Aug 052020

#1 As of the writing of this blog, the CAGOP has not mentioned AD67 nominee Kelly Seyarto once in any emails. Kelly Seyarto is using Dave Gilliard as his consultant and Dave Gilliard is blacklisted by CAGOP leadership… and the presence of Gilliard was a nexus in…

#2 SD23. Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh (formerly just Bogh) is the only Senate Candidate considered viable that has more money than her Dem opponent. Remember, Matt Klemin and the CAGOP Leadership brain trust bankrupted themselves picking the primary winner (Lloyd White was polling in First Place so they had to drop $1.5 Million in that race to dispatch Lloyd White and teach Dave Gilliard a lesson about who’s boss).

UPDATE – I was emailed by Scott Wilk.

The numbers you printed from Steve Frank are wrong.
I have COH of $542K in report (as of yesterday $607K) and my opponent $141K.
Ling and Moorlach have COH leads as well.
Below were numbers sent to me. It appears Steve Frank’s numbers were before the current reports were released.


a.Scott Wilk   Kipp Mueller     279,819   369,511

The Democrat has $90,000 MORE than the Republican

b. Ling Ling Chang  Josh Newman  346,973  875,950

Democrat has $529,000 more than the Republican

c.  John Moorlach  Dave Min  425,216  507,796

Democrat has $82,000 more than the Republican

d.  Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh  Abigail Medina  376,078  168,788

The GOP has a $192,000 money lead

Credit: Steve Frank.

2a. Note that Once Jesus Andrade got humiliated in SD05 (despite Klemin and Leadership pouring $200K in to him), Jim Ridenour the SD05 nominee has been ignored. White males need not apply.

3. It also appears from information presented in Steve Frank’s blog that the “Leadership” have given up on top Target AD74 (Diane Dixon) and have ceded AD76 and AD77 forever. Apparently, they are content to be a super-minority.

3a. Consistent with his life-long pattern, puppet-master Jeff Randle can’t help himself. Seeing an R vs R runoff in AD38 they can’t stay away from while the party is at risk of losing a slew of other seats. I am being told that party insiders are attempting to meddle in AD38 despite the fact that a Republican will win. Let that sink in then look at…

4. AD42 Andrew Kotyuk. Have you heard a thing about him from CAGOP Leadership? How many of you can readily identify his opponent? This is by design in my opinion. These same people that pushed Chad Mayes to run Cap and Trade, then abandoned him when the firestorm ensued were really going to deliver anything for Andrew Kotyuk? (But, they did demand Kotyuk not hire Nathan Miller)

5. When Jessica Patterson was not done retaliating against Nathan Miller for supporting and helping Travis Allen for CAGOP Chair, she participated in lynching two CAGOP nominees #CA10 Ted Howze and #CA35 Mike Cargile. Both had dealings with Jessica Patterson’s buddy Scott Winn and both are Travis Allen supporters – they had to die. Well, allow your intrepid blogger to lay out a hitlist of targets as presented by Forbes. It just so happens that the Q anon thing is being used as cover for lynching undesirables by party leadership because the Q anon supporters recognize Jessica Patterson as a tool of the #nevertrump GOP.

The 14 candidates Forbes confirmed citing QAnon include one candidate for the U.S. Senate, Jo Rae Perkins, the Republican candidate in Oregon; KW Miller, an independent House candidate in Florida; and 12 Republican House candidates: Joyce Bentley, Nev.; Mike Cargile, Calif.;  Erin Cruz, Calif.; Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ga; Alison Hayden, Calif; Buzz Patterson, Calif.; Nikka Piterman, Calif; Bill Prempeh, N.J.; Theresa Raborn, Ill.; Angela Stanton-King, Ga.; Rob Weber ,Philanise White, Ill.

Nikka is running for CA-13. Erin Cruz is running for CA-36 (However, she is alleged to have turned on Travis Allen in a secret deal with Patterson the night before the Chairman’s election.) Alison Hayden is CA-15. Buzz Patterson is CA-07. He was mentioned as a target previously. (Source article)

The “leadership” of the CAGOP may back off now that their attempted lynching of SD25 Candidate Kathleen Hazelton failed.

