Oct 312019

I’ve now been told by 5 different capitol insiders that Marie Waldron is muzzling CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson. I have alluded to it in previous posts – so now I am going to spell it out.

What the hell does Trump have to do with this? A core belief among pretty much everyone in “Leadership” and their consultants believe that Donald Trump was a #YUGE factor in the shellacking in 2018. It is a level of denial and projection that may well be clinical.

I spoke repeatedly to one insider after another (some of whom are not Republicans anymore and have moved on to lobbying jobs, etc) that said it was all about Trump. So while trying to soft-peddle the President in 2018, they alienated even more voters than were already allegedly alienated. (Remember the oft-used canard of the suburban woman voter that abandoned the GOP in 2018?) Nowhere in their paradigm is a discussion of the nearly $3 Billion poured in by rage-filled old white guys (Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer) and the fixation on Ballot Harvesting was also short lived.

In a previous post I called on Marie Waldron to resign over her intransigence related to Bill Brough. I’ll back off my call a bit as it relates to Jessica Patterson as I am now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Marie Waldron is protecting the monster Bill Brough and is keeping Jessica Patterson Muzzled.

First off, it is clear that Jessica Patterson is upset over the behavior of Bill Brough and wants to go public with her disdain for it.

Secondly, it has been put to me by people in various parts of the state that once I started writing about Sean Doherty, that Jessica Patterson became very interested in who Doherty might have been talking to about political work in California so she could make sure Sean did not get hired. The parallels between the abuse that Doherty was allowed to commit over time and the abuse that has recently been exposed regarding Bill Brough are undeniable.

Third, I have confirmed more than once that the tiny Assembly GOP Caucus is divided 10-9 in favor of Marie being Permanent Minority Leader. Bill Brough is vote #10. Never, EVER underestimate the self-interest of a “leader”.

Fourth, and this is key. The Assembly and Senate members, all 30 of them, are still angry with the “little people” rising up against Chad Mayes.

Remember the county parties taking resolutions that led to votes of more committees and then a vote at the CAGOP’s Board of 13-7 calling on Mayes to step down as leader?  When you are dealing with egos that defy normal explanation and you cross in to that realm, it can get sticky. Generally, activists step on the toes of the officeholders, it is what we are supposed to do. The officeholders resent us for doing it as well. 

Jessica Patterson is in a place where she is going to have to make a choice quickly as the scandal-riddled Bill Brough and Duncan Hunter are going to need to be escorted out of their respective areas. The longer these radioactive candidates last as a political factor in their district – they will damage those around them. It is time for Patterson to break the leadership veil and call out the serial abuser/harasser Bill Brough.

You see, the “Orange Man’s” Ascension had a lot to do with Republican Leaders like these. His very existence exposes their moral bankruptcy. With few exceptions in the Republican Caucuses it is on display as our registration numbers plummet.

Duncan Hunter could Take Assemblyman Randy Voepel out with him. Brough’s AD-73 has pieces (or proximity to) three congressional districts, one is Michelle Park Steel, another is CA45 and the last is the feckless Bryan Maryott in CA49. All get affected by Bill Brough. It has been made clear to your intrepid blogger that our party chair is not in favor of keeping Bill Brough office any longer. Just Marie Waldron and Pat Bates stand in the way. The subject of Pat Bates’ intransigence is going to be looked at in a bit… and we again call on Marie Waldron to resign over the moral failure of protecting a monster like Bill Brough.

Oct 272019

Note – I am not alleging illegal activity, or that Andy Garakhani is doing anything wrong.

What I am pointing out is that the big prize when a chairman is elected is the consultant that gets to run the delegation drill. Since California’s delegation is the largest to the Republican National Convention, the entire cost of the drill is in the millions. A consultant running said drill usually gets 17-20% of the take. This suggests then that Mr. Garakhani is going to do quite well for himself in 2020.

The issue I have is not with Garakhani earning a reputed $500K a year in total compensation for running campaigns, serving as executive director for the new Majority and the like – it is that he is a reputed #NEVERTRUMPER and was also reputed to have been interviewing with at least one primary challenger to President Trump. (it was alleged to be William Weld)

In addition, when the current Chair of the CAGOP appointed committees, anyone that supported Steve Frank or Travis Allen for Chair (save 2 exceptions) were left off. It is widely and well known that David Reade and Andy Garakhani are the top advisors to Jessica Patterson. It is not a stretch then to suggest that they were responsible for the retaliation against conservative dissenters to the majority of the delegates of the CAGOP that are staffers, consultants and staffers of consultants. A fake coalition of people under the direct control of donors and elected Republicans.

It is under their tutelage that some of the absurdities we see are occurring – such as calling on CA-25 Dem Congressman Katie Hill to resign while steadfastly ignoring the scandals around AD-73 Republican Assemblyman Bill Brough. This is what happens when the paradigm is controlling an outcome and earning a living without accountability.

I’d suggest that anyone wanting to be a delegate to the 2020 RNC Convention apply, but don’t hold your breath unless you are part of the cool kid’s table or have a pre-existing relationship with the Trump Team.

