Jan 232021

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Party Elite Selecting Your GOP Nominee For Governor

In a normal world, candidates declare for Governor.  They raise money and rally supporters.  In a State of 58 counties and five million Republicans, that requires a lot of effort. The process shows voters who has and who does not have what it takes to be Governor of the Great Golden State. It is a “test drive” that separates the wheat from the chaff.

If the Chair of the California Republican Party has her way, that is history. For the Recall and for the 2022 election, the Elite Few in the California Republican Party will choose YOUR GOP Nominee for Governor.

You read that right.

The Chair of the California Republican party told the Orange County Republican Central Committee on January 18 there is no need for primaries, contests and even candidates to find the GOP Nominee Governor.

Here is what she said:

“2020 was about setting the table.  We (the California Republican Party Board of Directors or maybe just her) are going to recruit the candidate to run against Newsom”.

Jessica Patterson has made it very clear. She is going to pick and run the GOP candidate for Governor. YOU will have no say. If you come up with or support anyone else for Governor, that person will not be on the GOP ticket!

Let me offer a clear statement of my position for choosing the GOP Nominee for Governor, now that you know hers.

Currently, I have not endorsed any candidate for Governor in the coming elections. If elected Chair, I pledge not endorse a candidate for Governor until the California Republican Party, in convention, endorses the GOP Nominee for Governor in both the recall and later, the 2022 state-wide elections.

The selection of the GOP Candidate for Governor may have already occurred?  Really?

I report. You decide.

In December, legislative leadership asked GOP Assembly and State Senate members to sign a form endorsing this person for Governor.  This surprised many. They were not ready to support any candidate for Governor.

The person on the endorsement form happened to be the same person that was the keynote speaker at Jessica Patterson’s first convention.

In late summer 2020, Jessica Patterson gave this person the CAGOP list of major donors without telling the Board of Directors. The ruse was that they would use the list to raise money for the California Republican Party.   No other potential candidate was granted this “privilege”. The Board has yet to receive a report on the results of the Jessica-picked candidate’s Party fund raising.

Giving the store away—without telling the Board of Directors—Jessica Patterson reveals the fix is in by announcing that the California Republican Party is going to “recruit a candidate for Governor.  Is she pretending John Cox, Kevin Faulconer, Diego Martinez, Errol Webber, Major Williams—all capable candidates—are not running?

The California Republican party has about 1400 delegates. Of the 24 person Board of Directors, the delegates elect only 14.

Yet one person, Jessica Patterson—the Chair—has recruited and launched the GOP nominee candidate.  She is attempting to tell all the others possible GOP candidates they cannot run.  She is choosing for five million Republicans and telling them their GOP Nominee for Governor.

I can think of no more effective method to divide the Party and cause an unbridgable, massive internal chasm than the one she has chosen.

Bottom line:  If Jessica’s plan succeeds, her candidate will lose. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Republicans will not support a GOP nominee chosen by the elite few and forced fed to the rest of us.  They will revolt against the nominee and the Party.

How?  Not voting or voting third party. Many will re-register as No Political Party vaulting that registration status back ahead of Republican in our State.


However, if you elect Steve Frank as your California Republican Party Chair, YOU get to choose the GOP Nominee for Governor.  With Jessica Patterson, she will make that choice for you.

No Choice. Sounds a lot like the Democrat Party, doesn’t it?

Stephen Frank

Candidate, Chair of California Republican Party

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Jan 122021

Deborah Wilder is a Democrat. Even if you could convict her of being a Republican, she is far to the left of the Northern California Region she represents. Aided and abetted by Doug LaMalfa, David Reade, Jim Nielsen and James Gallagher – she was elected to the CAGOP Platform Committee in Assembly District One.

Deborah Wilder voted to rip the pro-life plank from the CAGOP Platform amongst other things while on the platform committee.

Deborah Wilder aggressively argued to the point of being boorish and abusive in the CAGOP Board meeting against censuring Chad Mayes over the Cap and Trade disaster.

Wilder has also talked loudly, agressively and boorishly (which is her style) about de-chartering the California Republican Assembly. The CRA is the oldest Conservative Group in the California GOP.

