Apr 252012

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Sometimes, you just have to call them how you see them.

Orly Taitz is the founder of the Birther Movement. You can google her name and see videos to your heart’s content. Then, you will understand why she is not qualified.

Dan Hughes has spent $135,000 with 90% of that money on staff and paying Dave Gilliard. None of them have done a thing for Mr. Hughes. Hughes has traveled the entire state of CA and has yet to land an endorsement of anyone other than Chuck DeVore (who cut and ran from California).

Al Ramirez? He said after getting the CRA endorsement that he was going to win with grassroots. Really? Ron Paul thought he could win with Grass, too…

Al Ramirez is also fond of tweeting insults aimed at the main opponent Elizabeth Emken – which is all fine and dandy in a campaign, until the family is drawn in to the fray.

The amateur errors, Ramirez’ chauvinism, Hughes’ retarded emails or the dearth of video evidence about Orly’s state of mind earn the three of them a place in the political cartoon hall of fame.

Meantime, Madam #facepalm is wondering if she will even have to worry about all the money Kindy Durkee stole from her.

Elizabeth Emken is the adult in the room, for sure. She will force madam #facepalm to actually have to run a campaign.

— end of lesson.

Apr 222012

Marginal US Senate Candidate Richard Ramirez whose campaign literature indicated that he is a self-admitted “longshot candidate” got endorsed by the California Republican Assembly.

I am not going to focus on Greg Conlon or John Borat(sp) who got no votes, nor will I focus on Orly and Nachum Shifren, both of whom who had boutique followings.

Conlon is a liberal. Borat is an idiot. Orly is Orly – You should have seen her campaign literature, it was amazing to say the least (in a really, really bizarre manner similar to what you’d see in a psychological manual).

Nachum Shifren is running, in my opinion, because he enjoys the attention of being a candidate. I like Nachum, but a US Senate Race in California is not the place for him.

Elizabeth Emken (who I support) finished in third. Her speech to CRA had the most content in it by far. However, Emken had received the CRP endorsement in the star chamber which basically sealed her doom in the CRA.

Emken met with several people during the day on Saturday – but she was the main target, especially of Richard Ramirez.

Dan Hughes was the biggest loser in my opinion. I actually feel sorry for him. Hughes has four people stealing his money from him under the guise of this campaign. They should all be sued for malpractice. Buttner, Franklin, Spillaine and there’s that name again, Dave Gilliard.

I said stealing – what has Dan Hughes gotten for the damn near $140K? He couldn’t get the time of day from the CRP or the CRA, no one other than Chuck DeVore is supporting him and he has gotten a bunch of email out that are copied from others or full of grammatical errors and typos!

Since I have lived with and am living with Dave Gilliard’s “ethics” – I get why he’d be taking a candidate’s money basically for nothing.

Dan – please do not put that $150k into the campaign. It will only go in to the pocket of the people who haven’t done a damn thing for you! Your Chuck DeVore endorsement couldn’t even get 25% of the delegates in CRA!!!

Richard (Al) Ramirez spent the entire weekend at the CRA Convention. He ripped in to Elizabeth Emken hard all weekend – which played well to an audience of people looking to crown Elizabeth Emken the “boogie-man”.

And it worked. But, not on this blogger – I did not vote for Richard (Al) Ramirez once.

Ramirez doesn’t have a pot to piss in and he will get 2% of the vote – the CRA will get nothing out of this endorsement other than sticking it in the Eye of the CRP.

Richard Ramirez for U.S. Senate – the CRA just slashed the CRP.




Mar 232012

What would you think if a candidate walked in to the room and told a pro-choice group, endorse me! I’m a conservative!!!

That’s exactly what the latest slash from Richard Ramirez said and did.

In Ramirez’ latest email he uses the word CONSERVATIVE in bold type three times.

I need to remind Ramirez that the CCR – the group he is courting with this latest email – broke off from CRA essentially over an ideological dispute years ago.

Secondly – Richard Ramirez mentions Orly in his email again!!! I guess the Ramirez campaign really does believe their own unscientific polling data, or he has a crush on Orly and is trying to use his campaign to help her…

Third – don’t tell a bunch of old White guys you’re the only candidate running that can reach out to Latinos and speak to them in their own language! From, me to you, Ramirez – I grew up in Fresno, ?me entiendes? – !hay alguienes de estes hueros que pueden hablar la idioma!

And Fourth – you advertise that you support the current CRP platform. The CCR membership fought for the Charles Munger platform.

Epic Fail.

Richard Ramirez is just not ready for prime-time – and Dianne Feinstein would give you a facepalm big-time.


Mar 162012

I got an email just now – and I feel like I have been using narcotics in preparation for a Ron Paul rally.

As I was getting ready to put the Bong to my lips for the first time in 15 years – I was dumbstruck while sober by an email entitled:

New Polling in US Senate Race shows Ramirez Stong, Emken in Last Place“.

If true – it does mean that the California Republican Party is acting out on some sort of suicide pact.

Richard Ramirez is the night stalker of the US Senate Campaign. But, even more insane (other than feeling like I’ve eaten mushrooms and dropped a sheet of LSD) is the fact that the “poll” is showing Orly Taitz in first place at 18.7%.

Orly is the founder of the birther movement. See her in action here.

Orly is insane, Richard Ramirez is quoting a poll in his own campaign email that shows one of his opponents in first place. Somehow, I feel slashed by all of this.

Somewhere – Dianne Feinstein is wondering if this campaign is going to be on the Jerry Springer show. This blogger is glad he is sober – because had I been high when I saw this news I could have suffered brain damage.