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Oct 172019

Blogger’s Note: Ca-25 = California’s 25th Congressional District

After taking office in Jan 2017, California Democrat freshman Congresswoman Katie Hill was quick to call out the “archaic sexism” running rampant in Washington DC and promising to eliminate it. From the looks of it, she’s working overtime on that mission! But she isn’t eliminating sexism. She’s giving it a new lease on life and in the immortal words of Shifty Schiff, I’ve seen the evidence with my own eyes! (Pass the eye bleach!)

It seems the MAJORITY of Democrats in DC are working overtime to perfect hypocrisy. It’s like watching an “Animal House” marathon 24×7. I am so done with the blatant in-your-face disregard for law and the seemingly never-ending hypocrisy of the Left.

They accuse Republicans of not being transparent. For being secret. Being sexist, racist, liars, thieves, and pretty much every other name in the book. This new breed of young Progressive Democrats gives a whole new meaning to indulgence, unfettered power, and total lack of responsibility.

My Congressional district seat is occupied by Congresswoman Katie Hill. A Democrat. She was part of the “Year of the Woman” for the Democrat party during the 2018 election cycle. And just like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar, she has no boundaries, no rules, and no real understanding of our Constitution.

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Oct 172019

This is America and this is the GOP – Tamika Hamilton is an American success story. Some people I trust have also endorsed Tamika and are excited about her candidacy against John Garamendi.

Check out Tamika Hamilton for Congress.

Tamika Hamilton was born in Calvert County, Maryland in 1984. Estranged from her father and born to an underage mother, Tamika was fortunate to be raised by her grandparents who she credits with first instilling in her the importance of public service. Tamika’s grandmother, Geraldine, took on extra work cleaning houses, while her grandfather, Francis, worked two jobs to help provide for Tamika growing up. Tamika says she is so fortunate to have had role models in her life that taught her the importance of hard work and service to her country. Tamika’s grandfather, a Purple Heart recipient for his heroic service in the Vietnam War, was the first to encourage Tamika to serve her country in the military. Within a month of graduating high school Tamika arrived at basic training for the United States Air Force.

Over 14 years of active duty in the Air Force, Tamika has been stationed at five different bases and two deployments in the Middle East as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, the United States Global War on Terror. During her 14-year military career, Tamika was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal, Joint Service Accommodation Medal, Air Force Meritorious Unit Award, and Air Force Good Conduct Medal. Two years ago, Tamika chose to become an active Air Force reservist so she would not have to deploy with with young children at home.

Tamika and her husband, Ray Hamilton, live in Dixon, California with their four children Kaedyn, Gabriella, Ryan and Beau. Ray is also a veteran (US Navy) and continues their family’s public service as a local police officer. Both Ray and Tamika are active in their local church and volunteer with local community groups. It was Tamika’s experience with her homeless ministry, particularly her work with homeless veterans, that caused her to take a stand for her community and run for Congress.

Tamika’s district is a very dynamic and diverse cross section of California with farming, viniculture, urban population centers and two Air Force bases. As a candidate for office, she is focused on core issues that will actually impact the daily lives of her constituents.

There is a stark contrast between Tamika Hamilton and any of your other choices in CA-03, depth of knowledge, connection to the actual district and a real resume of life experience. By any objective measure as a Republican Tamika Hamilton should be your choice for Congress in CA-03 as well.

Oct 172019

San Clemente is a mess. Only the Toll Road matters, everything else is secondary. This is why people seemingly are turning a blind eye to Jackson Hinkle and his wacked out positions on issues. This seems to be why Gene James’ pattern of abusive behavior is given a free pass.

Here is Jackson Hinkle being arrested at an #OCCUPYICE Protest in Washington D.C. – that’s right, he was part of a sit in in front of Nancy Pelosi’s office in Washington D.C.

Jackson Hinkle is getting a lot of money from the far left. Some of the corrupt bully Bill Brough’s donors are giving Hinkle Money as well – just to show the bizarre web. Young Mr. Hinkle has had professional help (my opinion) in scrubbing his on line presence so he looks more moderate.

Here you go – give homeless people fresh needles (aka Harm Reduction), legalize prostitution and heroin. These are Jackson Hinkle’s own words. He also promotes some socialist dog whistle programs as well.

This is the exact opposite of my criticism of Gene James with regard to the homeless problem It appears that Jackson Hinkle wants to coddle homeless people – but nowhere do I see anything about accountability, building relationships or theraputic solutions. Just housing, legalizing crime and making it easier to feed their addictions. If people would have treated me like this when I was drinking, I’d be dead now as I’d have had no incentive to get clean. Anyone with life experience realizes that societal problems can never be fixed with extreme ideological solutions.

