Will the nominees for the GOP Inspire?

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Jun 092010

Eric Hogue spoke this morning about the diverse ticket for the California Republican Party.

Of the races I took interest in – only Two Bona-Fide Conservatives Won: Andy Pugno and Doug LaMalfa.

Meg Whitman admits she is a Moderate-Liberal.
Abel Maldonado, while Latino is quite Liberal.
Steve Cooley is regarded as a Moderate. (His staff and supporters would vehemently disagree)
Mimi Walters and Tony Strickland are regarded as “establishment”
Damon Dunn will get railed for not voting. (But he ran as a Conservative)

From a diversity standpoint – Three Women, one Latino, one Black and only two white male nominees of which:

Carly Fiorina is the only candidate in the lot that appears inspiring to the base. Can the ticket sell its’ diversity to overcome the “John McCain-itis” that struck the GOP base in 2008?

The Dems? They feature three liberal freaks from the Bay Area – at least the liberal Republicans we nominated are diverse.

Whitman vs Jerry Brown really looks like McCain vs Obama.

However, Meg Whitman’s team has it in their power to shape her image to get the job done – let’s hope they bring the GOP base with them while they do that…