Note that the Delegation has its’ own separate designation and PAC ID. This is how the control agents cash in. The long link following is to the delegation form. I also took a screenshot of the OCGOP’s email as I have received copies of several county parties’ emails.


Oct 242019

WHO DEFENDS WOMEN IN THE CAGOP? Who is the brain surgeon that thought it was appropriate to call on Katie Hill to resign while trying to AVOID the Bill Brough scandals???

What happened to the celebration of Women in Leadership of the CAGOP? They have done NOTHING to defend the women that Bill Brough Sexually Battered and/or Harassed. Yet, they call on Katie Hill to resign for having consensual sex with staffers? Resigning in disgrace is not just for bad democrats!

This hypocrisy needs to stop. It is time for the Women in Legislative leadership to resign. Period. They have abdicated moral responsibility. 

Your intrepid blogger was forwarded an email signed by the “Female Staff of the California Republican Party” calling on people to sign up for a list. Your intrepid blogger has written for the last three months that “Republican Leadership” have been running interference for Bill Brough. It is now absolutely undeniable. It is time for Marie Waldron to resign in disgrace. It is time for Jessica Patterson and Peter Kuo to either step up and call on Bill Brough to resign or they too should resign in shame. 

CA-25 Congressman Katie Hill is a disgrace. However, nothing she did was illegal save the ethics issue over having sex with a member of her congressional staff. Being bare-ass naked with a campaign staffer, having threesomes, taking a bong rip while naked, having an iron cross tatoo are all legal. Yes, Katie Hill is a disgrace and should resign for moral failure and an out of control lifestyle.

However, what is NOT LEGAL is Bill Brough’s sexual battery of a female staffer, propositioning women after they told him to stop, paying for booze and personal expenses with campaign funds, driving drunk with his kids in the car and a variety of other things he has been accused of with evidence and victims on the record. Yet, somehow the California Republican Party has nothing to say about this. Read more here from Bill Brough’s Victims and the director of Crime Victims of Orange County.

Have these so-called women leaders forgotten all the news media stories about Bill Brough? Read more here

The Hypocrisy is astounding. It is time for the delegates of the CAGOP to rise up and vote for no confidence if this wrong is not righted in short order. There is no way the voters of California will EVER take the CAGOP seriously if we do not take out the trash from within our own ranks. It is time for California Republican Party Leaders to stand up to the abusers within our own ranks! If not resign now.

Oct 222019

But, hey! Peter Kuo plays a mean violin.

Your intrepid blogger has learned that at the convention, once the “leadership” people realized that Jessica Patterson was going to win, in the form of Luis Buhler and someone who may or may not be George Andrews began to whip votes for Peter Kuo. It is alleged that both were motivated by personal animus against Harmeet Dhillon. Note – I have not asked Harmeet for comment as I did not want to pull her in to this.

There is a consequence to making political decisions based on personal animus – they blow up in your face. Peter Kuo’s Campaign manager Scott Winn is an out of the closet trump hater and now Kuo’s social media director has come out in favor of impeachment based solely on mainstream media reports and selected leaks.

Even while several members in the minority are sounding the alarm over the process and lack of transparency, this “Republican” operative is endorsing Impeachment. Not just any Republican Operative, but the Social Media Director for CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo.

What a great look for the CAGOP. #EPICFAIL


Sep 082019

When I was first sent a photo of this convention handout, I thought it was a gift from Peter Kuo. I am still not sure who sprung for these, but they should have spent an extra nickel for ones without a sticker.

I wrote yesterday about mixed committee votes on the platform – specifically about the Log Cabin Republican led effort that came within 2 votes of making an earth-shattering change to the CAGOP Platform. Either David Stafford Reade and the oligarchy did not care about this issue OR they lost control over several of their platform committee recruits.

Given that a vote about Parental Notification only succeeded 50-39 and amendments to oppose forced vaccination failed by similar margins there was no scripted outcome, only a direction of influence. This is markedly different than things under Jim Brulte (Or Duf Sundheim for that matter).

Your intrepid blogger discovered that the legislative leadership did not pay a ton of money for a funded operation going in to this convention. This left David Reade, George Andrews, Andy Garakhani and others to have to do a lot of the job themselves. When you do not have tens of thousands of dollars to use on staff, phone calls, social media and mail it makes things radically different.

Reports indicated that there were roughly 600 people in attendance and something like 300 proxies. That is ridiculous that 1/3 of the vote was not present. And the attendance was the lowest I’ve been aware of in the 20+ years I’ve been around this. There are something like 1400 total delegates and less than half were physically in attendance.

I was told that something like 30-40 “Conservative Proxies” were rejected. Most of this appears to be because a Tea Party Group did what groups like that do best – change the rules they don’t like. In this case, they did not use the official proxy form, they made their own. I don’t like the CAGOP’s rules any more than the “Tea Party”, but them’s the rules and until you can change them… deal with it.

