Dan Hughes to Attend Confession before Religious Freedom Rally?

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Mar 222012

Update 4/13 – I spoke with Dan Hughes on the phone who assured me he had the permission of his local Catholic Bishop to cut and paste the email and re-send it. Fair enough. Feinstein certainly would not be truthful about this or even care.

On the heels of the most insane polling data from Richard Ramirez showing that even a penniless candidate can manufacture 15% support – we have a campaign email from Dan Hughes, A warrior with Bold Solutions for California.

Look at his website – he will tell you so. Dan Hughes who looks about 22 years old has bold solutions for California. He even has the endorsement of the information minister – former Assembly Politician Chuck DeVore who skipped out on California. (more on skipping out of California later)

Your intrepid blogger would like to extend a helping hand to Mr. Hughes.

Plagiarism is a sin. I’d like to suggest that Mr. Hughes attend confession before heading out to the San Diego religious freedom rally.

Mr. Hughes sent out a campaign email announcing his attendance at the March 23rd Religious Freedom Rally in San Diego while plagiarizing the content of a March 14th news release from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

You can read Mr. Hughes Bold, new email from today as well if you like.

If you wasted 15 minutes of your life that you will never get back you will realize that Mr. Hughes, bold new solutions for California involve using Microsoft Notepad to cut and paste content from one website to your own without attribution. That is called plagiarism.

I, too believe in Religious freedom – including redemption – unfortunately for Mr. Hughes, tomorrow is not the Day of Atonement. Therefore, I’d like to refer Mr. Hughes to the local diocese for confession before heading out to the rally so he can be congruent.

Now that’s a bold new solution for California.

Hat Tip – Chris Emami and the OC political blog for being the first to point this out.

Jan 102012

Here is the text of an Email from Dan Logue:

Chico – North State Assemblyman Dan Logue today announced that he would be seeking reelection to the newly drawn Third Assembly District seat.  Logue was originally elected to the Third Assembly District in 2008 and has represented the district for the past four years.

“Redistricting has caused many changes in the North State, but It has been my privilege to represent the residents of Third Assembly District for these past four years and I look forward to continuing to do so,” stated Logue.  “I have had to examine where my strengths are and where I can be most effective for the North State by continuing to serve in the Third Assembly District seat.”

The Third Assembly District is comprised of all of Yuba, Sutter, Tehama, Glenn and portions of Butte and Colusa Counties.

Here’s what this means – the current AD01 Race is now tossed in to a tizzy. Brian Dahle from Lassen, Ted Owens from Nevada, and at least one more person from Shasta County are rumored to be jumping in to the fray against already declared liberal Republican Rick Bossetti.

AD01 – Siskiyou, Shasta, Modoc, Lassen, Plumas, Sierra, Nevada 1/2 of Butte and 1/3 of Placer. Dan Logue was to have moved to Lake Wildwood in Nevada County to run.

Regarding Jim Nielsen – sources have told this blogger that Gentlemen Jim is not running for his third term against Dan Logue – rather (in the opinion of this blog)  Gentleman Jim is going to conserve his resources to run for State Senate against Dan Logue after Doug LaMalfa wins election to Congress.

There are two opponents to Doug LaMalfa – my friend Colonel Pete Stiglich and another guy from Shasta County that wants to split the vote with Stiglich to enable the third candidate to win. (Gotta love Republicans and their firm grasp on strategy)

Les Baugh is still running against Ted Gaines for SD-01.

Oct 202010

Kevin Johnson – the left-wing Mayor of Sacramento. He announced his endorsements today.

With every endorsement comes baggage. Kevin Johnson has a ton – a federal investigation in to his Charter School and his recent endorsement list is even worse baggage for anyone that is not a freaked-out liberal.

KJ endorsed Kamala Harris – you know, the SF Nutbag that refuses to prosecute Cop-Killers? He also endorsed SF Nutbag Gavin “any Twosome” Newsome.

KJ Endorsed Barbara Boxer – while left-wing papers are bailing out on her. KJ Endorsed Jerry Brown (to round out the SF freakshow) and John Chiang (the empty-suit who whores for unions every year at budget time)

Darrell Steinberg for Senate, Richard Pan (who can’t finish a sentence) over Pugno for Assembly and Roger Niello for…. WAIT!? Roger Niello?