6. Has anyone heard about Refunds of their $1200 delegate fees to the RNC convention yet? 6A. Has anyone heard about any sort of transparency and/or audit of the money spent on “deposits” as a pretense to refund less than the full $1200?

7. The Biden supporting delegates (again quoting Steve Frank)

Up date on the continuing saga of Pro Biden, Anti-GOP Senators Lincoln Project organizers using their status as California Republican Party delegates—giving them “credibility in their fight against the Republican Party—from the inside, openly and proudly.

Complaints were filed against Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado—soon a compliant will be filed against Ben Avey.  All are part of the Lincoln Project effort to defeat President Trump and SEVEN Republican U.S. Senators, including folks like Susan Collins –the protect just spent one million on TV ads in Maine against her.

Madrid and Alvarado have been sent by certified mail letters informing them of the charges.  They have thirty days to reply.  At that point the Chair, Jessica Patterson has to appoint a three person panel to investigate.  If she wanted to, she could delay any vote on this till after the November election—or have the vote no later than September 15.  By waiting and stalling, she allows her supporters—all three collected proxies for her in February, 2019—to harm the national Republican Party still using the title CRP delegate.

Please let the CRP Board of Directors know you want this quickly resolved.  The Chair can appoint a Committee today.  They can investigate over the next three weeks.  Then, when the 30 days are up, hold the hearings needed to make a decision.  The Republican Party and President Trump deserve fast action, not slow walking.

We are keeping score. The CAGOP leadership need to understand we are watching them get rich off of controlled failure. We are done with it. Make sure they know you are too.

Jul 292020

Did you know that the feckless weak-kneed spineless weasels at the top of the CAGOP’s court of squishes are letting Politico and Media Matters pick candidates? Perhaps there is a revenge motive? Or a financial motive? Let’s take a look at what’s happening…

So would this social media post get me banished by Her Majesty and the Court of Squishes?

In the opinion of this blogger there are several reasons why Jessica Patterson, David Reade, Jeff Randle et al are hunting down GOP Nominees.

The first and most obvious is the Convention in 2021 where Her Majesty is running for re-election (unless the court of squishes determines she can’t win, in which case she will be encouraged to move on). Ted Howze #CA10, Mike Cargile #CA34, Kathleen Hazelton #SD25, Buzz Patterson #CA07 will get delegate appointments. All are not supporters of Jessica Patterson even before they got on to the list. The squishes behind the curtain know that if they can drive down their election numbers, this can shave delegates off of them in Feb 2021.

I’ve seen these squishes do this for years, including last minute filing a second Republican to knock all the Republicans out of the general election.

Very important: Jessica Patterson has called every GOP nominee of 2020 in an effort to try to con them in to supporting her in 2021. Her talking points are ironic: Anti-Establishment, and how party leaders have failed in the past. I know of two specific instances of her talking to nominees. It appears that Hazelton was not buying what Jessica was selling – thus she was in line for execution. 

Jessica Patterson will not return phone calls from several county chairman key people to organizing and winning elections, but is calling former write-in candidates that qualified for the fall election? Yeah, she knows how to count votes and knows her base is eroding due to her terrible performance and the surrounding circumstances.

The Second and less obvious is revenge. Kathleen Hazelton filed as a write in so no one saw her coming. I am aware that Scott Winn (who we burned as the author of the letter to do in Ted Howze) hates Ted Howze (who would not hire him). I was told by Mike’s people that he actually interviewed with Scott Winn regarding a consulting arrangement. Cargile did not hire Winn. I am also aware that #CA07 Buzz Patterson may well have interviewed Scott Winn as well.

Your intrepid blogger has been told by insiders that Buzz Patterson and a couple other GOP Nominees are on the list to get lynched.

The cover story for lynching Ted Howze, Mike Cargile and Kathleen Hazelton was due to alleged “Racist” posts. Perhaps now that the Scott Winn connection is being vetted and the leak of the CAGOP’s Board Meeting agenda to your intrepid blogger we can see that this 1990’s era consultant drill of trying to screw party nominees not known to be loyal to the regime will be thwarted.