Deborah Wilder also opposes dealing with Lincoln Project founder Mike Madrid who has been on a rampage to defeat Republicans at all levels of government. In her own words (taken from an email forwarded to me):

As to the Joe Biden thing- Here is the real story on that issue.  A delegate named Mike Madrid worked on the Liberty project to endorse Biden. Our Bylaws say that if a delegate endorses the other candidate they can be removed as a delegate.  This was brought to the board and we have been working through that process. It is not just a vote of the board. It requires notice to the delegate, a hearing, etc.. There were not going to be any delegate votes before the election.  The board members could have spend many hours going through the process to oust this delegate or spend their time electing Republicans. We chose to focus on electing Republicans. We will likely vote to oust the delegate at our meeting in January and will ban him from returning to the party as a delegate. Mike Garcia won his congressional seat by less than 500 votes- As a board, should we have have spent hours going through this procedural process and lost the Mike Garcia seat?  I say no.  Mike Madrid will be ousted as a delegate, but spending our time doing that when we had critical republican races to win was counterproductive.

Wilder lied. Her rationale even if what she wrote was true is equally as absurd as she sat idly by while the CAGOP Board ignored Mike Garcia in the Primary – despite Garcia having 100% of the underlying county endorsements. In the process of writing this groosly deceptive email (see also lie) – she did set fire to Jessica Patterson by indicating, “there were not going to be any delegate votes before the election.” This 100% validates Steve Frank’s assertion that Jessica Patterson was protecting Mike Madrid. BTW – it does not take hours to oust a delegate, and the CAGOP Board has not been working through that process as they have done nothing and there has never been a discussion of it. You’d think a trial lawyer like Wilder would know better than to lie.

I sent Wilder’s email to the delegate that filed a couple of the complaints (against Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado):

According to the email that I received from CRP Interim Director Sarah Nelson regarding the status of my complaint, “Notification letters of your complaint were sent to Michael Madrid and Luis Alvarado on July 31, 2020. No formal response was received within 30 days from the accused delegates.”  Madrid and Alvarado had the opportunity to respond but chose to provide “no formal response”. The complaints were well- documented and provided sufficient evidence for a hearing to reach a quick determination.  A hearing would have only required the time and talent of a few members who were committed to protecting our Grand Old Party from a fifth column effort within our own state central committee.  Deborah Wilder’s assertion that a hearing would have required a significant commitment of party resources is a farce. Any party officer who is unwilling to defend our party is unworthy to be a party officer.

Update from the 1-11-2021 CRP Board Meeting: “Deborah Wilder asked about the status of the complaints against Luis Alvarado and Mike Madrid.  I believe Jonathan Madison is doing the investigation. Not sure when it will be done.  They are trying to follow the bylaws.  Alvarado and Madrid have not replied.”

Deborah Wilder Ran for AD-21 in 2000. Ran for CA-12 in 1994. Both times, her delegates and support came from the left of the party.

She Argued on the floor of the CAGOP convention multiple times in favor of Prop 14 – including castigating party faithful that think the “Top Two” system is a disaster.
Wilder also argued on the floor of the CAGOP convention opposing proxy reform, proxies are what keep people like Wilder in control of parts of the California GOP. Staffers and Donors are appointed as delegates and their proxies are collected by people and used to keep control of things. 259 of Jessica Patterson’s 548 Votes came via proxy in 2019… a staggering 44%.
Speaking of 44% look at this:
Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Colusa, Lassen, Plumas, Sierra, Tehama have no elected members. That’s correct, 8 of the 18 counties or 44% of Wilder’s region are dead and stripped of representation to the state party. Perhaps Wilder wanted this as these are all conservative counties and this makes the party easier to control if they are moribund and non-functional. A minimal level of follow-up would have saved some of these county parties from collapsing. I guess defending Mike Madrid and trying to shred the party platform were higher on the list.
Shasta had only three elected members and in a coup at their organizational meeting they filled 18 slots with donors and staffers when Wilder’s people intervened. Is this the kind of party organization we want?
Yuba County has one elected member – the father of a David Stafford Reade employee. You can make bank that will be 7 delegates for Deborah Wilder and Jessica Patterson. This is basically fraud, abusing the rules of the party. This is Wilder’s legacy as Northern Region Vice-Chair.
Sutter County, Siskiyou County and Modoc County have few more than the paltry three elected members that Shasta Had.
Of the counties in Deborah Wilder’s Region – only Butte, Glenn, Nevada, Placer and El Dorado County are healthy and vibrant. Just 5 of the 18.
Wilder supports fake proxy voting while presiding over the collapse or near collapse of 13 of the 18 County Parties in her region. Draw the correlation – she supports a small group controlling the party and actively participates in shrinking the California Republican Party. Add to this, she is militanty pro-choice, gay marriage, open borders, (on occasion) likes bonds and taxes, always likes Prop 14, proxies and is a defender of Chad Mayes and Mike Madrid – you have the total package.
Laurie Wallace is none of the above. She has been a long-time CRA Member, County Party Member and activist who cares about Republican Values and engaging County Parties. I first met her when she lived in San Joaquin County and I know her passion for the values of the GOP. She is also an activist without future ambition for higher office. This makes her a servant leader for the California GOP, but also a conservative servant leader. This is everything Deborah Wilder isn’t.
Jan 112021
Letter from our President
January 8, 2021

