Aug 082019

People constantly harp on the Republican Party for failure to message. Chad Mayes has said the exact same thing. Allow your intrepid blogger to extend a hand of solidarity with Mr. Mayes and others that want to address some several societal and moral issues. Let’s message.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and discard the hyperbole. California has basically legalized a whole bunch of crimes and vagrancy. California’s Schools are a disaster both for failing to educate and for brainwashing students with social agendas – what this means is that California is a fertile breeding ground for all sorts of insane and violent behavior. Children grow up without a father and become radicalized in the absence of hope. This isn’t a white supremacy thing, this is a multi-racial thing. Let’s Message.

In California, you can get more jail time for calling someone a boy and/or giving them a plastic straw than you can for infecting someone with aids. Let’s Message.

The real discussion we should be having is about societal decay and the circumstances that convince people that mass murder is acceptable. Let’s Message.

Will Chad Mayes stand with your intrepid blogger to denounce hate in all its’ forms? (the above tweet is just one example of the chorus from the left) Will he stand with your intrepid blogger to call on political leaders to denounce anti-semetism, MEChA, the Reconquista, Black Panthers, radical BLM groups, MAPA and others along with the KKK and white supremacist groups? Will Chad Mayes stand up and call for an end to the politics of division across the board? If yes, then I will co-author such a resolution with him. Let’s Message.

It is the belief of this blogger that a generation raised without God and the hope and peace that God brings are a ticking time bomb. When you teach a generation that life is cheap and you add in confusing messages about sex, gender, drugs, morality, a re-writing of history and sick twisted popular culture it is no wonder people lash out. The last three shooters listed two atheists and a satanist among them. Let’s Message. There is a better way.

I know that Chad Mayes was raised as a Christian and is a Christian despite his recent maladies. I believe he understands what life without God or the hope of Christ could be like. I think it could send a powerful message if Chad Mayes were to join in solidarity with this sober alcoholic to send a message that faith leads to redemption and that societal decay can be cured with clear and solid values combined with a return to faith. Let’s Message.

What an opportunity to provide leadership for the CAGOP!

Aug 062019

A lot of people have been seizing upon the latest mass shootings to attack President Trump directly or indirectly by railing on White Supremacy. The fact is that white supremacy has been on the decline for years – as have shooting deaths.

In fact, Black Males account for 7% of the population and 50% of the shooting murders in the USA (source: Larry Elder who is Black). Those taking potshots at White Supremacy (which is rooted in racism, a sin and morally wrong) appear to be remiss to discuss groups like Antifa or the disproportionate violence within Black America. The President is and he is getting assailed for being racist for doing so (see also Baltimore).

In his tweet, Chad Mayes equates “Nationalism” to xenophobia, racism and mass murder. This is and has been a dog whistle for the left to attack Trump supporters with. It is the opinion of this blogger that Mayes will use his proposed resolution coming to the ensuing CAGOP Convention as a platform to attack Trump supporters with by inference or directly.

Mayes has been outspoken in his criticism of the President and since being ousted as Assembly Permanent Minority leader has been on a rampage to assuage his bruised ego.

I am going to roast some marshmallows at the upcoming CAGOP Convention as I could care less (really, I don’t) about Chad Mayes’ resolution – I am more interested in the pain and chaos it is going to cause the oligarchy of controlled failure. The old adage is change or die, it appears they are preferring to die.

Chad Mayes’ tweets make several fallacious comparisons and assertions – but these will be for the weak leadership and consultant-controlled CAGOP committees to hash out. Given that most of the top GOP consulting firms are #NEVERTRUMPERS and most staff of GOP members are lukewarm at best to the President, I can hardly wait to see what they do. There are three possibilities – the Resolution gets aborted in committee, the Resolution gets watered down in committee or it passes as is. My money is on it passing as is, as many of the same people celebrating (privately) the passage of the “Tax Return Bill”, are now in total control of the CAGOP apparatus.

Update: the CAGOP is reputed to have well over $1MM in the bank as of last weekend. Once again, good Job – please keep it up. To those in CAGOP leadership – remember, when you show leadership and do good it will be reported on just as fast as the criticism comes out. 

I’ve consistently railed on the CAGOP leadership for refusing to take public stands on a variety of issues – The Party Platform, the President, William “Bill” Brough’s scandals, Duncan Hunter’s Scandals, Crazy Carl DiMaio, and Omar Navarro’s Scandals amongst them. Remember, Chad Mayes was held accountable for his moral failures under the previous CAGOP Chairman. The current CAGOP Chair has several campaign and financial ties to Mr. Mayes and his former Girlfriend – the disgraced Kristen Olsen. It is not an unfair question to ask about the consultants public record of disdain for the President and madam chairman’s actions (or lack thereof) and past financial connections / campaign work.

