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One of the defenses of Karm Bains’ extensive legal record is that the items “are in the past”. Here is a small claims judgement from 2015. Why is a dude as rich as Karm Bains losing lawsuits for not paying his bills??? (You will see that the plaintiff is listed as a Creditor… Ouch) The judgement was entered 6-11-2015. Ouch.

Did Jerry Brown know that Karm Bains had been leaned by the EDD in 2004 for refusing to pay small business (payroll) taxes?

Here are two more State Tax liens that were released in 2004.

This page reveals a second EDD Lien (typically for payroll taxes) and yet another state tax lien. Note that this lien was filed in LA County suggesting Bains had a business in LA county at one time that he did not pay the bills for.

This time – two more State Tax Lines filed in Yuba County. These could have been from a piece of property or yet another disaster of a business.

Now add Butte County to the hit parade. This means that a man running for county supervisor has been liened for failing to pay his taxes in 4 counties, including the county he seeks to represent and two surrounding counties. While he may say that it is all in the past – how does Bains explain a 2015 Civil Judgement against him?

It has been put to me that Karm Bains is basically in control of the family fortune and yet – here he is in 2015 losing a small claims case. This means that his failure to pay his bills is willful and deliberate and has zero to do with circumstances.

There’s more:

Note the dollar amounts. They are all different suggesting multiple issues at multiple places.

Add in Madera County – to bring the total to 5.

Supervisor material right here.

Still more in Yuba County – continue to note the different dollar amounts.

You have to wonder if Karm’s wealthy father bailed him out as there are at least 30 unique liens that I can count from these records!

Some liens show released and some do not.

If you look at the dates – we have liens spanning two full years and 5 counties. It is staggering.

Here is another lost lawsuit in 2002 versus 2015. The point is that long record of Karm Bains being in and out of court because of his personal decisions.

Here is a federal tax lien to add to the hit parade. Again, note the dollar amounts are different on all of these suggesting that they are all unique occurrences.

Note this is 3-22-2005, outside the date range of the other 25 liens / judgements we reported on.

It appears that Karm Bains racked up $300,000 in unpaid taxes total if I am reading these things correctly!

$123,000 IRS Lien. Yeesh.

Here’s the point – Karm Bains has been in legal trouble since 2002 over his financial maladies. The Small Claims Court issue also proves that even in 2015 that Bains has not learned a thing from his past. Can we trust him to make good decisions today?

The man has 3 DUI’s and one other alcohol related incident (that we know of). Even today, he is reputed to still be a heavy drinker? Can we trust Karm Bains to exercise sober judgement in Sutter County?

If I was John Garamendi, Doug LaMalfa, Jim Nielsen, James Gallagher and others in the establishment I’d really be second guessing the decision to try and hold a coronation for a man whose best claim to office is that his wealthy father is a prolific political donor. Karm Bains on his own volition is not qualified to lead anyone or anything at any time.

There is still more as it relates to Karm Bains. To be continued…

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  One Response to “Karm Bains Update: Part 1 Federal Tax Liens, State Tax Liens, EDD Liens and more… Up Through 2015 Too! (Liens Filed in 5 Counties!)”

  1. Did you see Karm Bains’ mailer with endorsements from Jim Nielsen and Doug LaMalfa? I’m disgusted both endorse the NPP candidate against the Republican candidate? What is the current rate of 30 pieces of silver?

    The mailer states, “Tej is even trying to smear his opponent using fake news from a Placer County blogger and attacked Karm Baines for being endorsed by Congressman John Garamendi – even though Tej Maan endorsed Garamendi.”

    Is what you reported “fake news”? Did Tej Maan endorse John Garamendi?

    Didn’t Garamendi endorse Karm Bains? If so, that info isn’t on Karm’s mailer.

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