We understand that many people are outraged by the outcome of our election.  Specifically, that many of our elected Republican Representatives did not fight to ensure the integrity of our election.  This action has caused many Republicans actively involved in efforts to elect Republicans question their goals, ideals, and priorities.

Our CAGOP. has been ineffective in supporting the Grassroots efforts by many organizations and candidates during this last election. It is clear, a reorganizing of our CAGOP is necessary.  Jessica Patterson, Chair of the CAGOP, has been ineffective in promoting, supporting, and electing true Conservative Republicans.  We the people are tired of ‘status quo’ from our CAGOP Leadership and demand a change.

Our own Republican Party of San Joaquin has been non-existent as well.  During an election year, no events were posted, no information shared, and no coordination of any type given.  Talking with other RWC clubs and CFRW members, this type of non-support is the norm for many of our central committees throughout the state.  Don’t believe me, check out their website.

San Joaquin County GOP | About SJGOP

You may ask why am I throwing San Joaquin County GOP, CAGOP, and the GOP under the bus? Primarily because RWC – San Joaquin has taken on the role of our Central Committee.  We have coordinated efforts with other Grassroots organizations throughout San Joaquin and Stanislaus County during 2020 to:

1. Drop off campaign signs
2. Deliver groceries to the elderly during the Pandemic
3. Setup booths for the Recall Gavin Newsom petition signing
4. Coordinated a Golf Fundraiser for 7 Congressional Candidates throughout California, (Many local candidates attended as well.)
5. Attended Festivals (prior to Covid Lockdown) distributing candidate information and registering voters
6. Held meeting to meet candidates

This all done by volunteers!!!  We received no paycheck, no consulting fees, and no support from our CAGOP or our San Joaquin County Republican Party!

The election results should motivate each and every one of you to get involved.  No more complaining to friends and family, no more arguing on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, no more complaining from the comforts of your home.  Get involved!!!

Let your voice be heard and your vote be counted!

Carol Blevins
Republican Women of California – San Joaquin County.

Blogger’s Note: The Chair of the SJ GOP is running for party office at the behest of Jessica and has endorsed Jessica. The theme of dead county parties and/or ineffective leaders forming the bulk of Jessica’s support is not lost on people. 

Jan 052021
Blogger’s Note: This decimates the narrative being put out by the re-election campaign of Jessica Patterson. She is attempting to get people to selectively focus on just a few things while ignoring the brutal reality. It is an important read.

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Tom Campbell: Republicans Shouldn’t Pretend California Is Experiencing A GOP Resurgence
Sadly some who consider themselves leaderstry to take credit for things they did not do or were actually opposed to. For instance: the Los Angeles Times ran thisheadline, “Column: Theleader of California’s Republican Party has a strategy for success: Nevermention Trump”, on March 2, 2019.

The good news is that the winning California congressional candidates ignored her, as they openly endorsed President Trump and won.

While telling candidates to ignore Trump, she was protecting the founders of the Lincoln Project who are delegates to the California Republican Party.  She opposed the mention of Trump, but by her silence and inaction, supported the several CRP delegates that openly supported Joe Biden.

Just like the L.A. Times story from last week, showing how strategy and policy won these races, Congressman Tom Campbell shows the unique situation where the DEMOCRATS hurt themselves by putting Prop. 16 on the ballot, assured GOP victories.

There are several important statements in this article. It shows that Jessica Patterson is trying to take credit for something she had nothing to do with. The most egregious example is Jessica taking credit for 624,000 Republican registrations while Chair—without noting that she had NO voter registration program for two years and the registrations came from the DMV “Motor Voter” program.