Lastly, and most importantly, If the leadership of the CAGOP was perceived to be strong, someone like Mr. Mayes would not have felt empowered to do what he is doing. To be continued…

Nov 022017

Some months ago, I was told of Chad Mayes saying, “Man I am so tired, I was at Bruno Mars last night…”

I suppose Chad Mayes is having a spectacular Mid-Life Crisis (google Narcissistic Rage for a clinical explanation). It has all the makings, an affair, fits of rage, a search for relevance and hearkening back to High School antics.

Now – you can join his Mid Life Crisis with the queen of Trump hate herself – Katy Perry. Nothing in politics happens by accident. Given that his staff, consultants and enablers are using social media on an almost daily basis to assert their authoritah over the rank-and-file Trump-supporting Republican base to remind them how wrong they are, you can draw no other conclusion that is a nexus for this event.

I am sure several of Chad Mayes’ enablers – see also donors, lobbyists, etc. will be there checks in hand to remind Chad of how right he was and how mean all those little people were for revolting.

If this is not enough – try this on for size. It is rumored and widely known in Sacramento that Anthony Rendon, the democrat Majority Leader (aka speaker) of the Assembly has given an order:

No credible democrat is to run against the Cap and Trade Republicans. If this is true, this is a serious boost to Marc Steinorth. It would also explain why Catherine Baker and Jordan Cunningham appear to have drawn no dem opposition. Since Rocky Chavez, Heath Flora, Devon Mathis and Chad Mayes are all in “safe” districts, a dem filing may not matter unless there are enough angry Republicans to vote for the real thing versus any of them. (Note: Devon Mathis will lose his primary to the Mayor of Viaslia, that is a prediction that we are solidifying and repeating)

With alleged polling showing every last one of these folks vulnerable to the right challenger in their area, it stands to reason why they would pledge allegiance to Rendon. It also informs us as to why Rendon has issued this edict (if indeed my two former dem legislators and one high-ranking union rep source are correct).

Then add the rumor I dropped last week about uncle moonbeam running a $5MM independent expenditure in support of the #capandtraitors and you have the full picture.

If you are part of the Cap and Trade Crew – you, too can join Chad Mayes to see Katy Perry to get away from Donald Trump, Republican Grassroots and bask in the glow of the burgeoning ecotopia known as California.

I will repeat my analogy that having Chad Mayes in Republican Leadership is like inviting Michael Jackson to your son’s slumber party. Someone is going to get violated repeatedly and given the pattern of Mr. Mayes (see also Narcissistic Rage) this pattern will continue until Gary Jeandron or Andrew Kotyuk dispatches him at the ballot box. Brian Dahle should remove him with extreme prejudice immediately and let the rest of us clean up the mess.

Oct 242017

Google Narcissistic Personality Disorder and then compare it to Chad Mayes’ behavior once he orchestrated the Cap and Trade debacle. He is following a classic pattern.

Greg Wallis – who works for Chad Mayes is featured here tweeting criticism of Kevin McCarthy. Yes, Wallis (Mayes Staff) is slamming the moderate Republican icon for saying “My advice for Assembly members in Sacramento: You will not win the majority by thinking you can be Democrat lite” . This was the most used quote in the drive-by media from McCarthy’s speech at the CAGOP.

Apparenly, Mayes and his minions were triggered yet again. Young Mr. Wallis decided to reference the sliding republican numbers in office as a counter argument, suggesting that only Chad Mayes and selling out on Cap and Trade, Abortion, Taxes, Spending, Bonds, Bullet Trains and the like is the way to the electoral promised land for the California GOP.

Narcissists are constitutionally incapable of seeing their own faults. They are unable to comprehend when they are wrong. Chad Mayes truly believes that everyone else is wrong and is in the middle of what I have described as a Narcissistic Rage.

His temper tantrum was made worse as the fractured and petrified Assembly Republican Caucus could not muster the courage to expel him from leadership. Currently Mayes sits as “assistant leader” in the CAGOP Caucus. This has probably reinforced in Mr. Mayes mind how right he is. You can not deal with a true narcissist, you have to run them over with a truck (figuratively) and literally eviscerate them. That requires courage.

Mayes for his part has been tweeting incessant criticism of everything Republican since his reign of terror as Republican Leader ended two weeks later than it should have. He attempted to decimate fundraising agreements, shoved Assembly member Melissa Melendez in to the doghouse, stripped others of committee assignments and the like. While the drama of his ouster was unfolding, he was bullying people at events, yelling at others on the phone while raising tons of money from his real masters in the California Swamp.

Now that Mayes has gotten his 500,000 pieces of silver, he is repaying everyone for their loyalty by talking openly about running for Governor. The money he raised was for Assembly, the donors wanted him there to continue voting for their tax increases, corporate welfare and the like.

