Feb 082021

This is humiliating, you’d think that the first Chairwoman of the CAGOP would be a shoo-in for a Women’s Federated Endorsement. Nope.

Leave it to Steve Frank to show up and make such a distinction that he ended up leaving the meeting with the coveted endorsement. Given that Steve Frank converted the Marin GOP, San Benito GOP, San Mateo GOP (all three long a part of the moderate establishment) and fought Jessica Patterson to a draw in Santa Barbara… it is clear the message is getting out. Steve Frank is with us and Jessica is the swamp.

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  One Response to “CAGOP Update: Her Majesty Gets Humiliated, The Women’s Federated Endorses Steve Frank, Not the “Chairwoman””

  1. On behalf of all Republican Women Federated members, Congratulations! Now, let’s get to work helping Steve win the race.

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