Jan 162019

Did you know that Corrin Rankin has run a business, served on the boards of non-profits aiding in rescuing at least two of them from ruin? That alone should move her to the top of your list for consideration.

She is also a small business owner, having owned a Bail Bond business for a number of years. Since the state of California banned Bail Bonds, she knows better than most what it is like to run a business in California. She deserves serious consideration by all.

See her platform below:

The California Republican Party is in unprecedented peril. We’ve all heard the countless reasons of how we got here. While I believe that understanding our past and knowing our shortcomings is critical, we cannot afford to dwell upon the glory days of the past. Instead, we must look to the future and work towards success.

As a party, we must uniterebuild, and grow.

This is the ethos driving my platform, and the reason why I decided to run for Vice Chair of the California Republican Party.

It’s imperative that we unite. As America’s first Republican president said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Our party has been plagued with internal divisions for too long. This negatively affects our ability to persuade voters, raise money, organize, and win elections. We must put our minor differences aside to defeat Democrats.

Republican Party registration in California is at a historic low, our political apparatuses are $1 million+ in debt, and our antiquated tactics and strategies have proven unable to win competitive elections. We need to do an honest assessment of where we are at in order to identify our strengths and weaknesses.

Then, we must rebuild. To do so, we must adopt innovative strategies to win elections, improve our technologies and campaign infrastructure, and evolve our messaging and marketing. We must also defend what we have left while going on the offense so we can start winning seats back.

We must also focus on growing our party. At 24 percent voter registration we cannot afford to continue our dive into the depths of irrelevance through attrition. Saying we need voter registration drives is nice, but we must concurrently develop the tools and messages required to get new voters and bring decline-to-states and Democrats into the big Republican tent.

This is how together we turn our situation around. We have to be in the fight to win the fight. Currently, we are fighting from the outside. No amount of changing our logo is going to solve this – we all need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

We have to use our talent, infrastructure, and resources wisely. In cities where we are drastically outnumbered, we need to increase (or begin) neighborhood involvement.

As your next full-time Vice Chair, I will work to bring people together, create a consensus and develop local, neighborhood-based solutions that will brings us back into prominence across our beautiful state.

I look forward to working with you to make this happen and I ask for your vote at the California Republican Party convention in February.

I believe that Corrin offers a huge upside for the CAGOP and should be taken seriously by all the delegates. Please join me in voting for her for CAGOP Vice Chairman

Jan 102019

IF you take a look at Jessica Patterson’s Social Media, you’d be struck by one amazing fact… it stops in mid 2017. 

All the tweets about supporting New Way California – the group Chad Mayes started as his narcissistic rage over being called out on the Cap and Trade disaster, are gone. We all see those emails from New Way California and saw Jessica re-tweeting those tweets. Nope, not any more we don’t. Re-tweeting items critical of the President were also present, and they are gone as well.

I am pretty sure archive services will be our go to, in order to attempt to ascertain more about her. Anything put on the internet exists somewhere and can never be completely covered up. 

We know she has a long history with Meg Whitman’s and other well financed establishment type of campaigns. We know she was involved in efforts to eviscerate the CAGOP Platform and defend Proposition 14. 

Perhaps this blurb in the Sacramento Bee sheds some light. Mike Madrid, a former GOP Consultant who likes to call Republican volunteers Nazis who consistently trashes President Trump is called upon by the Sacramento Bee. (The Bee like other leftist media outlets looks for “consultants” with full-blown TDS for quotes): 

WHO WILL LEAD THE CA GOP? (from the Sac Bee Capitol Alert)

California Republicans will select their next leader at the party’s Feb. 22-24 convention. Lost in the news cycle this week was a major development. David Hadley, vice chairman of the CA GOP, told supporters he’d withdraw from the race.

“I no longer believe that I can prevail on February 24 while still running a campaign to unify the delegates and walk forward together after the convention,” Hadley wrote in an email to his supporters. “As a result, I have decided to suspend my campaign for chair, and to release my many endorsers and supporters to evaluate other candidates.”

Activist Steve Frank and former Assemblyman Travis Allen are the two remaining candidates at this time, and Allen is the presumptive favorite.

