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Jan 202021

Chad Bianco, a man of faith with his wife having a moment of prayer while being sworn in. On the right is Chad Bianco embracing former Sheriff Robert Doyle who endured a decade of being smeared by Stan Sniff. Doyle has been peacefully retired in Texas, no longer being used as a straw man by the corrupt former Sheriff Stan Sniff

Recently, your intrepid blogger talked to someone that recently retired after having a dust up with the Sheriff. This spurred me to start doing some follow up work to see what has changed in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office post Stan Sniff.

If you have not liked Chad Bianco’s Facebook page – for those of you still on Facebook post purge, here it is. You can also see an assortment of You Tube stuff here as well. Bianco has gained some national attention for standing up to Governor Newsolini’s edicts. He has told the governor he will not be throwing people in jail for not wearing a mask or doing other normal daily activites.

When I annhiliated Stan Sniff over the course of 18 months there were several themes we wrote about.

One theme was promotions and retaliation. Sniff was notorious for promoting his buddies and for giving people “Freeway Therapy”. Freeway therapy is when someone that lived in the western half of Riverside County was transferred to a station 2+ hours away out in the desert portion. (Or vise versa) I’ve been told by several that this practice has ended and transfers are voluntary or when needed due to issues are typically 1-2 stations away.

Some people have bristled about the promotion of Chad’s brother Mike Bianco. Mike was a Sergeant for over a decade. Obviously, because Chad had been openly opposed to Stan Sniff, his brother was collateral damage and was never given serious consideration. The overwhelming majority of people agreed that promoting Sgt. Bianco to Lieutennant was the right move and that Mike Bianco deserved it.

Chad Bianco’s daughter is now a deputy. She was all the way through training and was doing her background check / process before Chad even knew she had applied. Accounts I have been given is that Chad’s daughter was actually given a harder time than most in the academy.

In addition, several known Stan Sniff supporters have been promoted by Sheriff Bianco in the time since Bianco won election. This is a stark contrast to Sniff who had a large enemies list.

A big deal is that Chad Bianco turned over the leadership of the PSB department. As you recall, I wrote about several cover-ups under the Sniff admin. The PSB (aka internal affairs department) was the lynchpin of these. The standard is now find the truth, versus working towards a pre-determined conclusion. On that subject, the Kevin Duffy case is being litigated and Bianco was not able to give many details – but he made it clear he hopes the lawsuits compel the release of the information to give the victims closure. (I am reading in between the lines of what he told me)

Sheriff Bianco raved about how County Staff and the Board of Supervisors have been helpful and partners in dealing with his budget. The biggest issues have been with the inertia of Government and the hopelessly broken system. County Staff have been partners in navigating the deliberately set roadblocks by Sacramento. Bianco indicated that pre-Covid they were hiring at a very high rate and had solved several staffing problems in areas in the county. This also included fully staffing the new jail (that sat partially empty for several years) – that Sniff used to use as leverage to try and get more money out of the county.

Two major things that the Bianco administation has accomplished have freed up a lot of money and solved a lot of nagging problems:

  1. The building maintenance has been taken over from the county. The photos I used to post of broken doors, gates and the like will be much harder to come by now. The costs are a fraction of what they were using the county and the lag times have almost been eliminated
  2. The rusted out cars and age-old cars are being dealt with. This year, the Riverside Sheriff’s Department is going in to contract with Ford and Chevy directly for cars and their maintenance. This has been done by departments around the country – but many common sense decisions were never allowed under Sniff. I guess all those neat photos of broken and rusted out cars that I posted under the Sniff Administration are a thing of the past.

A couple of side notes – the department had dozens of cars sitting idle due to bureaucratic bungling and still others that were unused due to mainenance issues. Many such cars were cleaned up, fixed, painted and otherwise. The administrative staff was given some of these newly rehabbed cars causing some to think all of the admin staff got new vehicles. After July, there will be even more new vehicles courtesy of the new fleet contracts with Ford and Chevy.

Lastly, one of the long-standing issues with Stan Sniff were CCW Permits. These were handed out only to friends and donors mostly. The waiting period was a ghastly 18 months on average and had hit 2 years at some point. There were also very few authorized vendors for the prerequesite training as well.

As such, Bianco outsourced the paperwork and vetting of applicants. the wait time had been slashed to 3 weeks pre covid and is still a respectible 2 months now.

