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Stephen Frank Editorial, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  1/20/20

In an ironic quirk of fate, the March primary ballot will see another Prop. 13.  In 1978, that Prop. 13 was meant to save homeowners money and protect their homes.  The 2020 version of Prop. 13 is meant to reward failed government education, finance assistance to “illegal aliens, “diversity” and to RAISE your local property taxes.  All of this, and more, at a cost of $15 billion for “education” and $11 billion in payments to Wall Street.

Almost All Democrats supports this bond, as do GOP Assembly members Jordan Cunningham and Tyler Diep.


The bigger question is why didn’t the California Republican Party at the September convention take a stand on this measure.  Since then, the CRP Board of Directors have not taken a stand on this, nor has the CRP Executive Committee.

This measure does not fix or solve the problems of our government schools.  Where is the outrage that tuition is going up for the next five years in the UC system, while this Prop. 13 will help finance attorneys for illegal aliens, scholarships for them and now money for graduate schools for illegal aliens.

The UC and State College system is spending tens of millions of dollars on “diversity” administrators and discriminatory entrance policies—this Prop. 13 allows them to double the money available for these outrageous policies.

Note that UCLA is the first in the nation being investigated by the Federal government for anti-Semitism.  By assured, UC Davis, UC Irvine and other California campuses are in line for the same type of investigation.  Our campuses are unsafe for those supporting the Constitution, believers in open and free discussion of issues.  Campus after campus has had riots, open bullying—even by administrators and faculty.

This is what you will hear Prop. 13 will give us:

It will authorize $15 billion for school and college facilities in California, including $9 billion for preschool and K-12 schools, $4 billion for universities, and $2 billion for community colleges.

But the scandal is how it forces local school districts to raise property taxes to take advantage of the “free” state money.  Free? From Ballotpedia: “The state would use the bond revenue to provide matching funds for school districts that cover between 60 and 65 percent of the costs of modernization projects and 50 and 55 percent of the costs of construction projects.”   https://ballotpedia.org/California_Proposition_13,_School_and_College_Facilities_Bond_(March_2020)

To get the State money the local districts, many of which are almost bankrupt and up against their debt limit will need more bond money to get the State money.  So how do they do that?  This is a Texas two step.  First pass Prop. 13 and by doing so, you can DOUBLE your allowed debt.

  • Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, stated, “Currently, there are strict limits on how much bond debt local school districts are allowed to carry. But a hidden provision of Prop. 13 (2020) nearly doubles the limits school districts can borrow. This means huge increases in property taxes are a near certainty. Who pays property taxes? We all do, either directly in property tax bills or through higher rents and other costs. Unlike the Prop. 13 from 1978, this Prop. 13 puts all taxpayers at risk of higher taxes.”[, from Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, “Hidden agenda in masquerading big bond measure,” November 24, 2019

Then you have the union backed section of the ballot measure. “Within each of these factors, the Department of General Services  would further prioritize projects that include the use of a project labor agreement..

What does that mean?  California has only 6% of its workers as members of unions.  But this section demands that they are the only ones, under a Project Labor Agreement, be allowed to work.  That means 94% PAY for the bond—but 6% are allowed to get the work.  Discrimination?  Of course.  That is why Gov. Newsom is the major endorser of this measure along with most of the Assembly and Senate Democrats.  Only two Republicans in the legislature support this anti-worker, anti-family, pro illegal alien effort.

And that brings me to the California Republican Party:  LEADERS LEAD

The role of a political Party is to take a stand on issues, show folks where the Party stands on significant measures.  While this is a $26 billion statewide measure—local districts will have to pass bonds of over $10 billion to take advantage of the matching funds provisions.  So, this is really a $46 billion bond measure—with Wall Street getting $11 billion from Prop. 13 and then getting another $10 billion for the local bond measures.  The big winner is Wall Street—not the children.

How should Republicans vote?  Should the State CRP give a direction, a reason to support or oppose the measure?  The bigger question has to do with voter registration.  As voters note that the CRP does not take a stand on the measure, they have to ask, why register with a political Party that has no voter registration program—and does not take a stand on important issues of the day?  Could this be part of the reason the California GOP has 23% of the voters registered—and NPP, the Chad Mayes Party—has 26%. 

The purpose of a political party is to take a stand, support candidates—and run candidates.  If it doesn’t, then why have the Party.  There is still time for the Board of Directors to “recommend” voters oppose Prop. 13 and give the reasons why.  While this is not an endorsement, it does give direction. 