There is a third nexus that is overlaid in all of this. Q Anon. Media Matters has been obsessed with this (more so than the paranoid conspiracies of Q anon themselves). They have been systematically smearing and “outing” Q Anon candidates. Kathleen Hazelton is a Q Anon supporter. I do believe that Media Matters, politico and the LA Times have been tipped off regarding Ted Howze and Mike Cargile in terms of the specific opposition research being sent to them on a tee. The timing was too compact, the articles too easy and the reaction from the court of squishes was way too quick for there to not be some sort of coordination – and Jessica gets to exterminate delegate appointments from the CAGOP gene pool to protect her paycheck in 2021.

Remember, Media Matters are proven liars funded by George Soros amongst others. Yet, Jessica Patterson and crew are using them for cover as they lynch candidates they perceive as not being loyal to the regime.

Consider the above and watch carefully who the next candidates the leadership of the CAGOP are going to try to lynch. It is clear that Jeff Randle and company are already sweating Jessica Patterson’s re-election. These people are ruthless and play for keeps. If you google my name, you will see age-old smears dating back to 2009, 2010, 2011 when Randle, David Reade, Karen England and crew tried to kill me off. Ironically, My second career as a paid political operative and blogger was launched by the publicity these people got me when engineering smears in the local media. Many people that get smeared like this are not as tough and crazy as I am and usually fold. This is what these people are counting on when they trash and destroy Republican volunteers.

If you care about the future of the CAGOP – pay attention to the long game. Andy G, David Reade, Jeff Randle, Tom Ross, Jessica Patterson, etc are all lining up their next paychecks for 2022 and beyond. They are attacking on multiple levels while people are focused on the here and now.

Here is the moral to the story – get to know your Republican nominees. Make sure they are protected if they are not Jessica supporters. If they are Jessica supporters or have been called by her, find out what was said and why they bought in to it.

Get to know your local GOP Chairmen. The best hope to dealing with the court of squishes making tens of thousands of dollars off of losing elections is with the County Chairs, they get a ton of delegate appointments to the CAGOP. Trust me, the court of squishes probably are already tracking their movements. When I worked for Travis Allen, I knew that Jessica’s convention staff had every delegate pegged with 12 votes. (They did not know that Antonio Sabato and others were going to bail on Travis)

Get to know the people getting rich off of the failure of the CAGOP. It is not hard to uncover Six-Figure salaries. Andy Garakhani, Tom Ross, Jeff Randle, David Stafford Reade, Jessica Patterson, Matt Klemin, Rebecca Luby, Molly Parnell, etc. Why are they being paid so much to lose elections? How come their salaries, fees and conflicts are not better known to the rank and file CAGOP member?

When “leadership” are trying to get business done on short notice, there is a reason. This is typically done to ensure an outcome. Pay attention to this and make sure other CAGOP delegates – even those friendly to Jessica know about the dirty insider tricks. Fair-minded people resent these sorts of things.

The court of squishes have written the CAGOP’s by-laws and they know them. (and how to circumvent them) If you want to write the rules in the future, you are going to have to beat them at their own game.

Meantime – if you are thinking about running for office, if you interview Scott Winn you had best don a flak jacket if you don’t hire him. (There are other GOP consultants like this as well, I may write about them in the future)

P.S. Kathleen Hazelton was not notified she was going to be lynched before the CAGOP Board Meeting 7-25. Mike Cargile was not notified before being lynched in June. Ted Howze was not notified before his lynching and even John Briscoe #CA47 (not John W Briscoe of CIR, different person) was not notified that the report drafted about him was going to be acted upon on 7-25 either. Think it through and ask questions.

Jul 282020

Click here to see the FEC Filings as of 6-30-2020. This details how Andy Garakhani and Kaite Wheeler are cashing in on the RNC Convention Drill.

Note – Katie Wheeler has been paid roughly $100,000 a year by the CAGOP for the last few years as best I can tell from reading the reports. There are several committees  – such as Grow Elect and California Trailblazers that also paid a lot of these people (despite those both being absorbed in to the CAGOP now) – thus making it difficult to ever know how much these people are getting paid to lose elections.