But some California political insiders believe another candidate will soon emerge. (Blogger’s Note: This is a link to Chad Mayes’ Chief of Staff Joe Justin)

A representative for political consultant Jessica Patterson would not confirm the any details, but said Patterson would be making an announcement in the coming days. She is expected to have the backing of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Republican political consultant Mike Madrid is displeased with all the available options because of their strong support for President Donald Trump. California Republicans lost seven of their seats in the House of Representatives in November’s midterm election. Madrid worries Allen will lead the party down the wrong path if he’s elected.

“The path that he’s pursuing is obviously flawed, and it’s not going to work,” Madrid said of Allen. “He wants to stay relevant. There ‘s plenty of people in Republican politics who want to be captain of the Titanic.”

Madrid fear the California GOP “will be broke within six months because the donor community as it exists will completely abandon the party.”

Quoting Mike Madrid about anything Republican is like asking a drug addict about moderation. That said, I do find it interesting that the implication of this update is that Jessica Patterson will be the most anti-trump of the people running for CAGOP Chair. It is clear they have read the same (since deleted) social media posts from Patterson. 

Remember, Patterson worked for / or publicly supported Marco Rubio and later John Kasich. She was also known to have been publicly defending Chad Mayes during the Cap and Trade Drama. The plot thickens…

Meantime, having Mike Madrid attack Travis Allen in the Sacramento Bee is a badge of courage. Note that Stephen Frank gets nary a mention. 

P.S. for more on Mike Madrid enjoy this post.

Jan 082019

I am going to preface this by saying everything I know about Jessica Patterson as a professional save few exceptions is positive. Many professional political people I know like her on a personal level. I know her only by reputation. 

My Choice for CAGOP Chairman

The key issues we should focus on, is her long pedigree of service to the left of the GOP and her history as a staffer / paid political operative. It is the same criticism someone could level against myself or Steve Frank. While none of the three of us have done anything immoral by doing politics for a paycheck – being a paid political operative brings with it a conflict of interest as it relates to serving in a position of leadership in a political party or organization. While I personally would never work for someone I would not vote for, the natural cynicism of people makes that assertion ring hollow. 

So this is the issue with Jessica Patterson: Who’s Chairman will she be? Since we’ve had a generation of CAGOP Chairs that were too close to the partisan electeds to the exclusion of the Grassroots, it is a fair question.

My knowledge of Jessica Patterson’s political work is extensive.

Jessica Patterson appeared to emerge out of nowhere in 2009, working for Meg Whitman’s ill-fated $150 Million disaster. It is my understanding that before that she was a paid staff of the Ventura GOP and a deputy field director for the Victory 2006 effort. 

After 2010, two liberal Republican Political Consultants, Jeff Randle and Mitch Zak formed California Trailblazers in coordination with Kevin McCarthy, then an ordinary Congressman, but known to have ambitions. McCarthy wanted to clone the “Young Guns” program of the National Congressional Committee in California for Legislative Candidates.

While the circumstances behind Patterson’s Hire to the Executive Director position of the California Trailblazers is the subject of legend, that is the Job she has had since 2011. 

Enter Charles T. Munger, Jr. Similar to a lot of stuff from 2010-2016, Mr. Munger was a primary funding source. While Trailblazers had other institutional donors (called the “Third House”), Mr. Munger was by far and away the primary funder of Trailblazers.

Trailblazers claimed to have no ideological bent – I take them at their word on this as their list of alumni is ideologically diverse. However, at the same time all of the outside money that poured in to Republican legislative races was almost exclusively to the benefit of “Moderate” Republicans. 

While Patterson was executive director for Trailblazers, she also did consulting work for Charles Munger’s “Spirit of Democracy” PAC. They poured millions in to a who’s who of “Moderates”. Heath Flora, Frank Bigelow, Jordan Cunningham, David Hadley, Catherine Baker, Rocky Chavez and others had $1MM+ spent on their behalf over more conservative primary opponents and then their general elections. (note: neither Hadley nor Baker were opposed in their initial primaries) 

In addition – in violation of the so-called support your incumbents rule, Spirit of Democracy attempted to unseat Incumbents Alan Mansoor and Tim Donnelly. This further undermines Jessica Patterson’s ability to claim to be a unifying force. 

