May 092012

Mark Spannagel was tossed from the California Republican Assembly for committing fraud. Spannagel was president of a fake CRA unit in Yuba County. (There is a real one there now) The unit consisted of Doug LaMalfa Staff and Mark Spannagel’s Family.

Mark Spannagel is President of the CRYF “unit” in Placer County. IT does not meet. I have never been invited to a meeting of it – the other CYRF leadership have told me it is fake, and in fact one person told me that its’ members are Mark Spannagel’s Family and Doug LaMalfa staff!

Why does this matter? Doug LaMalfa’s staff have co-opted Tea Parties across the north state that are starting to emerge from the influence of Doug LaMalfa.

Doug LaMalfa’s previous chief of staff, David Stafford Reade was expelled from CRA for 10 years for committing fraud. Reade was also involved in creating paper CR and YR units years ago.

The fruit does not fall far from the tree and Doug LaMalfa’s pattern of controlling organizations simply to rig endorsements is legion. It also appears that the Tea Parties that are fighting to free themselves from the influence from Doug LaMalfa are starting to understand Doug LaMalfa’s contempt for grassroots he can’t control.

P.S. The Placer YRFC “endorsed” Doug LaMalfa. (Surprise)

Mar 122012

The “leadership” of the California Republican Party are notorious conflict avoiders, they are also skilled at nuance. For example, when a Central Committee deadlocks on an endorsement and can’t reach 2/3 – it does not count as “taking an action”, don’t you know.

The current CRP By-Laws mandate that all Cent Coms in a given district must agree on a result and that the CRP’s board can not come up with a different result than that of the local Central Committees.

As you read previously – Placer returned Both Gaines’ to sender. However, since we did not come up with the 2/3 to endorse anyone – the CRP ignored our result and endorsed Beth Gaines in Ad-06 and Ted Gaines in Sd-01. I was told that on Wed night the Gaines camp celebrated when we could not reach a 2/3 vote on “No Endorsement” as they knew the fix was in. Incumbent Protection.

It didn’t matter – the CRP board disregarded “No Endorsement” votes, including in the case of John Campbell who was rejected by the Orange County Republican Party. The CRP board endorsed incumbents (including Gaines, Campbell, etc.) regardless.

That brings me to Tehama County and AD-03. David Stafford Reade recruited Tehama Supervisor Bob Williams to run against Dan Logue. Williams is not really a serious candidate (in my opinion)… he is filing simply to bleed money off of Dan Logue in preparation for an impending State Senate Race against Jim Nielsen if Doug LaMalfa wins his Congressional race. (forcing him to vacate his Senate Seat)

Well – David Stafford Reade is a master at rigging endorsements. Tehama’s Central Committee is the Nielsen/LaMalfa choir. Poof! 2/3 for Bob Williams! That is Tehama’s right and by the way – whether or not David Stafford Reade manipulated the outcome, Tehama would have endorsed Bob Williams, period.

The CRP leadership said that Tehama didn’t follow the rules! Nevada County didn’t, Lassen didn’t, Plumas didn’t, ElDorado didn’t, in fact, you could argue that none of the Central Committees in the North State followed the CRP’s rules. Therefore, the CRP could have arbitrarily decided to endorse anyone they wanted for any reason.

Tehama is hopping mad, and I don’t blame them:

MARCH 12, 2012



RED BLUFF – Disregarding last months vote of the Tehama County Central Committee to endorse Tehama County resident Bob Williams for the 3rd district Assembly Seat, the California Republican Party led by party chair Tom Del Baccarro threw out the local endorsement on Sunday in favor of Assemblyman Dan Logue.

“The endorsement process of the CRP was hijacked by Sacramento politicians and insiders who used a lawyer’s trick to disqualify Tehama County from having a voice,” said Ken Say, Chairman of the Tehama County Republican Central Committee. “ Not a single one of the 24 people in that room Sunday have a vote in the 3rd district and regardless of what they did, our local Republicans are squarely behind Bob Williams for Assembly,” said Say.