There were 3 vendors under Sniff, there are now 17 under Bianco.

As such, there were just short of 10,000 CCW Permit Holders in Riverside County at the end of 2020. At no point in Sniff’s tenure did the number exceed 3500.

Your intrepid blogger will be continuing to track the progress of Sheriff Bianco. If you have any tips or information, please email me at [email protected], you can remain anonymous if needed.

Jan 202021

Heck – John Moorlach already voted to make sure illegal aliens are counted for reapportionment – so why not tax them, too! Is this one of the reasons why the establishment in Orange County is choosing Big Government John?

Is this why Steven Greenhut wrote of Big Government John, “Moorlach’s not even recognizable as a conservative anymore.“?

Immigration, this is an issue that the GOP has blown chunks on. It is an issue used to hammer the GOP unfairly as racist. Like the Abortion Issue (see also “legitimate rape”) the GOP continues to shoot itself in the head with purely stupid public statements. A certain Presidential Candidate with a borderline personality has made a campaign out of it.

As someone who believes in removing quotas and a path to legalization (not citizenship) so that people coming here can be screened for disease and criminal history first, then a system that actually lets these immigrants work in the light of day instead of hiding, it galls me to see the Racism of both the left and the right on this issue. (in addition to the non-racist stupidity)

Racism? Yes, it is a purely racist statement to say, ” ‘they’ will do jobs others won’t do”. Well, Big Government John has said some bizarre things on this issue himself…

John Moorlach proposed a special tax on Illegal Immigrants.

In a 2/7/2007 Orange County Register Article, John Moorlach proposed another tax, beyond the 150+ the he voted yes on.

Moorlach figures a fine between $250 and $400 per inmate should generate the $3.5 million annual subsidy advocated by the Hospital Association of Southern California to help them recover the costs of providing services.

Local activists were stunned by the idea.

“Truly inhuman,” said Amin David, president of Los Amigos of Orange County. “I just can’t fathom it. I thought I’d heard everything. It just doesn’t stop.”

“I’m not proposing penalizing every undocumented person, I’m just going after those who have been arrested,” said Moorlach. “I’m just using a model that our state legislature has provided.”

State Sen. Lou Correa also slammed the idea.

“Nobody talks about the benefits that the undocumented bring to this economy. It’s sad. These people can’t vote and they don’t have a say, so they’re a target.”

Why is a solution to a societal problem a new tax? How is this conservative? Lou Correa is wrong on one hand and right on another – Undocumented is a BS way of saying illegal. However, even an idiot like Correa gets some issues right with the concept of hanging a target on these people.

Perhaps this IS how an alleged accountant (one who even has a license apparently) handles a problem?

Last time I checked, the County of Orange does not have the authority to set immigration policy. Secondly, what a great outreach message to minorities from Mr. Moorlach. I wonder what further brilliance Mr. Moorlach intends to bring to the GOP if elected… because we know he will sit in office and do nothing to expand the party based on his past behavior.


Jan 192021

It is amazing really, the Voice of OC is a respected left-leaning publication. I was actually shocked at what I saw in their most recent article about the Orange County Supervisor’s race. In order to set the table, let’s take a look at recent articles related to said race:

ON 1-13-2021, the Orange County Register blew up John MoorlachAlleged rape victim says her reputation is caught up in race for O.C. Supervisor 

“You did what many politicians do when a cover up of a sexual assault is exposed; you began to smear me behind the scenes,” Todd told Moorlach in the letter. To clear that up, she told Moorlach that she releases him from any privacy protections about her work record so he can openly discuss those alleged criticisms. Moorlach, who is being endorsed by the Republican Party of Orange County in the Supervisor race, didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Note that John Moorlach ignored the Orange County Register on 1-13-2021.

Then on 1-14-2021 we are treated to thisJohn Moorlach qualifies for ballot for the Orange County Board of Supervisors 

“The Orange County Republican Party, the Lincoln Club of Orange County, and the New Majority have endorsed former Supervisor John Moorlach,” current Orange County Republican Chairman Fred Whitaker said. “He’s won three races in that district and he’s the overwhelming favorite to return to the board.”

Moorlach ignores his former staffer and rape victim another day while parroting the old worn out good ole’ boys endorsements no one cares about.