Is this what effectiveness looks like? What does Roger Niello have in common with Darrell Steinberg!? If I was Roger Niello, I’d wink and say “You sure about that, Kevin… you know there is Ken Cooley on the ballot!?”

Otherwise – it looks like Roger Niello really IS a compromised Republican vs the conservative he is campaigning as. Ted Gaines will be sure to point this out to voters.

KJ’s endorsement sucks as bad as the Sacramento Bee’s does.

Now – Tim Herman? That’s a different story – Tim Herman had a recent fundraiser headlined by Kevin Johnson.

That’s right – KJ who went No on 23, like Herman and Yes on 25, like Herman. So they both support killing 1 million plus jobs and simple-majority tax increases at the state level.

Kevin Johnson is the biggest name yet that Tim Herman has gotten to endorse him – certifying his left-wing credentials. David Larson should be jealous – Herman snagged both the Sacramento Bee and Kevin Johnson.

The package is clear with Tim Herman – he is a liberal Democrat who forgot to register as such.

Think about it – his top supporters are all Democrats.
He supports Prop 25 – simple majority budgets / tax increases
He opposes Prop 8
He opposes Prop 23 – and supports an electric car ordinance in Sun City
He has talked about extending the time to pay city taxes, not cutting them…

The Kevin Johnson endorsement makes sense for Tim Herman.

The Reverend Karen England – Candidate (for Spellcheck?)

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Oct 122010

How about today’s press-release:

It should be a great day in the vainglorious crusade to refill the coffers of the CRI when the venerable Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association chimes in to legitimize your “campaign” for Lt. Governor…

Problem – the announcement was like the hapless Braves’ 2nd Baseman. (Emphasis added)

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Endorses Karen England for Lt. Governor

Karen England for Lt. Governor today announced the endorsement of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.  Established in 1978, HJTA is responsible for the passage of Proposition 13 California’s landmark constitutional amendment protecting taxpayers from high property taxes. 

Today, HJTA continues to fight against job-killing taxes in California ‘s legislature. They are dedicated to the advancement of taxpayers’ rights, limited taxation and the right of the voter to approve or deny tax increases.

“Karen England is the only reliable ally taxpayers have in the race for Lt. Governor. Unlike tax-friendly candidates like Able Maldonado and Gavin Newsom, Karen can be counted on to stand up to the spending forces in Sacramento,” said Joh Coupal, President of Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

“I am extremely honored by this endorsement,” stated Karen England. “Californian’s are tired of politicians promising one thing while they campaign yet doing the opposite once they are elected. Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association’s endorsement carries significant weight specially among fiscally responsible Californians across the spectrum.”

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association is the latest to endorse Karen England’s write-in campaign for Lt. Governor. They join Concerned Women of America, Gun Owners of California, and former GOP Lt. Governor nominee and Senator Tim Leslie.

Billy Conrad did it in a Baseball Game – and Karen England did it in a press release… just not ready for Prime-Time.

But, who cares if the checks cash.

Sep 262010

Wow! Amazing things happen when you have to run a campaign finally.

(Its’ called scrutiny)

Barbara Boxer was part of the same excesses that landed some Republicans in prison and will send Rangel and Waters to the can as well.

Maxine Waters… a flaming communist and a life-long buddy of Boxers, has drank from the same kool-aid vat for years and they’ve been paying each other’s people (off) for “consulting”.

Now Boxer’s son is caught with his fingers in the cookie jar – and look close again, this is real corruption. (as opposed to hundreds of dollars – this is hundreds of thousands of dollars)

From the National Review

From 2001 to 2006 – with precisely one Boxer Senate campaign during that period – Boxer paid her son more than $320,000, according to a report by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. During the 2008 election cycle, Boxer’s PAC gave $141,000 to the firm Douglas Boxer & Associates. So far this cycle, Boxer’s PAC has paid another $108,000.

A cool $570,000 in 10 years, not bad.

The issue here is using campaign money for personal benefit. It looks like Barbara Boxer is right there with Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel.

…Sen. Barbara Boxer has repeatedly paid Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ daughter for a prominent spot on a “sample ballot” sent out to voters in the South Central Los Angeles district, effectively buying an endorsement from Rep. Waters….

Nice, Huh – and Boxer was one of the biggest finger-pointers at Duke Cunningham and Bob Ney. She ought to be in the same federal prison where they were.

The latest installment of why it sucks to be Barbara Boxer.