Here are some key statements from the OC Register article by former Congressman Tom Campbell:

  1. One of the congressional races was in the Central Valley, where Republican David Valadao won back the seat he lost to TJ Cox in the Democratic landslide of 2018. Both elections were decided by less than a point. A fair interpretation of that outcome would be that the heavily Hispanic district based on an agricultural economy remains a toss-up. The 2018 election went Democratic by 962 votes; the 2020 election went Republican by 1,522 votes. This race hardly indicates a broader rebound for the GOP in California.
  2. Neither do the other Republican Congressional pick-ups provide evidence of a Republican resurgence. In Orange County, incumbent, first-term Democratic congressmembers lost when they were running against Asian American Republicans, but won otherwise. The Asian American vote was particularly energized by the presence of Proposition 16 on the ballot which threatened to give the University of California the power to admit or deny admission to students based on their race. Asian Americans are 15 percent of California’s population but 36 percent of UC admissions. Every other major ethnic group’s representation at UC is lower than its statewide population. It was obvious to the Asian American population that Prop. 16 was a direct threat to their children’s opportunity to go to a UC campus.
  3. Properly understood, therefore, the outcome of the congressional elections in Orange County was not an endorsement of the Republican Party, but an artifact of the landslide rejection of Proposition 16.
  4. In contests for the State Legislature, Democrats gained two state Senate seats while losing one Assembly seat. This is hardly an argument that the GOP is surging in California. The Democrats grew their control of the California Senate from 72.5 percent to 77.5 percent, while accepting a slight drop from 76.25 percent of the Assembly to 75 percent.
  5.  If Republicans consider that outcome in the California Legislature a victory, they are engaged in massive self-deception.

I’ve talked for years about how we need to accept where we are as a Party. The “Back to Basics” approach is quite literally accepting where we are, figuring out why we are where we are, and doing something about it. Celebrating re-taking 4 of 7 lost seats in Congress, a fluke of Prop 16 in the Assembly, while ignoring a net loss  in the legislature is not an honest assessment of where the CAGOP really is. We won’t survive doing the same exact thing again from 2021-2022.

The pillars of my campaign for Chairman of the CAGOP are simple, rebuild county parties, register voters and focus on getting them to the polls. As of right now, I am aware of 17 County Parties with 6 or less elected members. When combined with a net loss of 1,200,000 voters, should set off alarm bells in every like-minded activist for the Republican Party.

For years, we have been told to focus only on things that pay people’s salaries to the detriment of the fundamentals of party building. This needs to stop, otherwise Tom Campbell’s piece in 2022 will say the same thing all over again with even smaller numbers in all areas of state government.

I am providing answers and solutions for the CAGOP, this is why I am running for CAGOP Chairman. Steve Frank, candidate for California Republican Party Chair.

Steve Frank
Candidate, Chair of the California Republican Party

To support me, go to www.frank4leadership.com.

Dec 312020

Did the CAGOP just rip off money from the Gavin Newsom Recall?

Take a close look at the wording. This is one of the rare times the CAGOP has mentioned the Recall of Gavin Newsom. This is also the only time I can recall (there may have been one other), that they sent a link to the petition. Note that every time the mention of the recall has been accompanied by a fundraising appeal.

In this case, it is clear they are ripping off the recall of Gavin Newsom with deceptive wording by leaving out who the year end contribution is going to. (When you click the link out of the actual email, it leads to the CAGOP’s donation page)

As a side note – the Executive Director of the CAGOP is Sarah Nelson. She came up in the San Diego College Republicans (Think Kevin Faulconer’s crew), and Mr. Watkins most recently worked for Marie Waldron in the Assembly GOP Permanent Minority Caucus. It is a VERY Small world. I mention this, because I don’t believe Watkins wrote this email, but those that did had him sign it. It is also important to know why I believe and have written that the current leadership of the CAGOP have sold the party to Kevin Faulconer for Governor. (Voters be dammed)

It is time for the CAGOP’s leadership to be held accountable for these emails amongst other ghastly failures which we’ve been detailing in spades.

They don’t support the recall and they are attempting to rip people off who do. They basically told everyone working on the recall Up Yours, we want the money for ourselves. Jessica Patterson needs to be recalled just as much as Gavin Newsom does…

P.S. They sent the email at 2PM on New Year’s Eve. Who tries to rally support for anything at 2PM on New Year’s Eve???