Mar 162012

I got an email just now – and I feel like I have been using narcotics in preparation for a Ron Paul rally.

As I was getting ready to put the Bong to my lips for the first time in 15 years – I was dumbstruck while sober by an email entitled:

New Polling in US Senate Race shows Ramirez Stong, Emken in Last Place“.

If true – it does mean that the California Republican Party is acting out on some sort of suicide pact.

Richard Ramirez is the night stalker of the US Senate Campaign. But, even more insane (other than feeling like I’ve eaten mushrooms and dropped a sheet of LSD) is the fact that the “poll” is showing Orly Taitz in first place at 18.7%.

Orly is the founder of the birther movement. See her in action here.

Orly is insane, Richard Ramirez is quoting a poll in his own campaign email that shows one of his opponents in first place. Somehow, I feel slashed by all of this.

Somewhere – Dianne Feinstein is wondering if this campaign is going to be on the Jerry Springer show. This blogger is glad he is sober – because had I been high when I saw this news I could have suffered brain damage.

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  3 Responses to “I Just Drank a Bowl of Stupid – Richard Ramirez and Orly in the Lead for US Senate???”

  1. You are sounding a little racist here.

    Blogger’s Note: You sound like an idiot. I guess we’re even.

  2. More name calling. You just prove my point.

    Blogger’s Note: When I graduate from 6th Grade, I can run for US Senate!

  3. “You sound a little racist…don’t call me names.”

    That’s hilarious!

    Honestly, I know nothing about Ramirez. I DO know that Orly is the worst lawyer in the world as none of her challenges have taken hold anywhere. I will give her credit for having other people pay for her food, travel and lodging. I guess that’s why she’s running – everyone needs a back up career when the well runs dry.

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