Feb 062021

Apparently, the Orange County Register reads the Right on Daily Blog and it bothers them.

I have rightly pointed out the moral vacuum of their editorial board and their board had to respond. They did so with a grotesque lie of ommission that you’d expect from CNN, not the Orange County Register.

They attempt to rationalize their endorsement of John Moorlach and deliberately ignore the overriding issue: Trish Todd was raped by Bill Brough, Tim Clark who was Moorlach’s Cheif of Staff covered it up and Clark is still on Moorlach’s payroll to this day as a political consultant / campaign manager. The Orange County Register is rolling in tar now, as their egos are involved, rape victims be dammed.

As we like to do the job of the local media for them, we are going to correct the ego-feuled rampage of the Orange County Register’s editorial board:

Political campaigns are often bitter and ugly, but the race to represent Orange County’s 2nd Supervisorial District has become especially so. Only because we can’t stand seeing John Moorlach held accountable.

With county supervisors representing hundreds of thousands of county residents and overseeing the county government of over three million people, there is a lot at stake in county supervisorial races. And with ballots being mailed out on Feb. 8 for the March 9 election, a major position is to be filled in relatively short order.

Five candidates are in the running to succeed now-U.S. Rep. Michelle Steel on the Orange County Board of Supervisors. This includes three Republicans — former state senator John Moorlach, Newport Beach Councilman Kevin Muldoon and Fountain Valley Mayor Michael Vo — and two Democrats — Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley and attorney Janet Rappaport.

Limited time, high stakes and a crowded field have no doubt made this race ripe for sharper attacks than usual as candidates seek to elevate themselves and sink others.

Former county supervisor John Moorlach, the frontrunner, has been the target of a deliberate effort to link him to the alleged rape of his then-legislative staffer Patricia Todd by then-Assemblyman Bill Brough in 2015.

Claims Moorlach covered-up the rape of Patricia Todd have been circulating in Orange County Republican circles ever since the prospect of Moorlach’s run for supervisor emerged. A pro-Muldoon blogger has repeatedly sought to connect Moorlach to an alleged cover-up. Likewise, Michael Vo recently issued a statement claiming that Moorlach “offers nothing but embarrassing headlines due to his covering up of sexual abuse.”

These are damning claims if true, and absurd smears if not. All available evidence points to the fact that Moorlach’s then Cheif of Staff Tim Clark covered up the rape.

When asked if there was any evidence that anyone who knew about the incident told Moorlach at the time, longtime Orange County political operative Michael Schroeder, who formerly chaired the state Republican Party and is currently representing Todd, told our editorial board last month that there is none.

However, in the time since, we have learned that Trish Todd’s employment with John Moorlach was exemplorary versus how John Moorlach characterized it to our editorial board. This lie by Moorlach casts doubt on his innocence. We also admit that we’ve never asked John Moorlach why he lacked connection with his staff to the point that a rape could happen without his knowledge.

Indeed, there’s no evidence that Moorlach knew about the alleged rape prior to a few months ago because of the cover up by his current political consultant, no evidence that he engaged in a cover-up, but ample evidence that he was an aloof disconnected employer with no connection to his staff. There are, however, obvious justified reasons for Moorlach’s rivals to claim otherwise, because John Moorlach’s campaign manager is none other than the arcitect of the cover up – Tim Clark.

Voters shouldn’t fall for the cynical smear campaign or reward a candidate paying a political consultant and long time employee who covered up a rape.

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