Feb 192021

This is how they will leave Modoc out and deny the challenges against Glenn, Tehama and Yuba County. I am pretty sure they are going to come up with excuses to allow LA County to blatantly violate the CRP’s By-Laws as well.

The County Chair is Michelle Guerra who was cajouled in to endorsing Jessica Patterson about a month ago. She had also attempted to run against Matt Heath at the behest of Jessica Patterson.

Corey Uhden and Jason Scalese – both of whom work for Scott Winn, a top operative in the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure who was the mastermind of the lynching of Ted Howze. They are both said to be working for Kevin Faulconer or to be on the short list of hires when his campaign kicks in to high gear.

If anyone thinks those complaints will get a fair hearing, think again.

I will get the other three names in a bit, but I am expecting more of the same. They are not even being clever about it anymore, it is pretty blatant.

You need to know what is being done to you and who is doing it.

As you know – there have been complaints filed related to blatant fraud and violation of State Election Law and CAGOP By-Laws. This move suggests that the establishment are closing ranks.

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  3 Responses to “The Fix is in 2 Faulkner Consultants and a Steve-Frank Hating County Chair Put on to Proxies and Credentials Committee”

  1. Corey Uhden is an anti-trump bartender or something like that. No wonder the CAGOP is mess right now if this is the best they got. New leadership is needed!

  2. From Corey Uhden’s own Face Book page. He wanted President Trump Convicted. Well that sure as hell speaks for itself……(Never Trumper)

    February 13 at 9:02 PM ยท

    “Every Senator is only there because they took an oath to uphold and protect the United States Constitution, that is the principles and structure of constitutional government. The president, a sworn constitutional officer, summoned a mob that attacked Congress, a coordinate branch of government. Article II cannot raise an army against Article I and get away with it. As far as I’m concerned, their oath commanded a vote to convict. Their failure to do so will have immediate and lasting consequences.”:

  3. Perfect fit to rig the convention.

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