CA-Sen: Memorial Day Trifecta for Thomas the Tax Engine

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May 302010

Terrorism, Taxes and Talley.

At the time I write this, Memorial Day is only a few minutes away.

I took some time to reflect on the Primary Campaigns that are white hot – with some winding down.

Terrorism – should be in the minds of people on Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a day to reflect on the sacrifices of our Military and the Current war we are in. Tom Campbell appears to be more concerned about Academia than America.

Case and point – Tom Campbell took money from people currently in prison for aiding and abetting Terrorists.

Campbell didn’t stop there – he went to the wall for Sami Al-Arian, proven to have ties with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

He did “apologize” – but only after getting torched in the media. (never gave the money back, though)

Taxes – I have never encountered a Republican worse on Taxes than Tom Campbell. He is obsessed with Gas Taxes, wants to have a carbon emmission tax, tax the internet and raise income taxes – even with the economy we are in. Visit this post for links to all the information you could ever stomach about Tom Campbell’s tax plans.

Talley – I mean Vote Talley.

Even Democrat Pollsters are confronting Reality about Carly Fiorina vs Barbara Boxer. Carly is the Front-Runner against Boxer at 45-42. Boxer is underwater on her job approval rating as well at 37-46… it means there is blood in the water.

Unfortunately, Tom Campbell had his chance. He got hammered by Di-Fi in 2000 and he lost a primary in 1992. He was running for governor and decided to bail out becuase he wasn’t going to be able to compete with Meg Whitman’s money.

Campbell’s primary argument is that his brand of Liberalism is going to be more appealing to California than Boxer’s.

Epic Fail – can you imagine what Boxer would do to Campbell? There is no contrast on Abortion, Guns and Gay Marriage.

So Boxer pops a picture of Sammy Al-Arian on the screen and people get to choose between some dolt that defends a maniac and an ego-meniacal Senator that railed on a General.

In addition – Boxer could flip-flop on taxes and talk about some Dem BS targeted tax cut crap and actually slip to the right of Campbell!

I could rant on about the nimrods in GOP leadership in California that think Campbell is a righteous dude – but suffice to say, sending Tom Campbell to DC would be basically business as usual from the Califorina Senate Seat.

As you reflect on Memorial Day – reflect on a candidate for US Senate who cares about America first not Academia first, who cares about your budget first, not the government budget first: Carly Fiorina – and how that translates to former US Senator Boxer (Then that General can call her Ma’am).

Terrorism, Taxes and Talley – a trifecta of Epic Failure for a doomed candidate.

CA-SEN Update: Liberal Republican Group Tries to Prop Up Thomas the Tax Engine

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May 292010

Californians for a Balanced Budget and a Better Economy – and a slate with a similar name featured “Conservative Republican” Abel Maldonado – sent a misleading peice of Cat Pan Liner on behalf of Tom Campbell.

It envokes Ronald Reagan. I am still appalled at the number of squishes that worked for Reagan. It says he was a trusted economic advisor to Ronald Reagan – was that when Reagan raised taxes in one of his first federal budgets?

It says on the back that Tom Campbell opposes tax increases.

Stop there – the rest of the mailer is now irrelevant.

The mailer is linked here and here.

It is a travesty that Americans for Tax Reform hit Campbell three times so early – but visit to find out why today’s mailer should be prosecuted as fraud.

PS. Click here to see hit number three featuring Lew Uhler, National Tax Limitation Committee

PPS Click here to see the first two times Tom Campbell got lit up – one includes the venerable Howard Jarvis Folks.

May 272010

(The Above Picture was taken by Chuck DeVore outside the ElDorado County Tea Party Meeting. Some 600 people were in attendance and Carly Fiorina received a standing ovation at the meeting.)

(Please note that the bumper sticker was a DeVore Sticker – with the DeVore half covered by a Carly Sticker)

Three Polls:

All Three show Chuck DeVore firmly ensconced in Third Place.

Recently, we have been treated to DeVore emails touting a video relating DeVore to the “24” Series, vowing to fight on and attacking Carly Fiorina – the prohibitive favorite in the CA-Sen Race.

Chuck DeVore is attacking Carly incessantly through Blogs and Facebook – because he has no money to advertise. The fact that DeVore is not attacking Tom Campbell should give you pause as to his motive.

The Only poll that shows DeVore anywhere close is one he paid for.

The DeVore campaign will be quick to point out that there are a lot of Absentee ballots out there still. (Placer says only about 10% have been turned in)

I submit that this is due to the well-poisoning that is going on in the Guv Primary – people are confused about their choice for Governor.

Not Senate. Three Polls, all with almost the same numbers taken at almost the same time: 44-21 / 46-23 / 41-21 Fiorina over Campbell. Only in Chuck’s own poll did he break 16%. The support for Fiorina is not “Soft” support as has been asserted in the Governor Polling.

And now the DeVore campaign is rolling out Prop 26 from 2000 (sound familiar?) and using that to say that Fiorina is a Liberal. This can only help Tom Campbell – unless DeVore’s goal is to finish second for his own ego.

In addition the Prop 26 attack is hollow as Fiorina opposed Prop 39 (basically the same thing as Prop 26) a couple years later.

It is simply not statistically possible to get three polls with similar results at a similar time run by three outside firms – unless Team DeVore wants to espouse a conspiracy theory.

The evidence of a convincing  Carly primary Victory is compelling and substantial.

Therefore – it is reasonable and for the good of the Republican Party that I call on Chuck DeVore and Tom Campbell, for that matter to suspend their campaigns so we can focus on an enemy of America – Barbara Boxer.

CA-Sen Update: Fiorina 44 / Campbell 21 / Other 21 / Und 12

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May 262010

This post is dedicated to the Junior Information minister that left the following comment:

Aaron, your lame attempt to smear DeVore clearly reveals only one thing. Your desperate attempt to save Carly’s impending demise. Look at a REAL poll for a change; All three candidates are now within single digits of each other, after DeVore surged in the last few weeks, while Campbell and Carly were stagnate. Instead of your unfounded innuendos, look at the FACTS about DeVore on Senator Jim DeMint’s web site, where you’ll find facts and support for real, honest, true Conservatives. Give it up Dude, your mud throwin’ ain’t working.

I guess I am denying the inevtable – the massive attack on Facebook is going to turn the tide of the election.

Or maybe this is another delusional tactic of a campaign in it’s death throws. This election cycle has indeed been bizarre.

Another polling firm called Magellan Strategies Surveyed the Race and posted their results. (along with numbers showing Poizner in the hole by 35)

DeVore doesn’t have it and Republican voters know who Thomas the Tax Engine is – Game, Set, Match, Carly.

Oh and Boxer? Carly is in a statistical dead heat with her an pretty much every poll that has come out in the last week. This should be a great General Election – the Dems think so, they sent the Chosen One out to get Boxer some campaign bailout money.

CA-Sen Update: Chuck DeVore and Mickey Klaus – Mirror Images?

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May 262010

Mickey Klaus Debated a Cardboard Box the other day as Barbara Boxer refuses to debate him. Sounds like a familiar mantra.

Click Here to see photos and Mickey Klaus Blog post about his successful debate against a cardboard box. I am sure all 50 people that attended were scintillated by his appearance.

Mickey has a dedicated throng of followers who work Twitter and Facebook. He has a dedicated cadre of followers that monitor blogs and comment on them. So does Chuck DeVore.

While DeVore can claim to be Rambo – Klaus has to settle for more mortal assertions about himself.

For as much as Klaus and DeVore are different in ideaology – they are alike in cause and result.