Note the timing of the story from Mayes, Friday. This was the start of the CAGOP Convention. There were a hail of tweets from disgruntled staffers over the course of the weekend attacking Steve Bannon, the CAGOP and others.

I received a call yesterday from a very well sourced political consultant friend that Chad Mayes has retained an out of state consultant to run his Governor Campaign. The individual had never heard of the consultant and did not write down the name.

That said, the pattern is consistent – Mayes is hellbent to be right. He reminds me of Tom Hudson. Mayes will destroy himself and everyone else around him in his rage over the deep-seeded sense of violation he is feeling.

I had told several people I did not think Chad Mayes would stay a Republican. He won’t. Even though Joe Justin runs Chad’s social media himself, Joe’s posts on behalf of Chad are accurate representations of Chad’s view of the world. The above article from Capitol Public Radio should be a further entree in to the mind of Mayes.

If you track the political “development” of Nathan Fletcher in San Diego (ironically, he spoke at the SD County Dem Convention this past weekend), they are tracking similarly. Both had affairs with Assembly members as an added bonus. While Chad Mayes’ flame-out has been more widespread – the basic building blocks of a self-centered political metamorphosis are there.

Mayes will run for Governor because he knows he will lose AD42, then he will blame the GOP for his defeat(s) and will thusly leave the GOP. His rampage won’t stop at trying to split GOP Votes to help John Chiang or Antonio Suave in to the runoff against Gay Marriage Gavin, he will find other offices to run for as a democrat in later cycles.

Chad Mayes has basically abandoned his partners in #CapandTrade, Marc Steinorth and Devon Mathis, both of whom are in serious political trouble. Again, following the pattern, Chad is looking out for Chad and must not believe the rumored $5MM+ independent expenditure to support the 6 traitors on the ballot in 2018 is not real.

Oct 142017

Every day I am reminded that Narcissism is alive and well in the body politic. I have written before that I believe Chad Mayes is a classic Narcissist.

Chad Mayes is constitutionally incapable of grasping that he screwed up.

He is also constitutionally incapable of grasping that people want him out of office.

So, we get tweets like this where he seeks to lecture the leadership of the California Republican Party about Steve Bannon.

Mr. Mayes demonstrates repeatedly that he is indeed tone deaf to the Republican Party Platform. Worse, these tweets show that he still thinks he is right and everyone else is wrong. You can not deal with someone this intransigent. He is going to repeat to everyone that the way to the promised land is for the GOP to adopt democrat party policy positions in order to be relevant again.

He has other tweets where he is interacting with the former governor who was the author of AB32, which has caused massive hikes in energy costs, with more coming in 2018 courtesy of un-elected boards created by it.

The problem is how far do you move the GOP Tent to the left before it becomes synonymous with the dems?

The Al Moncada at the bottom of the second set of tweets is an open borders advocate whose limited social media presence is dedicated to attacking President Trump.

The NB in the middle holds himself out as an employee of the CMA (California Medical Association). The NB may be Nick Bertcil who is on the CMA’s website. The California Medical Association is a left-leaning group that lobbies for government money in to the health care industry. They frequently endorse socialized medicine type bills, etc. The people they seem to resent would characterize them as part of the swamp.

Note that Nick Bertcil tagged Joe Justin in his tweet. As we’ve asserted here many times, Justin was an architect of the Cap and Trade deal that ignited Chad Mayes removal as Assembly GOP Leader. You may also recall Joe Justin’s social media profile picture featuring an Obama deadhead shirt.

Kevin Spillane – whose tweet was re-tweeted basically calls the CAGOP leadership racist along with Sheriff Joe Arpaio – has been a left-leaning Republican Political Consultant for years. I’ve known him to work on the campaigns of democrats as well. It is clear Mr. Spillaine was a big loser when Chad Mayes was demoted and has been on a rampage of his own.

Jimmy Camp is a former Republican Consultant who used to run ground operations in targeted GOP Races. In 2008, he publicly stated that he voted for Obama, yet still got work as a GOP Consultant for years after. In 2016, he once against left the GOP because President Trump won the primary.

These are the folks backing up Mr. Mayes and Mayes continues to struggle for relevance.

What this exercise tells me is that even though it feels like Chad was able to “win” by getting good committee assignments and “assistant leader” title, that his nearly psychotic ego has been deeply injured.

Chad Mayes is on the ballot in 2018. I do believe that anyone with the wherewithall needs to donate to the candidate you believe can unseat him and if possible participate in the effort of said candidate. The only way the consultants, lobbyists and people like mayes will learn is by losing.

Even then, if Chad Mayes loses, folks like these will blame an inflexible GOP, blah, blah, blah. When people are unreachable, they need to be removed. In a couple days, before the coming CAGOP Convention, I will have some more to say about Republican Values and why they actually matter – even in a state like California.