I’ve been told that Andy G. has made as much as $500K in a year off of his insider connections, we are told Jessica Patterson is being paid $250K a year but not all of it shows up on the Campaign Reports. I was told that Matt Klemin may well be getting paid the same $250K along with Rebecca Luby. Again, the daisy chain of PAC’s and Committees makes it extremely difficult to track. Molly Parnell (aka Golden State Strategy Group) has made ten times that as she has been paid fundraising commissions (meaning she has raised a ton of money for the party). Any time you ever see anyone anywhere near the CAGOP leadership talk about Transparency, they should be tarred and feathered for being lying hypocrites. Remember, in their mind, your intrepid blogger is the villian for writing about this as it is their right to get paid massive salaries regardless of the repeated electoral disasters in California for the GOP.

To see the fundraising summary click here. The delegation drill has raked in nearly $600,000.

As you can see, as of 6-30-2020 $160K-ish of that money has been paid out in consulting fees.

We first started to expose this cash cow for establishment GOP political consultants with this piece. Back in October, we wrote about Andy Garakhani being handed the RNC Convention Drill despite his rumored job interview with William Weld for President.

Question one – it appears that the RNC Convention account has about $350K in cash. With the RNC convention being cancelled, people are lining up for refunds. Will these people get their money back?

Question two – will the firms making consulting fees return their payments as well? 

I ask these questions because insiders have been adamant with your intrepid blogger that Andy Garakhani and Jessica Patterson have bristled at the notion of refunding delegate fees.

For the first time, I can confirm, courtesy of a confidential informant on the inside of the CAGOP cesspool that the RNC Convention Drill was the lynchpin of Andy Garakhani running Jessica Patterson’s CAGOP Chairman campaign. Part of and a big part of Andy’s compensation was to have been a gigantic haul off of this convention account. As you can see, he had another $350K to play with until COVID came along.

Many people have talked to me about their experiences with Andy G in the last 2 years and have bemoaned the fact that it appears he is getting away with mistreating people while getting rich doing so. Sometimes, there are equalizers.

Remember the long game though. Jessica Patterson, Andy Garakhani, Tom Ross, David Stafford Reade, Jeff Randle, and anyone else your intrepid blogger has mentioned on the inside of the CAGOP stand to make a ton of money in 2022 off of the campaign of Kevin Faulconer for Governor. Many of the decisions they are making are the typical 1990’s era political consultant control games preparing the battlefield for Meg Whitman 2.0. All of these people made a ton of money off of Meg’s $150 Million disaster.

They learned nothing as they are retaliating against people, excluding people, picking moderate nominees, attacking conservatives, exterminating dissent, shrinking the universe to control things better and most importantly losing.

Anyone requesting a refund for their $1200 RNC fee (which used to be $900), please let your intrepid blogger know how that goes. [email protected] you can remain anonymous. If you were retaliated against and excluded from participation despite your loyalty to the President, we need to hear from you as well.

P.S. I got this email forwarded to me from several people. Perhaps the court of squishes and Her Majesty realize they are going to have to issue a bunch of refunds!!! Be sure to help pay Andy Garakhani’s Salary!

Jul 272020

Blogger’s Note – the Alvarado story is being re-posted from California Political News in its’ entirety. Note that Alvarado is a close associate of Scott Winn, who was the prime mover behind the lynching of #CA10 GOP Nominee Ted Howze. Alvarado, Winn and David Stafford Reade have worked on a lot of campaigns together over the years – (Note: Reade is working for Trump in 2020, while still plying his unethical methods to cash in off of the CAGOP)

  • A few days ago a virulent hater of President Trump—and supporter of the defeat of SEVEN Republican U.S. Senators had been outed—and a complaint filed against him, with the penalty being thrown off the GOP Committee.  If Mike Madrid was an ethical person he would resign from the Committee.  Now his buddy, Luis Alvarado , also a founder of the infamous Democrat financed Lincoln Project. has had a complaint filed against him.
  • That is the problem.  Why should a delegate have to file such complaints”  Leaders need to Lead.
  • Though both Madrid and Alvarado are strong supporters of Jessica Patterson—collecting  proxies on her behalf for the February, 2019 convention, for instance, she and the other Board members should have abided by the by-laws and on their own opened a By-laws Committee investigation.  Leaders lead—that did not happen in this case.
  • Jessica Patterson and the Board do have another chance to show leadership.  Ben Avey a Sacramento based delegate, who used to work for Assemblywoman Shirley Horton (one of the VERY few GOP’ers that supported AB 32, the Schwarzenegger effort to raise the cost of doing business in California and killing jobs) on his social media reminded folks he is a part of the Lincoln Project—and wants to be listed with Madrid and Alvarado for removal.  Maybe CRP leadership should file their own by-laws violation against him—instead of waiting for the inevitable delegate complaint.  It is one thing to suggest the GOP should be open to all ideologies—but to allow supporters of the Democrat candidate for President to have a voice in the CRP—that is going too far.  The Board needs to show leadership or they lose the right to claim to support President Trump while allowing Biden people on the Committee.
  • Oh, all votes in Committee and by the delegates need to be transparent—we have a right to know who supports the Biden delegates, who opposes them and who can’t take a stand.  If I were a betting person, they all resign prior to a vote.