A fifth-generation family farmer with a history of public service, Williams is currently serving on the Tehama County Board of Supervisors. Last month he was endorsed by the Tehama County Farm Bureau.

The Third Assembly District covers six Northern California Counties.

I’m laughing –  David Stafford Reade was paid to gather proxies to thwart efforts to create a real endorsing system – both Mark Spannagel and Reade opposed any efforts to reform proxies and voting at the CRP level and they just got bit in the ass by the process they helped create.

Update – Mark Spannagel’s conversation with Mark Pruner (Not Del Becarro) was one of Mark warning the CRP regarding this broken endorsement process and suggesting that the CRP is going to get itself in to legal trouble as a result. Mr. Spannagel told me directly that he did not threaten to sue anyone, rather that his comments were stretched by people attempting to assign motive.

Tehama got screwed. Orange got screwed. Placer got screwed. David Reade got screwed. Mark Spannagel got screwed.

Saddest of all – the Republican Primary voters got screwed.

… and the incumbents are laughing all the way to the ballot box. Way to go CRP – you suck.

Today is the one-year anniversary of the FBI “Visit” to Karen England’s House

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Oct 272011

I decided to wait until the 27th to assign a date for the much-chronicled “Visit” from the FBI to Karen England’s house.

We asked Karen for the names and badge numbers of the Agents – she refused. She couldn’t even tell us if they showed up in Lincoln Town Cars or the New Dodge Chargers.

It has been a year. No visits from Scully and Mulder – not even special agent Jones for that matter.

Karen’s thought about concocting an FBI investigation lie – and I am calling it that now – was not original. David Stafford Reade, a board member of Karen’s employer did it to Rico Oller in 1999 during Oller’s campaign against David Reade’s father-in-law Bernie Richter. It has been 12 years – no one has called or visited Rico or any of his then staff.

I have chronicled all the crap we have had to put up with at the hands of Karen England and David Reade. Both are proven liars and are psychotically vindictive against political enemies – when Doug LaMalfa beat Rick Keene, Tom Hudson, George and I knew there would be recriminations, but nothing like this.

Reade and England threw everything they had at us – we stood firm, to the point where Karen England took her ball and ran away. In addition, both Karen and David have been expelled from the CRA for 10 years for committing fraud. Karen is off of the NFRA Board in addition. The SB48 Referendum was exposed as a joke and  her employer is in legal trouble as well. It hasn’t been a good year for Karen, despite helping to get her higher-power Doug LaMalfa elected to the State Senate.

Perhaps that is because when you lie and those lies get exposed, it is usually devastating?

Here we sit – one year later, nothing. So let’s do a review:

January 2011 – Karen England says at Cent Com Organizational Meeting that the FBI visited her house the previous October to talk about the Central Committee. This was repeated in the Auburn Journal.

Feb 2011 – Karen England with her moderate allies start initiating personal attacks against Cent Com Leadership in an effort to take control of the Cent Com – citing felony allegations with no evidence and the FBI Investigation.

March 2011 – more articles in local papers, Karen while drinking a beer yells “BS” when fingered as the source of the FPPC complaint filed against the Cent Com the prior year.

April 2011 – more fighting at the Cent Com Meeting, while this was being carried by Cheryl Bly-Chester, Karen was seen rallying votes in the room. FBI investigation charges are repeated in the State CRA officer elections in an attempt to gain political advantage where Karen was attempting to take control of the state CRA.

May 2011 – Cent Com Votes to Resolve the HQP issue 16-8.

Late May 2011 – an Email from DSR enterprises (David Reade’s Consulting Firm), signed by Doug LaMalfa, Ted Gaines and Beth Gaines- at Karen’s behest breathed new life in to the controversy and got media coverage.

June 2011 – a motion to reconsider fails 7-15. The local electeds after getting in the middle of the fight make the vote about them instead of the greater good.

July 2011 – apparently using her media savvy to get a story run, the Bee obliges with a front-page story accusing PCRP leadership of money laundering quoting Doug LaMalfa making the charges himself backed up by Ted Gaines.