The College Republicans Lost their permanent charter. The CFCR – which appears to be a broad spectrum of youngsters (not just squishes) was chartered on equal footing with the CCR. The California College Republicans did not acquit themselves well this weekend as even the most hardcore anti-Jessica Patterson people I spoke to had nothing good to say about the folks present to plead the CCR’s case. Whoops.

Tom Del Bacardi, who is now a former chairman and non board member of the CAGOP has a new girlfriend (at least that is what convention-goers thought). (He usually has 3-5 a year) She apparently is running for congress somewhere in San Francisco against SFGOP Chairman John Dennis. Dennis is a well known quantity and had been a Tea Party favorite in the past. (This is Nancy Pelosi’s district) Both Tom and the woman deny they are dating.

We’ll likely be following up on this later, but suffice to say, this woman was a former flame of the unstable Omar Navarro. Navarro for his part, was escorted out of the CAGOP Convention due to his behavior and this led to a call to the authorities. Apparently the authorities also had to come fetch someone who passed out higher than a kite in a hospitality suite as well.

I was also told by a first-hand witness that the shameless Navarro attempted to engage Brad Parscale in conversation and Parscale said “Not Gonna Happen” and turned away with his security detail stepping in.

On the floor of the convention a couple arguments occurred over proposals to change the proxy rules.

It was reported to me that David Reade, Luis Buhler and others were nervously pacing around the room making eye contact with people attempting to enforce discipline. Having dealt with them both for 20 years this is 100% believable as I’ve seen it myself many times. Only, this time they did not have megabucks behind them.

One rule proposal related to requiring proxies to match the county of the giver was defeated by about 10% from a majority vote.

Another proposal related to requiring proxies to be designated only to an alternate of the giver was defeated by a slimmer margin.

The floor fight over proxies featured the former CRA Pol-Pot bellied information minister in rare form. Without Steve Frank present at the convention and Mike Spence deceased – Hudson was doing the heavy lifting 100% himself.

The accounts of the altercation between Jessica Patterson and Tom Hudson during the Sunday floor session vary, but everyone agrees that Tom Hudson was being a loudmouth and Jessica responded in kind to Hudson’s condescending comments (my opinion) earning her boos from some of the delegates. In the 20 years I have known Tom Hudson, I have known him to be relentless and obsessive yet completely without empathy or shame. Jessica Patterson overstepped her bounds attempting to shut Hudson down, thus enabling a usually pitiless character to have a brief moment of victim hood.

You can make bank Hudson will roll in again and again, convention after convention. If he is the dude leading the conservative movement – we may as well re-write the CAGOP platform now because it will go down faster than Hudson is reputed to slam box wine.

I am not a fan of the people controlling outcomes in the CAGOP – but Jessica Patterson deserves credit for remembering Mike Spence’s untimely and tragic death due to his addiction. She also mentioned Steve Frank’s wife who is seriously ill. I guarantee you 20 years of knowing Tom Hudson tells me if he had the gavel and it was Luis Buhler’s wife in the hospital or David Reade who had passed – he’d say nothing.

I can also tell you this, while I am sharply critical of a variety of things, I am not rooting for Jessica Patterson to fail. There are too many people that don’t think that way and it is a high pressure situation for anyone – especially someone like Mrs. Patterson who is a career operative not an out front leader. Jessica Patterson deserves a chance to succeed and I type this while still scratching my head over her completely one-sided list of committee appointments (95% are moderates or staffers/consultants) and selective responsiveness to various delegates that reach out.

It is my opinion based on talking to about a dozen people present that David Reade / Luis Buhler and crew are losing their grip. The Log Cabin drill / social liberal drill on the left of the party in defiance of the keep the peace edict coupled with the floor fights and the consistent pressure from the right of the party are showing serious fissures in the coalitions that former CAGOP Chair Jim Brulte largely kept together.

Another example that came to mind was the announcement that live streaming from the convention is not allowed unless the oligarchy of controlled failure gave you permission to do so. You only do this when you are worried your machinations will make it out in public. Reade was apparently watching undesirables like a hawk during the floor session. This edict appears have been a response to Luis Buhler being filmed as he was giving instructions to the CFCR faithful in their meeting room. (again, they really don’t like public exposure of their behind the scenes manipulations)

That filming edict was just not a good look with the police state style responses – especially since the media are allowed to film. Got it? The enemy (the media) can film but delegates can’t.

In addition, the nervous pacing in the floor session by Reade and crew was something else I found noteworthy.

The party announced about $1.6MM in the State Account and less than $300K in the Federal Account. I was told that they had to pay a significant sum to get Scott Walker out to speak and several of the meal events had space available. I am hoping for their sake there is a profit as that is all federal money from this weekend.

One thing I will be tracking closely – It will be interesting to see if Harmeet Dhillon and Shawn Steel draw opponents at the May 2020 convention in LAX.

There were multiple sightings of CAGOP Vice Chair Peter Kuo with a youngster carrying his violin for him. Your intrepid blogger was also told that legislators were scarce in any of the contentious or controversial items of the weekend. Why am I not surprised.

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