Feb 152010

Remember how Steve Poizner outed some internal emails from the Whitman campaignessentially trying to see if they could push Steve Poizner out of the Governor’s race?

The only people that thought it was a bad move were those – like the Rally Gerbil – on Meg’s enormous Payroll. (estimated at $13 million through the end of 2009.)

Now the absurdities continue – Senator Tony Strickland whose first editorial about Whitman was  hailing her heroic efforts to set up a War Room to deal with an E-Bay server Crash is at it again – this time with Moderate Republican leader Nathan Fletcher.

They make the bold statement that in light of Whitman’s refusal to debate at the CRP convention – it is not a case of Whitman showing weakness… it is rather a clarion call for GOP Unity! We should free ourselves from the chains of Steve Poizner, end the primary contest now and drink the ceremonial Kool-Aid together! (Please Steve, don’t file!)

Read the email off the Meg Whitman Site Here. Or save yourself the click and read it below –

On Friday, Assistant Senate Republican Leader Tony Strickland and Chief Republican Whip Nathan Fletcher, statewide campaign co-chairs, issued this statement calling for Republican unity in the 2010 governor’s race:

“Jerry Brown’s allies are nervous about Meg’s strong lead in the polls and her plans to bring a different kind of leadership to Sacramento, and it’s why they’re planning to spend $40 million in a negative campaign against her. Our opponents have sent a clear signal the general election started today, and Republicans need to unite around the strongest candidate to take on the entrenched interests and status quo in Sacramento, and that’s Meg Whitman. Our party is only weakened by a Republican candidate who ultimately aids Jerry Brown and his allies’ fight against the conservative leadership we need in Sacramento. It’s time for all Republicans to unite, and we’re hopeful Steve Poizner will do the right thing and step aside in order to nominate Meg, the strongest candidate to take on Jerry Brown in November.”

Now Dan Walters from the Sacramento Bee had something to say about Whitman’s Campaign – and I get the distinct opinion that Walters is not a fan of Jerry Brown’s either.

I will let Walters’ three final paragraphs finish this post:

Apparently, Whitman and her highly paid advisers believe she can coast to the Republican nomination just by spending tens of millions of dollars on TV and radio ads and making robotic appearances in friendly venues – and perhaps win the governorship the same way. There is, however, a phrase that describes that strategy – arrogant cowardice.

Running for or being governor of California is not the same thing as being the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar corporation surrounded by sycophants. Ultimately, remaining in her cocoon will probably backfire.

If Poizner cannot exploit her cowardice, Jerry Brown surely will. He will ask Californians, rightfully, that if Whitman is so insecure that she must flee from reporters armed only with notebooks, how could she govern this complex state – and why should voters take her claims seriously?

Arnold. All over again…

P.S. You can still see my original commentary about the 2/10/2009 “Accomplisher” piece on the Meg County Blog – apparently ethics include ejecting this blogger but leaving the posts up to still attract traffic.

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  One Response to “Are you Kidding me? Meg Whitman for Governor Strong-Arm Tactics Continue”

  1. Is it just me? A person willing to spend up to $150 million of her own money to become the Gov. of California does not seem odd to anyone. If she is willing spend such a fortune on getting in to office, how much in tax dollars is she willing to spend on whims she has in office. I am afraid California will suffer the delusional spending habits of a billionaire if Meg Whitman is voted into office. We are in the throes of a severe recession and the State is broke. Can we afford to have someone in office that has lost sight of the value of money? I was for Meg at first until I realized how much money she is spending and now I WONDER if this will continue if she gets into office.

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