Nov 022018

After Banning Math, threatening to fire teachers without due process, trying to ban cupcakes and back to school night… Mark Klang was run out of office in 2004.

In 2006, he tried to make a comeback. His campaign was about how Rocklin’s Schools were mediocre and he was needed to bring them out of the morass. (Which probably included banning other stuff in his mind…)

In 2006, a beloved and recently retired School Counselor Turned Mark Klang over his knee and gave him a major Klang:

As a long time and just retired lead high school counselor in the Rocklin Unified School District, I must set the record straight about the claims made by two school board candidates.  Candidates Mark Klang and Diana Higashi are presenting misleading, distorted and wrong information about Rocklin’s high school graduates eligibility and readiness for college. The facts are that a significantly higher percentage of Rocklin graduates are eligible for the University of California and California State University systems than their fellow graduates across Placer County. Specifically, while only 35 percent of the Placer County high school graduates are eligible for university admission, over 55 percent of Rocklin’s high school graduates are eligible. Furthermore, the CSU system tracks and reports how well prepared the entering freshman are in the subjects of mathematics and English. Rocklin freshmen outperform, by a large measure, their fellow freshman across the state in both areas. Claims that Rocklin’s graduates need “excessive” remedial mathematics or English are simply untrue. I was the lead counselor in the district during Mark Klang’s one term on the school board, and I know firsthand the negative impact that he had on education and the community. He was deservingly removed. A return to the past would not be in our students’ best interest. Voters should not be fooled by candidates who can’t get the facts right. Successful schools are built through the collaboration of the community’s parents, teachers, students and should not be torn down by negative politics.

Stephen Sampson Retired Head Counselor, RUSD

There is no argument that California Schools are horrible as a whole. Rocklin’s are about the best in the state and would compare well in other states despite the weight of the State of California upon them.

In the same election cycle, another Rocklin Resident destroyed Klang:

I recently attended the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum and found it very informative. There were, I think, 12 candidates in attendance running for City Council, Sierra College Board and Rocklin School Board. Ten of the 12 Candidates were very positive about delivering their messages. Two, though, I found very offensive as a Rocklin resident and parent. Mark Klang (who didn’t even bother to show up) had his campaign manager read a statement written by Klang informing a stunned crowd that our schools are worse off than schools in countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus and the Slovak Republic. I was appalled and offended that someone like Klang and his running mate fashion design teacher (who doesn’t even have her kids in Rocklin-run schools) want to be on our school board. What’s worse is the next statement that Mark Klang and Diana Higashi’s campaign manager made. He said that our kids graduating out of our high schools are not even smart enough to “count change at Taco Bell.” These are just two examples of the over-the-top campaign that Klang and Higashi are running. They are two very negative people who will do and say anything to take over our school board. <<<SNIP>>> Thomas Anderson, Rocklin

Imagine if I ran for School Board, even as bombastic as I am, I sure would not walk down mainstreet telling parents their kids are too dumb to count change at Chipotle. But, Klang and his crew did.

Ladies and gentlemen – this is Mark Klang, Rocklin’s Dumpster Fire. Make sure you reject him, just like so many others have.

Oct 312018

Mark Klang wanted to ban cupcakes. Ban back to school night. Mark Klang wanted to fire teachers without due process. He told people that did not agree with his heavy handed tactics to find another job elsewhere.

Why am I not surprised that Mark Klang engineered an effort to ban Math in the Rocklin Unified School District?

Well, here is another one. Klang voted to eliminate one of the better standardized math curricula that was being used in the Rocklin USD. I remember well his talking points against national curriculum and the like.

The problem is that the way he went about implementing the change was a disaster and the replacement curriculum did not work.

In addition to his run and gun war with the local teacher’s union, he also picked fights with parents.

The sad part is that Rocklin Schools are as good as it gets in California. You basically have to move to another state to find better schools – this is why my criticism of the Rocklin School Board has been limited to their documented hostility (in the past) towards Charter Schools.

Klang’s behavior was one of the main reasons why the Rocklin USD was so anti-charter for so long. Klang had been tied to the Charter movement via the late Joe Scharrer of website fame.

In those days, I used to write a blog on the defunct Red County Placer, and Klang had his own blog where he was slinging bombs at everyone in office in Placer County.

It has been interesting looking at these old articles to remember the chaos in an otherwise outstanding school district. I also remember being skeptical of the critics of the Klang-led replacement of the math curriculum.