Most of these folks were “Cap and Trade” votes.

In my own home area, I had a front row seat to almost $3MM over two races spent attacking Andy Pugno who wrote Proposition 8 – the Traditional Marriage initiative that was overturned by the Supreme Court. While conservatives were being hunted down by the Spirit of Democracy, Jessica Patterson (and others) were on the payroll. 

I personally witnessed as a Delegate to the CAGOP – Patterson involved in two proxy drills to stop attempts to adopt a position in opposition to the Prop 14 “Top Two” Primary system. Both were at the behest of Luis Buhler financed by Mr. Munger’s Largess.

In the 2016 Presidential Primary she was known to be supportive of, and possibly working for Marco Rubio and later John Kasich. Her twitter account has been cleaned of anything pre-dating 6-2017 so it is unclear if she was a “Never-Trumper” similar to many other CAGOP Consultants / Insiders. 

I’d be remiss if I did not mention however that while she was employed to perform Proxy Harvesting for Mr. Buhler / Munger that she also whipped votes to approve the charters of the Log Cabin Republicans AND the California Impact Republicans. Both were controversial and both were opposed by Steve Frank. Both the LCR and CIR owe their existence in part to the delegate drills being run by Patterson. 

I personally have never liked Proxy voting and would like to see it abolished. Jessica Patterson has made an honest living as a paid operative to harvest proxies to give people like Luis Buhler and Kevin McCarthy out-sized influence over the outcomes of CAGOP Conventions. When I was involved in getting the CIR Chartered, we were forced to deal with the “leadership types” as we knew we needed their proxies in order to get our charter. If you disagree with this dynamic, this is a compelling reason to support someone other than Jessica Patterson. 

The California Trailblazers has also failed in its’ mission. The Republican Caucus has fallen from 28-20 in the Assembly and 14-11 in the State Senate. Some of this is the self-centered world of term limits where those in office don’t care about the world around them as long as they have their own seats and the other part is a failure to sell the product. On some level, Mrs. Patterson owns this.  

The choice is clear – Mrs. Patterson has a pedigree of a Liberal Republican Political Operative. She is also a professional political operative, like Steve Frank. Travis Allen is a Conservative and is free of the entanglements. Choose wisely. 

Jan 042019

We have already endorsed Travis Allen for CAGOP Chairman. 

Much along the same lines of logic behind supporting Travis Allen, Greg Gandrud and Peter Kuo represent a face-lift for the CAGOP. 

Peter Kuo is a full portfolio Conservative. He was a Candidate for State Senate, raising some $300k despite being in a 17% district. Kuo is a legal immigrant who waited 24 years to become an American Citizen. His story represents everything the Republican Party is about. 

BONUS! Kuo is a #RAIDERZ4LIFE member too!

There are other choices for Vice Chair – my friend and Retired Marine Colonel Charlie Schaupp, Corrin Rankin and at least one other rumored choice. I think Peter Kuo has the most potential and represents the biggest upside for the CAGOP – so my choice is Peter Kuo

My Choice for CAGOP Treasurer may surprise some people. I have never publicly endorsed a Gay Man for any office before. As an outspoken Evangelical Christian, I have strongly held beliefs. 

In the case of Greg Gandrud, I have a long time personal relationship and friendship with him. I’ve had a lot of discussions with him off-line. I know him to be solid on fiscal issues, solid on the Gun issue and he is also Pro-Life. This means then, that aside from his choice of spouse, he is a full-portfolio conservative.

Gandrud is a successful financial planner and accountant. He has also held office despite the area that he lives in being heavily democratic for years. It is clear that he has the skill-set to do the job as Treasurer for the CAGOP. In addition, he presents himself well and is articulate. 

I am unsure if the powers that be will recruit opponents for either of the above two. If they do, it only underscores the argument to support them both. Both are eminently qualified for the positions they are running for and both seem to be independent enough of the usual suspects to be trusted to lead at the state level.

Greg Gandrud was an early supporter of Donald Trump and #MAGA
Jan 022019

Did you know that Janet Nugyen – former State Senator from Orange County who got harvested out of her seat in the State Senate – was going to run for CAGOP Chair? She was a rumored candidate after former Congresswoman Mimi Walters was. 