Then on 1-15-2021, he is indeed available to talk to the leftist publication the Voice of OC.

Fountain Valley Mayor Jumps into High-Stakes Supervisor Race 

Moorlach says he shares county GOP Chairman Fred Whitaker’s concern that if Republicans don’t consolidate around him, it risks splitting the GOP vote handing the seat to Democrats. “I think that’s absolutely correct,” Moorlach told Voice of OC on Thursday. “We’re moving forward, getting everyone lined up, still raising funds,” he added, describing his strengths as being “seasoned, experienced and qualified.” … Whitaker didn’t return a phone message seeking comment.

Note that Whitaker has been smearing the rape victim and we have an email from him proving this allegation. Whitaker has also spent a ton of political capital trying to keep all the cocktail party circuit aligned behind the morally flawed John Moolach.

Morally Flawed? Yup- he is available to comment to the Voice of OC, but not the Orange County Register. I did find it rather odd that the social justice warriors at the Voice of OC ignored the overriding issue in this supervisor race, the rape of Trish Todd, the cover-up, the smearing of Mrs. Todd and the indifference of John Moolach towards it all. Is this because the Voice of OC is shilling for Katrina Foley?

The Voice of OC article was about another Republican jumping in to the race, and conveniently ignored the primary and most noteworthy issue. this is especially true if there is truth to the spin about Mr. Moolach being the front runner.

Did the Voice of OC make a deal with Moorlach to get him to comment for their article (as in we won’t ask)? Or, did they ignore the issue because they want Moorlach to siphon off a larger share of the vote enabling the crazed Katrina Foley to run stronger? Why else would people supposedly all about Women’s rights ignore the rape of one of John Moorlach’s staff to get a story?

Tim Clark was John Moorlach’s Chief of Staff at the time Trish Todd was raped by Bill Brough and according to the Orange County Register:

State records show that Clark worked as a consultant on Brough’s 2014 campaign for Assembly, months before Todd told him about the rape. In 2014, Brough paid Clark’s consulting firm $14,141. Two years later — months after Todd told Clark about the alleged rape — Brough paid Clark’s firm an additional $42,682.

Trish Todd Wrote Moorlach an open letter recently:

She asked that he come forward with any claims he had about her job performance by Thursday.

“This is the least you can do for one of your team members who served you loyally and was so let down by you and your office.”

Todd also asked Moorlach why he hasn’t ever reached out to offer support, either when she quit his office in 2016 or when he says he first heard of the rape allegation last fall.

“A little compassion and humanity from the person I respected would have helped in my long recovery journey,” Todd said.

“What did you do? Instead of helping or reaching out to me, you claimed that you blindly believed Tim Clark.”

You’d think the Voice of OC would ask a few questions rather than parroting talking points from the Cocktail Party Circuit. John Moorlach is done politically as the rest of the Trish Todd story has yet to be told, the Voice of OC missed an opportunity to engage in journalism. I believe this is because of their desite to see Katrina Foley win the election.

To be continued…

Jan 192021

By now, you’ve read about the OC Establishment endorsing Big Government John.

Set aside the hyperbole – reforming immigration policy and especially enforcement is something 80% of Americans agree with.

There is another problem for the Border, build the wall crowd. Big Government John agrees with any open borders rino.

When Orange County’s overlord Big Government John was shopping for a new temple, he was quoted liberally in the Orange County Register. Moloch has run for Governor, Congress and now State Senate in the last two years.

Let’s focus on this quote:

Moorlach, who emigrated as a child with his parents from the Netherlands to Orange County, said it’s not time yet to discuss his views on issues such as immigration, as that would imply he’s made up his mind to run. However, he said, “I prefer some of the proposals that have been proffered by the Lincoln Club and Sen. Marco Rubio.”

Last year, the Lincoln Club adopted a policy statement on immigration reform that would allow undocumented immigrants to transition to guest-worker status and a pathway to legal residency, not citizenship.

Now that sounds pretty similar to most country clubber Republican’s stance, now doesn’t it? I wonder what Big Government John is going to say today now that much of his base is riding the Trump build the wall train?