Jan 182020

The Sacramento GOP features Chad Mayes on the Voter Guide and other pages

One of the biggest examples of the Luis Buhler directed rampage in 2016 Central Committee elections was in Sacramento County. Sacramento County’s Republican Central Committee was almost completely cleared of activists in the 2016 election rampage. (Luis Buhler, David Reade, Andy Garakhani and others led massive expenditures of Charles Munger’s money in to GOP Central Committee Elections in at least 44 counties)

Only a few stalwarts like Roger Canfield and Carl Burton were left when the dust settled. Then at the 2017 organizational meeting, the purge was completed with a contentious but pre-scripted meeting where the Consultants and legislative staff cleared the remaining activists out of any position of responsibility.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to the Sacramento GOP and had not even before the 2016 Buhler / Reade / Munger Money massacre of the activists on that committee. I was not surprised that the consultants that run the Sacramento GOP decided to feature their former hero Chad Mayes on the pages of the website.

Since being involved in the GOP since 1998 – I want to list some of the “Next Generation” or cutting edge Republicans that the establishment have presented as “the candidate” that can break the statewide losing streak:

Senator Abel Maldonado – lost three times statewide, had a CRA Rating as low as 28%. “Maldo” was looked at for a Trump Admin cabinet post until Kevin McCarthy killed it not because of Maldonado being a liberal, but because McCarthy did not want to share the spotlight with a Cabinet Secretary. (Opinion based on research and interviews of political insiders)
Senator Bruce McPherson – appointed Secretary of State and lost re-election. Now an Independent supervisor in Santa Cruz County
Toni Casey – former local elected in the Bay Area. Was one of the original “Yank the Plank” Republicans, lost statewide race for US Senate
Rosario Marin – was a Cabinet Secretary in the G W Bush Admin, similar to most in GWB admin was a liberal Republican. Also lost a race for US Senate
Meg Whitman – wasted $150 Million on a Governor Race. Many of the consultants on the Sac GOP earned money from that campaign. Whitman is a Trump-Hater
Tom Campbell – actually elected to Congress in the Bay Area. One of the original GOP supporters of Gay Marriage, Lost two statewide Races
Nathan Fletcher – was billed as the “Future” of the State GOP as an squish-rino assemblyman. Left GOP for DTS, had an affair with a dem Assemblywoman and is now a Democrat himself.
Carly Fiorina – beat Tom Campbell in 2010 Primary. Now a top Never-Trumper
Honorable Mention: a host of “New” moderates running for State GOP office most of whom disappeared after losing.

I remember others like Jim Cuneen, Steve Kuykendall, Guy Houston, Abram Wilson, Bonnie Garcia, Shirley Horton, Charlene Zettel – all liberal Republicans who had some success running in democrat districts in the 1990’s-2000’s. However, all were involved in attacking Conservatives elsewhere in the state and advocating for the ENTIRE GOP to be like them. All received disproportionate institutional support while Conservative nominees in other areas were underfunded.

Mike Madrid – former Executive Director of CAGOP, most recently made millions working for Antonio Villariagosa and is currently working to stop Trump from within GOP
Rob Stutzman – at one time made his chops defending Prop 22 (the original defense of marriage act), turned completely when he was paid tens of thousands by Arnold and Meg (and others) Currently working to stop Trump from within GOP
Mike Murphy / Steve Schmidt – top architects of John McCain and Mitt Romney disasters. Made careers out of attacking conservatives in the primary – now both are working with Stutzman and Madrid on trying to stop trump AND attacking Trump allies in their primaries.

All four of the above were produced in the 1990’s squish-country clubber classes of Republican Activists turned consultants. Few, of the crew from the 1990’s CAGOP are Trump supporters, even the conservative ones still like to attack the President. Yet all of these people used to lecture myself and other conservative activists about supporting your nominees after the primary – I guess it was easy for them to say when they had control of the money and endorsements and knew they were going to win 95% of the time. Nothing like an out-of-left field Donald Trump to upend it all thus bringing out the true colors.

Many of the consultants and staff on the current Sacramento GOP committee have ties to some or all of the above and the current Chair of the Sac GOP (who is by all accounts a solid human being) is/was a lobbyist / former Capitol Building (or related organization) staffer.

The notion that because some liberal / moderate GOP win in some places that we need liberal/moderate GOP-ers in ALL places is absurd. This, however has been the MO of Kevin McCarthy (both as Assembly leader and now as minority leader in Congress) and others in positions of power for years. The Sacramento GOP is a microcosm of the people that currently control what’s left of the State GOP.

President Trump is only used for fundraising off of the base, otherwise he is shunned by the leaders within our state party. Candidates are told by their consultants to tiptoe around the “T” word. This is not new – this is a continuation of what I have seen since 1998 when I first got involved in California Republican politics. Back then, it was avoid the life issue. At other times, other issues were to be avoided. But, the common thread was always hide the fact that you are a Republican in an attempt to win election.

In a future post, I am going to do another analysis of GOP prospects in California, and they are grim as usual. I wish I had better news, but it is like ground-hog day watching the same people make the same decisions time and time again.

