone positive on his own accomplishments and plan.

See clearly what Meg Whitman and her team of Schwarzenegger consultants are doing. They don’t seem to care for your opinion, your beliefs, your values or the CRA endorsement. Like Schwarzenfailure – they are showing Conservatives the back of their hand while hypocritically assassinating the character of Steve Poizner.

As I have seen up front and personally, if you can not be purchased – Team Whitman will marginalize or destroy your credibility. It’s the old “we didn’t want them anyway” with a dose of “the wingers were always the problem”.

This applies to the California Republican Assembly, the California Republican Party, the Tea Party patriots, and everybody else who is tired of politics as usual and Sacramento corruption. Team Whitmannegger needs status quo to reign supreme. The gravy train is heading down the tracks, and only one person can stop it.

Steve Poizner.

Meg Whitman’s massive assault on the integrity and character of Steve Poizner going into this weekend’s CRA convention is not only shamefully and overtly false, but it emphasizes what Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee called arrogant cowardice.

But the joke is on them. For those of us who know Steve Poizner, attacking his integrity is like shooting a BB gun at the Hoover damn. From Team Schwarzenfailure / Team Whitmannegger – (now they’ll probably discuss banning BB guns as a terrorist implement at the suggestion of shooting a dam) we’re fed expensive over-produced media attempting to use Hollywood to suffice for substance.

Is it Henry Gomez, Meg Whitman’s personal and most senior confidant? He’s Meg Whitman’s Susan Kennedy. A registered democrat and former staffer for the Democratic National Committee, Henry Gomez maxed out to Barrack Hussien Obama in the 2008 cycle. Similarly, Whitman poured $300,000 into the Environmental Defense fund – where your heart is so shall your money be also…

Before Whitman bothered to register to vote – Steve Poizner served President George W Bush as a Whitehouse fellow dealing with Counter-Terrorism.

Whitman was a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company – Poizner created one.

There is a stark difference – one that the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association chose to bow down to… Money versus Poizner’s Substance.

It is time to reject Whitman, the establishment that spawned her, her negative attacks, and endorse the person who best embodies the ideals and values that we all share.

I trust Steve Poizner, and that is the simple reason why he has my passionate and long time support.

Your Sgt.

PS…don’t forget about Meg’s love for the communist Van Jones

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