May 012018

Perhaps this is why the pollsters set the sample up to vault him ahead of Kevin DeLeon? Since conspiracies about polling abound, why not this one too? (source article here)

Patrick Little, a California Republican with hardline antisemitic views, may be the Republican challenger to Dianne Feinstein in the Senate race.

Little polled at 18% last week, 10% above his nearest Republican challenger, indicating that he could well become the challenger to Feinstein in the Senate race.

He has called for an American “free of Jews”, as well as endorsing “counter-semitism” – a term occasionally used by right wing extremists which essentially amounts to an endorsement of blatant antisemitism under another name, designed to frame the far right as a resistance against purported Jewish influence.

Little is so far gone that he has described the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer as being too Jewish. Writing on Gab, a social networking site which has been accused of intentionally providing a haven for the alt right, he said “I propose a government that makes counter-semitism central to all aims of the state…all immigration except of biological kin, where no person of Jewish origin may live, vacation or traverse”.

Whilst it seems unlikely that Little could actually win an election against Feinstein in California, it is deeply worrying to see that he has been able to gain any traction whatsoever. Some have speculated that Californians are simply not aware of any of his views, in which case it may reasonably be expected that the extra exposure of them to public scrutiny will ensure that he will be beaten by more moderate Republicans.

The CAGOP needs to set fire to this jerk this weekend. Oh, but wait, there’s more… (source article here)

Little has been endorsed by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, but has complained that “alt-right” media outlets such as The Daily Stormer have not been supportive of his campaign.

Right Wing Watch outed Little’s white supremacist views in an article last week.

In a campaign video posted to YouTube earlier this week, Little said he “woke up to the Jewish question and dedicated my life to exposing these Jews that control our country.”

“I’ve been screaming the Jew all over,” he said.

In a post last month on his blog, Little wrote: “We all want what has been taboo until now to say aloud, we want to be around other whites, safe from non-whites. But unless we start voicing that sentiment regularly at the ballot box, all of the places we have retreated to will be eventually overrun by non-whites.”

Little on his Twitter account has accused Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency of playing a leading role in the 9/11 attacks in 2001 and said that “No man in history saved more Jewish lives than Adolf Hitler.” His Twitter account was suspended earlier this year over statements amounting to Holocaust denial.

Good God, this man is mentally ill.

Apr 042010

Bear with me for a bit…

Chuck DeVore was part of the leadership team for the Republican Assembly Caucus… Chuck DeVore very publicly resigned from his leadership post over a deal made to raise taxes – the largest tax increase in state history.

Chuck DeVore sent his email resigning from his post as Senior GOP Whip on 2/14/2009 over the budget.

OK – has you thinking that DeVore did the principled thing, right? (You know, like grandstanding on opposing the confirmation of Abel Maldonado – before abstaining instead of voting no)

Well, apparently DeVore’s pattern of duplicity was set long before reneging on his pledge to oppose Abel Maldonado.

Just a couple weeks earlier – Chuck DeVore was on the TV saying that “everything was on the table” in budget negotiations. As in they (the GOP) were willing to toss the no new taxes pledge to get budget concessions.

I guess promises were “subject to” in 2009 as they are in 2010 for Assemblymember DeVore. Mr. Devore sounds more like Abel Maldonado or Tom Campbell than a tax fighter, that’s for sure.

This TV appearance was on January 25, 2009.

On Jan 29, 2009 – you guessed it, rumors were breaking that Chuck was about to draw a primary opponent for U.S. Senate, Carly Fiorina.

Poof – on February 14th – DeVore flames out.

It appears that self-styled maverick Chuck DeVore is appearing more and more like any other politician. Add to that, he is a middle-aged white guy from Orange County and there is nothing new for the voters.

It could be worse – he could be a middle-aged White liberal guy from the Bay Area… but that’s a story for the shepherd to tell.

I’ve got whiplash – which way is it? We need leadership and principle – not campaign strategy.