Feb 222014

This picture will have to be updated.

It appears that Robert Weygant is not going to run for re-election to the Placer County  Board of Supervisors.

Today – Democrat Reginald Bronner – who ran for AD06 and failed to make the runoff in  2012 pulled papers along with liberal Republican Spencer Short.

Spencer Short is a Lincoln City Councilmember who was part of the fiscal train-wreck that  nearly bankrupt the city. Short is also socially liberal as during the four years I served  with him on the Placer GOP, he never took a stand on a social issue, ever. He also  studiously avoided endorsement votes – except when it was taking a stand against the  conservatives led by the Placer CRA.

Sources indicated that Short once again was disparaging the Placer GOP Central Committee and used his dissatisfaction with the current leadership of the Placer GOP Cent Com as part of the reason he is taking papers. The Cent Com’s current leadership consist of Socially Liberal Republicans Mike Holmes and Dennis Revell.

Perhaps Spencer Short should reconsider whether he is a republican since he is criticizing the current leadership saying that the current recruiting process by the Placer GOP will net some “Poor Choices”.

The chair of the candidate recruitment committee is Bonnie McAdams, a Placer Tea Party member who is aligned with the moderate leadership of the Placer GOP. (She recently voted against the President of the Placer CRA for a vacancy on the Cent Com as did Spencer Short)

Regular readers of this blog will remember Spencer Short’s arrogant letter resigning from the Central Committee in the last term.

Short will almost certainly draw Paul Joiner as his primary opponent and here’s to Joiner wiping up the floor with him.