As CAGOP delegates we deserve better than a “Chairwoman” dining off of her demographics while she and her court of squishes are retaliating against Conservatives only while enabling Trump-Haters and party destroyers.

Will Pro-Biden/Anti GOP Senators California Republican Party Delegate be Thrown off Committee?

Carl Brickey, July 24, 2020

Chairwoman Jessica Patterson

California Republican Party

1001 K Street, Fourth Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

Chairwoman Patterson:

As delegates of the State Central Committee (“the Committee”), we agreed to abide by the Standing Rules and Bylaws of the California Republican Party. Section 2.01.06 (A) states that a majority of the Committee or the Executive Committee may censure or remove any delegate who publicly advocates that voters should not vote for the party’s nominee for any office or who gives support to or avows a preference for any publicly announced candidate of a party other than the Republican Party. Delegate Luis Alvarado (Membership ID 18278) has publicly advocated that voters not vote for the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, and has given support to and avowed a preference for a publicly announced candidate of another party, Democrat Joe Biden.

The following are only a few of his activities and statements from just this month.

  1. In a press release on July 2, 2020, The Lincoln Project announced its California Leadership Team, the first in a multi-state rollout of current and former Republicans who will spearhead volunteer recruitment and fundraising activities directed to key battleground states.[1] Luis Alvarado is listed as a member of this team. The Lincoln Project is a super PAC formed in late 2019 by a group of current and former Republican political consultants to “Defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box[2] [emphasis in original] by electing Democrat Joe Biden to the presidency and securing a Democrat majority in the U.S. Senate.
  2. In a Twitter post on July 2, 2020, Alvarado wrote, “I am very proud to be appointed as part of the leadership of #ProyectoLincolnCalifornia to promote our work to overthrow the president @realDonaldTrump as president of the nation.”[3] [translated from Spanish]
  3. In The Sacramento BeeAlvarado declared, “I feel a duty to restore a balance to our political system, and will use all my talents and energy to ensure my Republican brothers and sisters realize we can be better without Donald Trump as POTUS.”[4]
  4. On CNN en Español, Alvarado stated that Joe Biden, despite being a Democrat, is the best option for the United States and the best way to remove Donald Trump from the White House.[5]

Pursuant to Section 2.01.07 (A) of the Standing Rules and Bylaws of the California Republican Party, we hereby file this complaint with the Chairwoman against Luis Alvarado (Membership ID 18278) setting forth the causes for his censure and removal from the Committee.


Carl Brickey, Executive Vice President

California Republican Assembly

Tom Hudson, Immediate Past President

California Republican Assembly

Johnnie Morgan, President

California Republican Assembly

Tim Thiesen, Vice President

California Republican Assembly

[1] Mike Madrid, Twitter Post, July 2, 2020, 11:16 AM,

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Jul 252020

One correction from my previous post – it was the CAGOP Executive Board that met. This is the senior elected officers of the CAGOP, the political consultant Tom Ross whose presence on the CAGOP board I will be looking in to at length, the Senior Congressman (Doug LaMalfa), and the two permanent minority leaders ( currently Shannon “no endorsements” Grove and Marie “Get out of jail free” Waldron).

I had assumed incorrectly that it was the 115 member CAGOP Executive Committee – because my recollection of the CAGOP By-Laws is that absent a convention endorsements on ballot measures had to be done by them. As such, the 23 member Executive Board had to defer the endorsements on the initiatives to another mail ballot election.

