Mar 092010

First off – Chuck DeVore won the CRA endorsement first Ballot by three votes 194-89. (Requires 2/3 so 191-92 would have failed) That was the one prediction I got wrong.

Runner got Endorsed on the Second Ballot and by now everyone that reads Republican Blogs knows that Steve Poizner prevailed 175-57 on the Second Vote.

The 2010 CRA Convention was exhausting – I was put in charge of the election committee as I had been in years past. I got a committee together – I tried to get a rep from each major campaign. I represented Poizner for obvious reasons, but of the four, DeVore missed the meeting because of a mis-communication.

That cost me in my attempt to get elected a CRA VP – because a rumor ensued that I was trying to mess over Chuck DeVore. Chuck will do that himself – he does not need my assistance. CRA hardliners who remember when a secret ballot was used by the liberals to take over CRA accused me of destroying the CRA. I ended up finishing 6th – missing a VP slot by three votes.

I had no chance to campaign or defend myself because of the jammed agenda – I was pinned down.

The prevailing wisdom was that  a Secret Ballot was a coup for Whitman and Fiorina. I didn’t see it from that perspective – I was concerned for the elderly delegates in our organization.

To that end – I skipped the Black Tie 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner and went to Kinko’s in Fullerton to Make Ballots.

There was a crush of campaign staff that descended on the convention – and I was concerned about intimidation.

The Secret Ballot was a disaster.

It took until 2:30pm on Sunday to get the first round out of the way.

The Governor race was a mess – Larry Narratelli got 34 votes on the first ballot. The existing CRA rules (which I did not modify – only that part about a secret ballot was modified) provided that the collapsing ballot collapsed the lowest vote getter in a three-way race. Poizner got 166 / Whitman 66

The Whitman people went ballistic when I made a motion to change from a Secret ballot back to the traditional standing vote – at 2:30PM.

Inexplicably, one CRA officer spoke out against returning to a standing vote – basically pointing at me telling me that I made my bed and should live in it. Apparently 158-83 decided that they wanted to get the votes done and go home. It was a simple majority vote as I was part of the prevailing side on the original amendment that I had gotten passed.

There was an angry floor fight with Tim Whittaker literally getting in Tom Hudson and Ken Mettler’s face. I’ve never met Whittaker – I’d assume he works for Whitman.

There I stood – the fall guy, twice.

Steve Poizner got endorsed 175-57.

I got home at midnight, and was in a meeting by 8:30am working my day job.

You’ll never see this Sgt suggest a Secret Ballot again – campaigns are just going to have to deal with a standing vote. In fact, I am submitting a by-law amendment to the CRA prohibiting a Secret Ballot for endorsing.

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