July 2011 – Doug LaMalfa / Ted Gaines show up in person to Central Committee meeting in an attempt to pressure PCRP Chairman Jeff Atteberry. Auburn Journal covers the story.

July 2011 – Karen England / David Reade expelled from CRA for 10 years for committing fraud and bringing disrepute onto the CRA.

August 2011 – Mark Spannagel and David Stafford Reade repeat FBI charge in the local media in response to questions about their ouster from the State CRA. (Mark Spannagel is Doug LaMalfa’s Cheif of Staff)

September 2011 – David Stafford Reade / Doug LaMalfa exposed for their roles in an attempt to gut the California Republican Party Platform

October 2011 – Karen England’s organization Capitol Resource Institute slammed with FPPC Complaint alleging illegal activity.

October 2011 – Karen England self-terminates from the Central Committee after obtaining her fourth absence.

Now – something could happen. David Stafford Reade, Doug LaMalfa and crew could admit the lie and the whole thing could go away… otherwise, October 27th will be an annual event where we remember the day personal hatred caused a colossal political error that has been expanding ever since.

Sep 252011

Karen England was endorsed by Phyllis Schlafly, Richard Giguere, John Eastman, Chuck DeVore, Assemblyman Mike Morrell and Assemblymember Tim Donnelly – amongst others in her run for CRA President.

You’d think the above list would be an indicator of a Conservative’s Conservative.

There’s a problem – one of compromise. As Revealed earlier – David Stafford Reade has been exposed as a paid lackey of Charles Munger who lied to people and ran a drill to twist Conservative proxies in to the hands of liberals in order to destroy the California Republican Party Platform.

Karen England thinks I’m lying – she wrote the following words in an email tirade to me: “another FACT:  the proxies did not matter in  the most recent CRP meeting so it doesn’t matter who had them, it was impossible for them to be used on the platform committee or on the floor for the purpose of platform.

Karen England has a problem – she is the executive director of the Capitol Resource Institute. David Stafford Reade sits on their board of directors.

Doug LaMalfa is one of their largest donors.

David Reade’s actions are well documented – while serving on the board of a “family values” organization – he took substantial pay to lie, cheat and steal a result to undermine those very values.

Doug LaMalfa’s staff were caught red-handed in the middle of it.

Karen Emailed me unsolicited to tell me I was lying because the proxy drill did not matter.

Hmmm – If Karen cared about the conservative movement – why isn’t she concerned about where LaMalfa’s staff’s proxies went?

Why isn’t she concerned about the LaMalfa staff participation in getting the Proxies of Conservatives in the hands of Bay Area Liberals?

Why isn’t she asking the critical questions? “Why did Munger pay for this proxy drill if it didn’t matter?”

Here is her original email:


Just read your blog about the CRP convention.  The proxies at this convention did not and could not have ANYTHING to do with the platform  The only meeting regrading platform was AFTER the convention and only committee members could vote – NO PROXIES.  The platform will be voted on in whole, at the next convention.  Proxies COULDN’T vote on anything regarding the platform this last go around.  Again, you can’t even get the most basic information correct – it was IMPOSSIBLE for the platform to be voted on the floor last weekend.
Karen can’t ask the legitimate questions because of her conflicts of interest.
The above does indeed underscore the brilliance of Tom Del Becarro and others who moved the Platform Committee Meeting to 1pm on Sunday after the main Convention Session was over. The Majority that David Stafford Reade and Team Munger had coerced at the California Republican Party Convention was rendered useless.
This is the fact that Karen England can’t acknowledge – because doing so would remove her only justification for defending David Reade and Doug LaMalfa’s actions.
Meanwhile, back in Placer County – Doug LaMalfa, Karen England, Mark Spannagel and their Non-Conservative allies continue their assault on the Placer-CRA led Placer GOP Central Committee.
Pattern Recognition Folks, Pattern Recognition…
This will be continued – next up: “Did the Moderates try to Take Over CRA?”