Suffice to say, the only controversial measure is Prop 19. It is my understanding that Tom Ross (or his firm) and people close to him (such as large OC Donors and money people like Howard Hakes) oppose Prop 19. I believe that Ross and company are earning money to oppose Prop 19, yet I have no proof at this time – but will track the connections down as they sometimes use daisy chains of PAC’s to inhibit transparency.

David Stafford Reade, a capo of Jessica Patterson’s was telling people they had the votes to oppose Prop 19. I do not know why these financial conflicts of interest were not discussed. Jessica Patterson should have handed the gavel to Peter Kuo and Tom Ross should have excused himself or clarified his conflict (if any) on Prop 19. David Stafford Reade does not care about a thing until the check clears the bank – I’ve known the man for 20 years and that you can take to the bank (like he has done to a long list of squishes over the years)

Neither Tom Ross nor Howard Hakes have any business being on the California Republican Party’s executive board. I am grateful they are donors and fundraisers – but those roles are inherently conflicted. Note – as an officer of the California Impact Republicans, I have recused myself on endorsement votes more than 50% of the time in order to avoid anything close to a conflict of interest.

Now that I understand the machinations behind the “No Position” recommendation on Prop 19, your intrepid blogger will be forcefully advocating for a Yes Vote on Prop 19. Look for more information on Proposition 19 shortly. The CAGOP should never take a “No Position” on any issue at any time anywhere. It looks smarmy and weak – and insiders understand that position is usually taken when there are grotesque conflicts of interest at work in the shadows.

Jay Obernolte, Harmeet Dhillon and Matt Heath all argued for giving the SD25 Candidate some due process before lynching her. Dhillon rightly pointed out that the CAGOP Board should have a clear standard over what constitutes “hate speech and “racism” on social media before executing candidates. I wish #CA35 nominee Mike Cargile and #CA10 nominee Ted Howze were given the same chance. You will learn soon that the conflicts of interest I keep writing about as it pertains to her majesty and the court of squishes have a direct bearing on what was done to both of those men.

The Los Angeles Times is getting ready to stick their arrogant, liberal, condescending noses in to the CAGOP’s business once again. I like Seema Mehta and have dealt with her in the past, but the article basically deifying Mike Madrid was beyond the pale.

The LA Times was attempting to pre-empt any action against Madrid, Luis Alvarado and Ben Avey (a former staffer to AB32 Yes Vote Shirley Horton) for openly trying to defeat Republican incumbents like Devin Nunes, Cory Gardner, Steve Daines and the President himself. It is this sort of Journalistic Harlotry that reminds me of why I hold reporters in the same esteem as convicted felons.

I have been told by several insiders that the LA Times is going to write a story calling the CAGOP hypocrites because we are doing a mail ballot drill regarding party positions on ballot measures yet paid for and led a successful lawsuit against Gavin Newsom’s attempted mail ballot fraud grab.

Your intrepid blogger is pre-empting the LA Times in a similar manner to how they tried to influence the outcome of pending disciplinary action against hostile anti party members that Her Majesty the Chairwomen and her court of squishes are protecting. At least I am honest about my bias and motives.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Her Majesty and the Court of Squishes are going to ingore and delay any action on the Benedict Lincoln Project mavens until after the November 4th election – then the excuse will be the convention is in Feb and they won’t be reappointed. In the meantime, I endorse the efforts of Carl Brickey, and the other CRA officers to hold these people accountable even as a grossly conflicted party “Chairwoman” stands in the way of enforcing our party’s by-laws.

Prop 19? Conflicts of interest? Oh yeah – stay tuned

P.S. The CAGOP still has an endorsement in effect for a proven nutjob with child support issues and a publicly documented pattern of insane statements. Who am I referring to? Joe Collins in #CA43.

  • The California GOP endorsed former Green Party presidential candidate Joe Collins in his bid to unseat Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.
  • Collins claimed his bodily fluids were worth $15 million in a lawsuit he filed against San Diego in 2017.
  • Collins has switched political parties four times since entering the arena in late 2016, Federal Election Commission records show.
  • Collins had $22 in his checking account in April 2018, court documents show. Now he’s running a congressional campaign that has raised $761,000.

We were told that Travis Allen would have been a disaster for the CAGOP. There is no way in hell anyone not named Mike Madrid could think the track record of Jessica Patterson is any better than that of an escaped laboratory specimen.