The 50 point drop in average test scores speaks for itself. It appears that Klang is running for Rocklin School Board again to be an agent of chaos. Oh, and the Charter Schools people? They endorsed other candidates. Ouch.

Oct 302018

Mark Klang decided to engage in open warfare with the Teacher’s Union in Rocklin. The part that is a problem? In a letter to the editor, he told teachers that disagreed with him that they could go teach in another district. #EPICFAIL

Given all the negative things I have to say about Unions, this is certainly NOT how I’d handle a disagreement. I’d prefer to work things out in private.

Most voters would not respond well to this approach. Remember, Klang is a retired military officer that did not get past the Rank of Major (O-4), hence the name “Major Klang”.

You can expect more of the same sort of dumpster fire politics from Major Klang if he is returned to office.

Then, there is the case of the two teachers Klang wanted to lynch without due process.

One teacher sent out an email on the district’s email system advocating political positions. This is indeed a big no-no. (Remember, I torched Rene Aggielairuh for this a few years ago)

Klang’s solution was simple for these teachers that had never been in trouble before – terminate them. One of my biggest issues with the Teacher’s Union and their web of control in the State of CA is that it costs about $250,000 to fire a teacher.

One of the biggest issues that Governor Arnold tried to address (before he folded like a girlie man) was Teacher Tenure. It is, however, the law. And Klang suggested exposing the RUSD to unlimited liability and $500K in immediate cost because he was mad over the opinions in an email that he did not like.

Banning Cupcakes.

Banning Back to School Night.

Go work somewhere else if you don’t like it.

Screw up once and get fired.

Even a union as wrong as often as the Teacher’s Union is deserves better than that. So does the rest of Rocklin.

As a final note, Klang attempted to blame the Teacher’s Union for the actions of the Teachers. They had nothing to do with it. This is similar to blaming President Trump for the idiot sending out fake Pipe Bombs, or blaming David Duke (or Ron Paul) for the Synagogue Massacre. Klang knew better, but he had personalized his disagreements with the Union and went off the rails.

Given that I worked with him for a number of years after he was off the school board, including his aborted City Council run in 2010, I have little reason to believe that this angry person is any different today than he was in the early 2000’s. Beware.

To be continued…

Oct 262018
Mark Klang is back again. I remember when he was unseated in 2004, I did not know then what I know now.
Klang, served one very disruptive term on the School Board from 2000 to 2004 before being defeated in his re-election effort in 2004 and again in 2006.
Klang also ran un-successfully for Rocklin City Council in 2010.
Your intrepid blogger believes that Mr. Klang must be hoping that the community might have forgotten many of his past antics or has moved here since then and has no idea how disruptive he was.
Right on Daily is going to lay out a series on Klang to remind Rocklin why he was ousted after only one term.
The letter is signed by quite a diverse group of Rocklin leaders. You might want to take an extra look at it.
Dec 042016

Similar to the whiny, suckly little snowflakes (some of whom are being paid by George Soros) rioting and destroying property because Donald J Trump won, some whiny baby in Rocklin filed a complaint over the well-sourced, ethically-financed and devastating hit piece on Camille Maben.

Here is a copy of the letter from the FPPC.

It is also possible that Rocklin’s self-appointed Perry Mason and stalker of Joe Patterson, Connie McLennan filed the complaint as she seems to like using the legal system to gain political advantage. The Placer IR did after all endorse and mail on behalf of Mr. Patterson.

My first instinct is that the complaint was flied by a whiner with an over-inflated sense of their own importance which is why I gravitated toward Peter Hill as the culprit.

There is no merit to this complaint at all. In fact, the letter does not even give an indication of what alleged violations occur. (BTW, the FPPC gets to violate due process by virtue of the way they are run – including hiding the identity of the accuser)

This is the reality of California Politics now – if you take on Democrats in the public arena people like Peter Hill, Connie McLennan or others will threaten to sue you, file FPPC Complaints and of course will destroy property, riot and file recount requests in the name of “democracy”.

I will issue this message to Camille Maben – you now have a permanent target on your back courtesy of your friends who filed this complaint. This is how I deal with bullies, you are a far-left idealogue who lied in public about your intentions to serve. Regardless of how many of your fellow liberals seek to abuse the system to try to protect you, I am patient and persistent.