Feb 222021

One of the most common comments I get from the people that go to CAGOP conventions is how they are planned out and scripted.

While the statewide media was willfully blind to what happened at the convention, the benefit of doing this Zoom trainwreck was that dozens, if not hundreds of people got to see the disaster up front and in detail.

It is one of those things I have written about for over a decade, but that has to be experienced for people to fully comprehend what is being done to them and who is doing it to them.

I am going off of the feedback of several who emailed and texted me repeatedly. I had made a decision after the last dust-up with the feckless, biased CAGOP Staff that I was not going to attend the convention in any form at all… two days before I told the FBI agents the same thing. It actually worked out better than I had imagined as I was not there to be a distraction from the corruption.

The convention started out with a string of victories for Conservatives (will cover those in a future post) – but starting after lunchtime on Sat, people got to see why your intrepid blogger trashes the CAGOP routinely.

It started with the Rules Committee. (Warning, snowflake trigger words) We lit them up a couple times going in to this weekend as something that needs to be burnt down the the ground. You can read an expose’ we wrote on the CAGOP Rules Committee. Take a close look as to who is on that committee – one name you should recognize is David Stafford Reade. Having Reade on the CAGOP Rules Committee is like having Ivan Boesky at a financial management seminar.

The rules committee is where the complaints against the three fake county parties in Glenn, Tehama and Yuba County will be killed. Reade’s minions are responsible for violating state election law – and were still allowed to vote in the Officer Elections. Had the elections been closer – I’d have sued the CAGOP over their refusal to adhere to State Election Law and the game playing. IN addition, the grotesgue conflict of interest of having David Reade on the Rules Committee overseeing the complaints would have been part of the court case.

Glenn, Tehama and Yuba will have ample opportunity to have a proper organizational meeting because the game playing and legal nuance used by the control agents of the CAGOP delayed any sort of hearing until september. (as did the malfeasance of the CAGOP’s Staff)

The issue was that none of the three were organized correctly, similar to the violation of election law that was used to trash Modoc County. Modoc was not treated the same. And now Reade will be able to cover the tracks of his minions from his spot on the rules committee.

As to the convention? When SD-20 Nominee Matt Munson’s By-Law Amendment regarding giving nominees due process before a Mike Cargile or Ted Howze-Style lynching (orchestrated by Scott Winn) was heard a lot of people noticed something very interesting. Seveal people were rather surprised that members of the committee came in to the meeting with pre-written language to gut and water down Munson’s amendment. Scripted. Pre-Determined.

They of course killed the reduction to one proxy per carrier amendment – with some of the most bizarre agruments and intellectually dishonest arguments against the amendment. Several present commented that the arguments themselves seemed pre-written as if the political theater was planned.

Similar to the CAGOP Staff’s grotesque bias and meddling in the process, you can make bank the whole rules committee meeting was planned weeks in advance…

… until their precious Kevin Faulconer endorsement jam-down amendment was humiliatingly withdrawn due to general outrage and state level media coverage.

Their spin on the withdrawal was as sincere as Jessica Patterson’s calls for unity while not even mentioning Steve Frank by name in her acceptance speech.

The proxies and credentials committee meeting was another example of the corruption of the CAGOP. We wrote about that in detail as well. The complaints against the three counties that violated state election law were thought to be heard in that committee. We now know that a likely deliberate lie was told in order to forestall the complaints in order to keep the questionable delegates in the pool for the election.

This committee literally determines who gets to vote and who does not.

Even as Jessica Patterson’s people knew they were going to win big – she doubled the size of the committee. She added 6 delegates whose status was being challenged. She also added Scott Winn, Jason Scalese and Corey Uhden – all of whom were paid to harvest proxies. Now, they were going to get to vote on the validity of the proxies they were just paid to harvest!

This move was clearly a David Stafford Reade/Jeff Randle middle finger to everyone concerned over the corruption of the process. They knew they were going to win by 250 or more votes – but their ghasty egos could not resist the opportunity to tell the grassroots to go to hell. This attitude is similar to how these people are happy to see 10 dead county parties and zombies like Yuba, Tehama and Glenn that they control for delegate votes only.

According to an attorney I spoke to – I’d have been able to nail the CAGOP to the wall for the clear political bias against Steve Frank aligned proxies, violations of the rules that were allowed, people like the chair of the questionable Tehama GOP Central Committee talking about “Intent” versus the actual rules, having him and 5 others with their own credentials challenged making decisions on the committee, 3 paid consultants with a direct conflict of interest making decisions on the committee and the game playing over the valid complaints regarding by-law violations and election law violations.

I was told that attorneys present at the meeting were mortified at the violations of the rules that were allowed. Basically, Proxy Rule #5 as printed on the proxy was thrown out by Drew Mercy (Who works for Scott Wilk or Tom Lackey) and others who were talking about “intent” versus the actual rules. They knew I had cause to sue the CAGOP over what happened.

Hundreds of people got to see this process via zoom. Similar to the scripted Sunday morning session, people were muted, questions were ignored and the two committee meetings were jam-down sessions. It was like shining light on cockroaches.

Proxy Voting is an inherently corrupt system. Organizationally it has allowed the consultants to take control of the CAGOP. Now 40+% of the delegates are staff and consultants who turn in proxy votes in order to enable the oligarchy of controlled failure to keep a death grip on power.

Scott Winn and his crew were paid a monthly retainer and something like $100, perhaps as much as $250 a piece for gathering the proxies. This is literally buying votes.

So this brings me back to Lisa Moreno (glad she’s gone off of the CAGOP Board) and her insane argument about Covid as some sort of defense for proxy vote buying – she and the attorneys and consultants on the CAGOP Rules Committee can’t tell the truth about proxy voting. Without proxies the small corrupt elite could not control the party.

Two of the biggest victories conservatives had over the weekend bear that out… to be continued…

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  1. I feel that the conventions are pre-scripted like American Idol ever since I was first a member on the Platform Committee in 2015.

    This does not help the morale of the organization. Its going to end up where people will be sending their money to other states not California.

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