In the case of Nguyen, it is alleged that Kevin McCarthy is not a fan. Nguyen is alleged to have issues with Assemblyman Tyler Diep (who won AD72 in Orange County due to the help of Travis Allen despite the onslaught) and Supervisor Andrew Do. It was put to me that some of that baggage was part of McCarthy’s reticence to support her. (Note: the CIR went in huge for both Do and Diep in their races)

Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the GOP Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, is quite worried about Travis Allen (or Steve Frank) getting elected Chairman. He is alleged to have not stopped looking for a candidate not named David Hadley.

It is my opinion, based on conversations with several delegates and interested political insiders that David Hadley has failed to gain traction and that Steve Frank has a loyal base of much older delegates and Travis Allen has a broad and passionate base. With the moderate/establishment/liberal faction of the GOP divided and the entire CAGOP demoralized the door is wide open for any legitimate candidate with positive history among the grassroots to win. 

Remember this in the backdrop of the $2MM+ that was spent in 2016 trying to control nominees in dem districts and County Central Committee members. That is basically a memory as the rank and file body of the CAGOP appear to be off the reservation.

Kevin McCarthy is going to be forced to do something he has not had to do in many years, fund an operation to keep control of the CAGOP. That had fallen onto the shoulders of Charles Munger until Mr. Munger decided that he was wasting his money in politics (my opinion, based on the pattern I saw). 

This gets me to how I drew the conclusion that Kevin McCarthy has thrown David Hadley under the bus. Once Janet Nguyen was summarily rejected by McCarthy – and on the heels of every former member of Congress deciding to go get paying jobs, retire, etc. – the phone calls did not stop. 

McCarthy appears to be digging deep in to his well and the name that is surfacing is long time political operative Jessica Patterson. Patterson is not well-known in the rank-and-file of the CAGOP as she is typically at conventions working delegate and floor drills. 

Every negative bit of info I got about Jessica Patterson came from Steve Frank. (I will not regurgitate that on this blog) I first encountered her name when working for Steve Poizner (with Steve Frank) against Meg Whitman. Before I left the Steve Poizner campaign, I used to talk to Frank about a lot of the operatives in the Whitman Camp, Patterson was one. 

Patterson worked for CAGOP “Leadership” for several years. Her role was always to carry out the wishes of the CAGOP leadership in convention outcomes. There is nothing immoral about that, it is a job for which Patterson excelled and was well-paid. 

The insiders I have spoken to about Patterson all think well of her, but few people I know really know her well. This may well be of Jessica’s own doing, as the thing I find odd is that even though I have 21 years experience in the CAGOP and campaigns, I have had almost no interactions with her. 

Patterson will have to overcome the attachment to McCarthy and that her resume will look like that of the consummate insider. I am not sure how she overcomes that, but again, she is well liked by those that know her. 

It is clear to me that Travis Allen has the advantage at this point in the CAGOP Chairman’s race and the reactions are going to continue and intensify as he continues to consolidate support.

P.S Rumors related to “Down Ticket” offices: 

Vice Chair: Charlie Schaupp, David Hernandez, Corrin Rankin and SB GOP Chair Jan Leja. The first three have announced. Schaupp is from Esparto, Rankin from Redwood City and Hernandez is from Glendale. All three have been candidates for office in the past.

Secretary: Dan Trimble ( He is from the Bay Area and has been a long time advocate of pulling the Pro-Life and Pro-Family planks out of the CAGOP Platform)

Treasurer: Carpenteria CPA Greg Gandrud (who is a former Central Coast Vice Chair)

North Coast Vice Chair: Matt Heath (former AD02 Candidate)

Northern Vice Chair: Current termed-out CAGOP Secretary Deborah Wilder (note that Wilder opposed the censure of Chad Mayes by the CAGOP Board)

If you have any tips for your intrepid blogger – email me at [email protected] 

Lastly, I’d like to point out that I have never seen in the 21 years in CAGOP politics this small a number of candidates for major party office. It should also be noted that we are inside of two months before the elections and several of the candidates we do know about are quite recent. This means that the traditional web of control by the “Establishment” does not exist in the same manner as it once did. Very interesting indeed.