Sep 232011

(Blogger’s Note: The California Republican Party record of Proxies and Credentials is public record and available to anyone that asks Ann Whitley for it – please click the hyperlink or contact Ann Whitley at the CRP directly for verification of the info posted here)

How Much did Charles Munger offer? I was told by two political insiders that it was $100,000. Neither would go on the record – but the story is that every member of the Assembly and State Senate were offered $100,000 for voter registration inside their district by Charles Munger in exchange for supporting “his platform”. This “offer” was also extended to an unidentified Central Committee as well. (My source would not specify)

The above, if true, suggests why so few electeds were present at the Convention, in addition – I have also been told by many more that Munger’s resources (aka money) have a lot of people scared.

LaMalfa? Almost all of his appointees were tied up in the drill.

Doug LaMalfa’s district director – Lisa Buescher’s Proxy was in the hands of Bay-Area Liberal Republican activist Luis Buhler for this convention. Lisa is an alleged Conservative, Buhler is anything but a Conservative.

Doug LaMalfa’s Chief of Staff – Mark Spannagel had his wife’s Proxy (Emily Jarvinen) in the hands of John D. Longwell of Santa Cruz County – a huge booster of Abel Maldonado and a donor to liberal Republican causes.

Mark Spannagel’s Mother’s Proxy? (Judy Jarvinen) Kevin Krick – the Marin County GOP Chairman, not exactly Jeff Atteberry from Placer. (who, incidentally didn’t have any proxies) Mark Spannagel lives in Placer County – yet two proxies he controls ended up in Marin and Santa Cruz County?

It didn’t stop there.

Phyllis Wing – a Tea Party Patriot and a Conservative Christian from Lincoln told my source that she “Gave my Proxy to Doug LaMalfa”. It is unclear who called Phyllis – but her proxy ended up in the hands of Suzanne Caro from the Alameda Central Committee – not someone from Placer nor someone who believes as Wing does.

Bill and Bonnie Williams? Both are members of the Placer CRA and have been for years. Bonnie is also the president of the Folsom Area RWF. Bonnie told me that she was called by Lisa Buescher and asked for their proxies. Bonnie indicated that she “gave her proxies to Doug LaMalfa” because “she could trust him” to do the right thing. Bill Williams Proxy was given to Peter Ohtaki, Jr from San Mateo County and Bonnie’s was given to Michael Pelzel from Santa Clara County.

Kelly and Casey Lawler gave their proxies to David Reade. (She told me as such) Their proxies ended up in the hands of Morgan Kelly, the CRP Vice-Chairman Bay Area who voted against the conservative platform. So, Glenn County was represented by San Francisco County, Sacramento County by Santa Clara and San Mateo, etc etc etc.

Looks like David Stafford Reade did a CRA redux?

LaMalfa Staff Christine Rydell – Lucy Calder San Mateo GOP Chair.
LaMalfa Staff Kevin Eastman – Harmeet Dhillon, San Francisco GOP Chairman and a leader in the Moderate Movement inside the GOP
LaMalfa Staff Erin Ryan – Tyler Savage, Bay Area GOP Club Officer.

Erin Ryan is supposed to be a leader in the Shasta Tea Party who parlayed that in to a Job in Doug LaMalfa’s office.

Here are the issues:

1. Did Doug LaMalfa know about this? If not, now that he knows, what is he going to do about it now?

2. Mark Spannagel, Lisa Buescher and David Reade all deceived people and in the case of Spannagel/Buescher – they are Conservative Frauds as demonstrated by their actions. (everyone already knew Reade is for sale)

3. At best, this is a major embarrassment for Doug LaMalfa – at worst, this is conclusive proof that LaMalfa is also caught in a fraud trap as it pertains to claiming the canard of a Conservative.

Given the behavior of the above and the fact that they are also driving the bus against the Placer-CRA led Placer GOP Central Committee, I am now more convinced than ever that the attack against Placer is an ideological one.

Don’t forget – David Reade was paid to orchestrate all of the above (according to several political insiders I have spoken to).