Then we have Mr. Hinkle expressing his disgust for the police patrolling areas impacted by vagrancy – but he goes off the ideological cliff with the following, “A System that is designed to oppress and kill people“. His solution to preventing crime is legalizing crime. I suppose this sort of idealism is common when you are 20 years old with no life experience.

The OC Firefighters endorsed Jackson Hinkle – in effect throwing the OC Sheriff’s (San Clemente’s Police) under the bus.

I was 18 when the Berlin Wall came down and understood it came down because of a hard line by President Reagan that precipitated an economic collapse in the USSR. Their fake economy could not sustain true accountability from the West. Young Mr. Hinkle believes in communism in so many words and people in San Clemente appear to be equally as blind to Hinkle’s extremism as those supporting Gene James are to his foibles.

Hinkle has attempted to reinvent himself – telling outright lies when compared to his past posts.

Sorry Kid, your own words prove the above to be an outright lie.

Jackson Hinkle is an extreme leftwing idealogue who in my opinion sees himself as some sort of Che Guevarra or Mao Tse Tung. In looking at Gene James and Jackson Hinkle I think the City of San Clemente needs serious help. Perhaps an evangelist needs to meet with the incredible homeless pastor I talked to in order to lead a revival in that town.

All this and the OC Firefighters threw the police under the bus with their endorsement of this guy.

Oct 162019

Since the OCGOP Leadership seem to have a problem vetting people, and an even worse problem dealing with bad actors once in or in place, allow your intrepid blogger to provide a service.

It has come to the attention of your intrepid blogger that one Sean Doherty is attempting to re-emerge as a player in Southern California. Please consider yourselves warned, Sean Doherty is bad news.

Yup – there it is in black and white. Sean Doherty got fired

Sean Doherty has the distinction of being one of the very few monsters (my opinion of him) actually terminated by the Assembly Rules Committee for sexual misconduct. I wrote in previous blogs about Steve Davey. Both Davey and Doherty were Republican Chiefs of Staff with long, sordid histories of misconduct.

Well – there is a nexus to Bill Brough that I will be developing, but suffice to say Sean Doherty is Irish. One of my key criticisms of Bill Brough is the Irish Caucus ‘Slush Fund’ he created.

Just today, Sean Doherty announced a new office in Washington DC

I’ve been aware for a long time that Sean Doherty is bad news in California Politics. It is hard to keep track of people’s movements in capitol jobs. However, when I get to talk to 3 former staffers that worked for him in Sacramento whose graphic disturbing stories were actually as bad and worse than the stories related to Bill Brough, it got my attention. When I learned that these staffers were also familiar with Bill Brough’s behavior I was taking notes as fast as I could.

It is about time for people within the body politic to start doing homework. If you live in Orange County especially, pay attention.

This is Sean Doherty with Jeff Denham and Kevin McCarthy. I am pretty sure that Kevin McCarthy does not know about Mr. Doherty’s history.

Sean Doherty has a decent political resume that goes back before my first days in politics (think pre-1998) and as such he can present himself well. Similar to the pattern of many of the worst in politics, he is charming and manipulative. There is a dark side to Sean Doherty that many know and with few exceptions, traumatized victims have been unwilling or unable to talk about it.

As I’ve learned from research, you have to be a colossal screw up to get yourself fired by the Assembly Rules Committee.

7 out of 10 complaints get tossed. Of the 30% or so that get investigated precious few of the offenders get terminated.

Pay attention to these snippets – they came straight out of the infamous document dump on 2-2-2018. The documents are posted on the LA Times for all to see forever. You’ve seen your intrepid blogger post several follow ups related to #METOO investigations that have led to more terminations.

I am pretty sure if Doug LaMalfa and Kevin McCarthy were aware of the forced termination and circumstances behind, they would distance themselves from Doherty. Anyone in Orange County or Southern California being contacted by this guy should use extreme caution.

As we are going to unload on Sean Doherty – there are some fascinating connections to one Bill Brough. Given the myriad issues with Brough – perhaps political people in Southern California will heed a warning for a change and not give this guy the right time of day.

Note – Sean Doherty was talking to female employees this way. I’ve spoken to a couple of them, but this is just the beginning of the Sean Doherty Story.

Oct 162019

It appears that Deanna Lorraine Tesoriero has quite a temper. My first interaction with her was a semi-lucid demand coupled with a lawsuit threat. Dumb.