Blogger’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure – I like Bruce McPherson on a personal level (always have), I almost worked on an Abel statewide campaign (because of my disdain for Tim Donnelly) and I supported Carly for US Senate in 2010 over Chuck DeVore and Tom Campbell.

P.S. I am watching for the latest crop of “New Republicans” to join Chad Mayes and Brian Moonshine in the party-jumper category. We’ll cover that as well in the upcoming analysis post.

Jan 142020

I’d like to thank the people forwarding me the CAGOP emails. once again, I have a yahoo account so there is some glitch where I don’t get them. Please keep them coming to [email protected]

Since blasting the CAGOP leadership over not using the “T” word, I’ve confirmed with a few CAGOP delegates that the “T” word appears to only be used in conjunction with Fundraising. Since the post of last week, three emails have appeared in the ether with fundraising appeals in them. They only mention Trump in conjunction with impeachment.

Two conversations with political insiders indicate that the “smart people” still think PRESIDENT Trump (the “T” word) is a net negative everywhere in California. This is probably the reason why the mentions of Trump are only in a negative context.

It appears that Congressmen Tom McClintock and Doug LaMalfa missed the memo about Trump avoidance as both appear quite happy to wrap themselves in the Trump banner. (Good for them both for doing so)

Blogger’s Notes: The “T” Word is President Trump and the CAGOP is the actual party leadership, not legislative leadership.

Jan 092020

Steve Frank has been telling people for several years that the leadership of the CAGOP are deliberately trying to lose. (CAGOP = California Republican Party)

With each passing day as I watch the “Oligarchy of Controlled Failure” in action, I am agreeing with Mr. Frank’s opinion more.

I am not going to begrudge people who are candidates, paid staffers or of average means not donating a lot of money. Heather Obernolte has had her Husband on the ballot a lot, Jessica Patterson was a career paid staffer for campaigns and causes for years. Jonathan Madison, Greg Gandrud and Matt Heath (amongst others) for example are regular dudes. Gandrud was an early Trump supporter who was a Trump delegate to the 2016 convention so I know he gave a lot of money to the RNC and other related committees. I’d assume that Peter Kuo did was well when he was a delegate too.
Marie Waldron, Shannon Grove and Doug LaMalfa are in roles where their money is donated to colleagues. Jim Brulte raised a lot of money for President Trump but did not donate his own to the President.
However, Mr McKernan and Hakes are both wealthy and connected. One is with the “Cal-Plan” and the other is the New Majority’s Money Man. Where are they? You can see that they are not trump donors either.
It has been a belief of mine based on the actions I am seeing out of CAGOP leadership that the money people and a lot of the consultants are still rabid never-trumpers. Andy Gharakhani, Molly Parnell, David Reade and Jessica stand to make a lot of money off of the RNC Convention drill – what an irony that the four of them are all alleged to be never trumpers with Gharakhani having interviewed for at least one erstwhile primary opponent to the President.
Many of you recognize Deborah Wilder who has yet to donate to President Trump. Remember this as she is also known to have aspirations to be the next Chair of the CAGOP. Recall how she argued against reforming the proxy system from the floor of the convention and how she has fought against the Conservative base of the party several other times. She also supported shredding the CAGOP Platform.
Harmeet Dhillon and Shawn Steel are the California Representatives to the Republican National Convention. Both have double-maxed out to the President. Some of the other board members with the means to should join them. CRP Secretary Randy Berholtz has given the President $1,000. I’d encourage other members of the CAGOP Board to open up their checkbooks and lead by example and donate to the President. Make sure you thank them for their leadership and support of the President (along with Gandrud and Kuo who again paid their way to the 2016 RNC Convention).
I do not get the CAGOP’s emails as my primary email account is a yahoo account and the CAGOP has been having problems with Yahoo and Gmail on their system. I did get one forwarded to me recently that really had me wondering if the CAGOP’s leadership were on some sort of suicide mission. If any of you reading get CRP emails, feel free to forward them to your intrepid blogger.
Take a good look at this email. It was clearly written weeks before the Golden Globes. Someone was asleep at the switch and did not pull this email down. For those of you unaware of Ricky Gervais – a far-left Trump-Hating comedian that tore in to Hollywood for their hypocrisy see here. It was stunning and had the world abuzz for a couple days.
Apparently, not the CAGOP. Make Award Shows Great Again it says – but that is exactly what Ricky Gervais did. But notice, the “T” word is not in this email. It has not been in the dozens of CAGOP Emails I have seen.
This disaster of an email is not the first time that the CAGOP has been caught with pre-canned content that was aged out before it’s reveal date. It suggests that they may be “Phoning it in” and going through the motions.
One of the biggest complaints I am hearing about the current Chair of the CAGOP is that she is not accessible to rank-and-file CAGOP delegates (you know, the Trump supporters). Leadership of a Membership Organization can not be done at range or behind handlers. The second common complaint is that rank and file delegates are noticing the Trump Avoidance and are talking among themselves about all the never-trumpers still in positions of consequence.
Beyond the commentary of the big money guys not donating to President Trump, and the political insiders slopping at the RNC Convention Trough while still resenting the President, the public communication of the California Republican Party does not mention President Trump.
Are they trying to lose? They have already lost two Assembly Seats to defections with more defections rumored and they can’t bring themselves to mention the “T” word?
I have been blistering and withering in my criticism of the way the Bill Brough scandals have been handled and the weakness in CAGOP Leadership has allowed a legitimate Republican primary challenge to occur in AD72 when we are trying to win back other lost seats in addition to the defections of Brian Mainschein and Chad Mayes – two of the three members of the alleged independent caucus.
It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out. I will be following up on this post with some detail analysis of Lesiglative Races and I will not hold back. It does not look good and it appears that the ‘leaders’ within California are attempting to position President Trump to be the fall guy for the years of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure’s failure…
Jan 082020

