May 202010

There can only be one information minister in the CA-Sen race.

There can only be one Thomas the Tax Engine in any lifetime.

Fortunately for Carly Fiorina, Thomas the tax engine can spend your money faster than he can ever ask for it.

Case and point:

In lieu of airing TV ads, former Rep. Tom Campbell is spending between $700,000 and $900,000 this week on a direct mail piece targeted at 1.1 million early-voting Republicans… a spokesperson added that the campaign is spending its funds ‘the right way’…”  5/17/2010 in the Washington Post

Remember the Cat Pan Liner from Tom Campbell?

’We’ll be on TV when it counts,’’ said Campbell communications chief James Fisfis.” (Orange County Register 5/17/2010)

(Do you remember Fisfis? I think he registered Republican in the Kremlin.)

Um, if 5/20 with election day being on 6/8 isn’t when it counts, maybe you’ll have to wait for 2016?

It looks like FisFisFis and The Tax Engine got their wires crossed at the punchbowl:

“TV is going to dominate now. You do get the occasional mailer but as you saw it somewhat distorts the truth, and at least from what we know politically people toss out mailers.” Thomas the Tax Engine on Candid YouTube (5/20/2010)

Maybe Tom Campbell thought his last $800,000 investment was cat pan liner as well? Quick – public access has room.

Amateur night reigns supreme – apparently the Constitution twins have Carly right where they want her. (In first place)

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