But, she had ten people there helping…

Hi, this is DeAnna Lorraine Tesoriero here. As a Republican candidate for Congress in California District 12, I wanted to file a formal complaint with the SF GOP about Clint Griess, Executive Director of the San Francisco GOP.
You may know I organized a cleanup effort yesterday in the Tenderloin called “San Francisco Day of Action.”
As my volunteers and I were cleaning up garbage and handling hazardous syringes and needles, someone snuck up from behind an SUV, startled us and began snapping pictures of me.
I was shocked to realize it was Clint Griess, Executive Director of the SFGOP.
He would not explain what he was doing there, declined to participate, and refused to don a HazMat suit or participate in any discussions. For the next hour, he continued to follow us, hover and lurk, put his phone in my face, act in an intimidating way, and pose a safety risk to myself and my volunteers.
Among my volunteers yesterday was Terry Chong, of the San Francisco Log Cabin Republicans LGBT club, who was also shocked to see Clint Griess behave like this.
Is this how the SFGOP is spending donor money? Sending creepy voyeurs to stalk me and see what my volunteers and I are doing?
That the Executive Director of the SFGOP would act in this way towards a candidate for Congress and her volunteers is unethical and inappropriate.
I expect an immediate explanation of this unwelcome intrusion, which jeopardized our safety. Will this surveillance and intimidation by the SFGOP Executive Director continue?
Dear Deanna – you’re not going to make love great again with this attitude.
So Mr. Greiss when given a chance to respond, leveled Ms. Tesoriero.
“As a local activist, I’ve worked for years on campaigns to improve the quality of life in San Francisco, including helping to clean up our streets. When Deanna Lorraine Tesoreiro (she can’t even use her own name) came to town to use our plight as a photo opportunity for her personal aggrandizement, I immediately recognized her as a grifter, a con woman. I won’t stand for it.

She doesn’t genuinely care about the cleanliness of San Francisco streets. It’s all a pretense to promote her public brand. The problems of homelessness, open drug use, and garbage, feces and needles on the streets exist in her home in southern California too. But, she flies up here with a cameraman and spends a few hours pretending to be our new savior. 

As soon as I saw she was organizing a clean-up day in the Tenderloin, I knew I had to go there and document her PR stunt. I wanted San Franciscans to see the sham. 
I visited those same streets a week earlier with you and found them surprisingly clean. We deduced it was because of Trump’s visit and his public shaming of City Hall. (YouTube, Oct. 1: “#CleanUpChallenge: Thank You President Trump”
I knew Tesoreiro would not be able find much garbage, and I was curious how she was going to create the illusion she wanted. Yesterday, the streets were still remarkably clean. I met and talked with a long-serving community leader named Alicia, who Tesoreiro completely ignored, and she confirmed that the City does clean things up “whenever someone’s in town.”
I’m glad I went. My suspicions were fully confirmed. I witnessed Tesoreiro telling the camera that she’s from San Francisco, a lie. I saw her picking up one single pile of actual garbage as the camera zoomed in for a close-up. Then, she coaxed a small team of well-intentioned volunteers into a pre-planned scenario. In a vacant lot that had been scoped out in advance like a movie set, she spent more time fawning for the camera than actually cleaning. 
While white painter’s overalls and gloves might make for an intriguing look, these “hazmat suits” and other props she placed on scene will fail to convince. For as long as Tesoreiro tries to create the illusion of a candidacy, I will be there to expose her. 
Tesoreiro is an opportunist and a fly-by-night who will be gone once the March primaries are over. I want to make sure she doesn’t fool the good hearted people of our city who want to see actual, lasting solutions. 

Tesoreiro now claims that I was stalking and lurking around her and that I jeopardized people’s safety somehow. Again, she shows how willing she is to lie and malign actual San Franciscans to suit her own manufactured narrative. Everyone saw me filming. I maintained a safe distance at all times, and I made no attempt to conceal myself. 
I know she wasn’t expecting anyone to document her charade, and she must have hated the transparency. First, her cameraman accosted me. Then, she approached me and asked me to participate in her hoax. I declined of course. 
I acted as a professional. I gave her my phone number and asked her to call me to arrange a meeting with you. She said she’d check her calendar and call, but as I learned today, it was another lie. Instead, she went to work trying to tarnish my character.
I’m proud to exercise my 1st amendment right to film what goes on in my city and report to everyone concerned. 

We don’t need a con woman coming to town and ivoking God, family and country, when our focus should be on real politics and real solutions. I’m quickly learning about the true Deanna Lorraine Tesoreiro, and if half of what I read online is true, she is no role model for women and shameless in mocking conservative values. 
Tesoreiro’s antics are insulting and offensive to everyone who has invested any honest effort in fixing our city’s biggest and most longstanding problems. The sooner Tesoreiro ends her attempt to defraud the good people of San Francisco the better.
I’m glad I documented Deanna Lorraine Tesoreiro’s phony clean-up day.
I’d suggest that Deanna Lorraine practice abstinence from stupidity. That may be too much to ask. But, she’s red-pilled don’t you know…

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