Jul 232011

For those of you uninitiated to the CRA drama that unfolded in April, let me summarize quickly what happened:

1. Celeste Greig declared for re-election in January.

2. Karen England declared to run against Celeste in January.

3. Both candidates formed slates – Celeste and I co-wrote the “Contract with the CRA” and in response, Karen England and her team came up with “Restore the CRA”.

In late March, when rosters were due – it became apparent that the fraud that most of us knew to exist in the CRA had become endemic and widespread. The delegation lists were full of gross irregularities and the board reacted to attempt to do something about it pre-convention.

The Board adopted a residency rule. Restore the CRA sued the CRA and got a judge to overturn the residency rule. Thinking that they had the convention won, the Contract with the CRA side was treated to a series of emailed personal attacks and chest-beating.

There was a problem – while the judge invalidated the residency rule, he said explicitly in said ruling that the CRA By-Laws contained other remedies to combat the examples of fraud that were presented to him.

That we did – this led to a 9-hour credentialing saga at the April CRA Convention that you may have read about in bits and pieces in news stories, blogs and anonymous emails.

Previously, I had given you a taste of the fraud that occurred when I pointed out the 15 members of Team Nielsen / LaMalfa that were slated to serve as delegates to the April 2011 CRA Convention.

Lawsuit one was filed by Mid-Empire Republican Assembly, Tom Rogers and then CRA-VP Scott Voigts. This lawsuit cost the CRA about $10,000. All have been unrepentant about it and the latest attack email from Restore the CRA defiantly states that they were right to sue the CRA.

However, that same email neglects to mention a second lawsuit that was filed after the convention that they lost. Tim LeFever joined lawsuit number two and asked the Judge to invalidate our officer elections.

The judge in Lawsuit number 2 threw out the lawsuit stating that such political disagreements do not belong in his courtroom.

Of significant note – the restraining order that Restore the CRA gained against the CRA was allowed to expire on 4/28 without incident or further motion.

Over the next weeks – I will be laying out piece by piece what was done to the CRA over the years. There is ample proof and evidence to support everything being done at today’s board meeting.

I’d like to start with an email that was leaked to “our side” that was printed and handed out to all that were on the Restore the CRA bus that was chartered by Scott Voigts to bring delegates to the CRA Convention.

It says clearly, “First off, know what unit you are registered with. Gwen has the list”. This is blatant evidence of the chicanery that was used in an attempt to take total control of the CRA by Karen England and her team. The delegates that were coming on the bus did not know what units Team England had assigned them to.

The former Membership Secretary Peggy Mew not only gave the entire CRA email list to them, but she also was as complicit in delegate fraud as Scott Voigts was. The only reason why Mew is not up for expulsion at today’s board meeting is that we did not have the evidence in time to give proper notice.

That being said – 16 bogus CRA units are up for de-chartering: Starting with the 8 coronas, the 3 San Diego Fraudres, Stanton, Ladera Ranch, Yolo, Yuba and South Butte. Mid Empire is up for de-chartering due to their participation in the lawsuits against the CRA.

The following 7 people were put up for permanent expulsion from the CRA: Scott Voigts, David Reade, Mark Spannagel, Paul Dillon, Tom Rogers, Karen England and Tim LeFever – basically for participating in the massive fraud and for suing the CRA.

I will be expanding in to the specific evidence as this series develops.

To Be Continued.

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