In a 6/21/2013 Column written by Martin Wisckol, the Orange County Lincoln Club tore in to Dana Rohrbacher for taking a hard line on immigration. (I have a paper copy but the link is gone from the register website) The Lincoln Club expressed public support for Marco Rubio’s plan that legalizes 11 million illegal aliens. (Which I support) The Lincoln Club went neutral on the full-blown path to citizenship that Rubio’s plan was bastardized in to by the Reid-Controlled Senate.

This is what Mr. Moorlach said he preferred – the Gang of Eight deal.

Now Senator Moorlach has indeed shown us all that he is to the left of most all of his base on the immigration issue – voting in favor of a resolution calling for the disenfranchisement of US Citizens in reapportionment. (Which is the current practice)

BTW – what has now Senator Moorlach done to help the GOP? That’s right, still nothing. Despite the scandal that Moorlach is embroiled in related to the cover up of the rape of one of his staff, the OCGOP rammed down an endorsement of John Moorlach (featuring smearing the victim)

It looks like 2021 is the year people pay attention to the real John Moorlach. We never stopped…

Jan 182021

Courtesy of a Steve Frank supporter – we were alerted that the Orange County Republican Party had invited “the Chairwoman” to speak to the Central Committee tonight. The announcement did not make mention that they were going to consider an endorsement tonight.

Take the fight to the democrats? More like a cool quarter mill while getting shellacked

We were able to determine that indeed the person that tipped us off as to the upcoming meeting exposed what was supposed to be yet another pre-ordained endorsement from the OCGOP as an email sent just two days ago added the endorsement to the agenda.

In the course of making my calls on behalf of Steve Frank, a confidential informant stakeholder in the CAGOP told me they spoke to the Chairwoman. Note the Chairwoman has not been calling anyone identified as an undesirable – she has only made a handful of calls outside the squish-staff axis.

Her majesty informed my source that she has the endorsement of the OCGOP. This claim was made something like 10 days ago. Fred Whitaker has been caught once again trying to operate under cover of darkness. It appears that Whitaker had promised the Chairwoman an endorsement of the OCGOP before the sham process was initiated.

Mr. Frank was at least able to get equal time tonight before the pre-ordained vote occurrs. If you are wondering why the CAGOP is nearly dead in California – it is again leadership like this.

So, let’s recap what Fred Whitaker and the OCGOP are preparing to endorse:

The State Party ignoring the un-endorsement of Tyler Diep in AD72, refusing to allow the state party to even consider correcting the endorsement.

The State Party abandonment of Diane Dixon in AD74, Greg Raths in CA45 and Bryan Maryott in CA49

Losing Ling Ling Chang and John Moorlach’s Senate Seats (IRONY ALERT: Fred rigged a party endorsement for Moorlach for Supervisor despite the exploding scandal around him)

In addition to the two lost Senate Seats, two assemblymembers defected from the GOP as well.

Her refusal to comment or lead on the Bill Brough Scandal (which has now embroiled John Moorlach)

Her refusal to deal with Mike Madrid, a founder of the Lincoln Project who actively tried to defeat Republicans Nationwide and who is currently on a rampage to attack everyone that ever worked for President Trump. There were three other Party delegates along with Madird actively campaigning against the President, and the complaints against them were also ignored.

Her quarter of a million dollar salary juxtaposed with the party running out of discretionary campaign dollars in early october + the slew of dishonest fundraising emails leeching money off of the recall, the Georgia Runoff and other issues of the day

27 County Party Committees with less than half their eleceted slots filled (most counties have 21 elected seats spread by the 5 supervisor districts), including 11 without a single elected member! This is a staggering number – half the county parties in California are functionally dead and this only happens with a Chairwoman that wants it that way.

A net loss of 1,200,000 voter registrations occurring under her watch as the Democrats put up well over 1,800,000 registrations at the same time as she is bragging about 624K for the GOP. This happens when you have no formal voter registration program at the state party level.

Similar to ignoring the misconduct of John Moolach, a lot of ignoring conduct goes in to every party endorsement pre-arranged under the cover of darkness. This sort of behavior is not healthy for a good functioning organization, but is unfortunately not uncommon as you’ve read on this blog repeatedly most recently with the San Bernardino GOP caper where a convicted felon was enlisted to keep team Jessica in control of that county party.

To be continued…

UPDATE: The final agenda for the OCGOP meeting tonight was sent a couple of hours after the blog went live. It no longer includes deciding on an endorsement for CAGOP Chair.