The local political bosses have spoken

If you are a democrat and you want to run for AD-13, it is time to hire 3AM Communications. 3AM communications is run by two dudes in San Joaquin County that are Republicans, one of whom sits on the San Joaquin County Republican Party Central Committee.

3AM Communications is all over the reports of Democrat San Joaquin County Supervisor Kathy Miller. See 2014 here and see 2018 here see the $25,000 win bonus from the democrat to 3AM on the third page. (Note, I only linked one report from each cycle but they are all over all of them) Now Miller is running for Assembly to replace extreme left-wing homosexual activist Susan Eggman who is jumping to SD05. Miler’s two opponents are largely unfunded, but 3AM Communications was not able to get a Republican on the AD13 Ballot to help Miller clear out the field in March. Thus, Miller will be in a D vs D runoff where she is still heavily favored. It is the opinion of this blogger that any would be GOP Challenger realized that they would be volunteering to get used and not supported as Miller was to be the beneficiary of a Rep joining the AD-13 race. (AD-XX = California’s XX Assembly District)

CA-09 Candidate Tony Amador is a client (indirectly) of 3AM Communications. (CA-XX = California’s XX Congressional District)

CA-10 Candidate Marla Livengood is a client of 3AM Communications.

Both were endorsed by the San Joaquin GOP over other Republicans.

But not Republican Supervisor Tom Patti who is the only Republican in his race. Is that because Democrat Elbert Holman is running against him and happens to list 3AM Communications as his consultant? 1/6/2020 marked Tom Patti being denied an endorsement for the second time by the San Joaquin GOP.

What happened? The principal of 3AM Communications who is a member of the SJGOP Central Committee suggested a “Closed Session”. This had the effect of kicking all the candidates and staff out of the deliberation. It is also the experience of this blogger seeing closed sessions before in groups that they are done for one of two reasons: 1 people are being intimidated by outside influence or 2 the people that control the committee want to make sure it is easier to track how the members vote.

It did not stop CA-09 Candidate Tony Amador, 75 years of age from attempting to bully a 20-something staffer of Ted Howze. (The young lady is an elected member of that body and despite Mr. Amador’s wishes she was not expelled from the room) I like Tony Amador, (he probably does not like me very much anymore) but his allowing himself to be used as a tool and his behavior against a woman young enough to be his Grand-daughter is just moronic.

If you are scratching your head – allow your intrepid blogger to fill in more blanks.

3AM Communications helped Michael Tubbs (democrat) who is famous for paying gang bangers out of the City Treasury to not commit crime, (sound like the $100+ Billion in Cash to Iran?) over troubled Republican Anthony Silva. Silva was endorsed by the SJGOP at the time 3AM was helping elect Tubbs.

3AM Communications helped democrat Dan Wright win a City Council Seat in Stockton (click here for another financial report too) over Republican Steve Colangelo. Note, Colangelo was also endorsed by the SJGOP.

3AM Communications helped elect a democrat majority onto the Stockton City Council.

The difference was the $3MM worth of Charles Munger’s money that 3AM Communications and others helped direct in 2016 that changed the composition of the SJGOP Central Committee. So instead of pro-forma endorsements of Republicans, 3AM Communications now has the ability to block endorsements of Republicans at the SJGOP Central Committee – or worse get unfunded marginal candidates (Marla Livengood) endorsed for nationally targeted races.

It gets worse, 3AM Communications has also been a vendor to the California Republican Party. In essence, 3AM communications has been helping the democrats build their bench for legislative seats while the CAGOP has been getting shellacked at the polls.

Then, overlay that with these consultants purging through direct and indirect means of dissenters from two county committees to rig endorsements of hopeless candidates and you have to ask yourself if they are deliberately trying to lose.

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