Oct 192020

The records don’t lie – despite his wealth, Karm Bains lost four homes to Foreclosure in 2010-2012. Why? 4 houses? Did he just flake out on them? What kind of landlord was Karm Bains?

Some people have attempted to defend Karm Bain’s lifelong pattern of financial malfeasance and his criminal record by saying it is 15 years ago. There were 74 notations of liens and judgements from 2002-2005. Bains continues his pattern to this day.

6/16/1994            Driving under the influence of alcohol with a prior             Misdemeanor   Dismissed

Driving under the influence of alcohol     Misdemeanor   Dismissed

Wet reckless (reckless driving where drugs or alcohol are involved)           Misdemeanor   Guilty

6/30/2001            Driving under the influence of alcohol with a prior             Misdemeanor    Dismiss ed

Driving under the influence of alcohol     Misdemeanor    No contest

Sentence enhancement for over .15 BAC;              Enhancement    No contest

Driving a commercial vehicle under the influence of alcohol;         Misdemeanor    Dismissed

Violation of probation    Misdemeanor    Admitted violation of probation

Violation of probation    Misdemeanor    Admitted violation of probation

10/19/2001         Driving with suspended/revoked license for refusing chemical test            Misdemeanor   No contest

Karm was involved in a brawl in 2010.

In 2015, Karm lost a court case and had a judgement entered in against him.

No one can claim with a straight face that Karm Bains is ethical with money.

I also remind people that Bains still drinks despite having 3 DUI-type incidents. What normal person does this?

In 2020, we have reports that Bains was in the middle of trouble again – see also Tej Maan’s signs being destroyed. In addition, I was told by people close to Tamika Hamilton’s campaign that Karm Bains showed up photographing attenders in an attempt to bully them. Further, we’ve been told stories about the behavior of a drunken Karm Bains on the campaign trail.

You just don’t have EDD Liens, State Tax Liens, Federal Tax Liens, several judgements, alcohol related incidents, find yourself in the middle of brawls, lose property in a foreclosure and lose a small claims court case (despite having plenty of money to settle it) by being a nice, trustworthy, stable man. (Note that his trail of destruction is spread out over 5 counties)

The people that endorsed this guy should be ashamed of themselves. This information on Karm Bains was not that difficult to come across and his current pattern of drunkenness and boorish behavior right here, right now in 2020 should have been the first clue something is really wrong with this guy.

What kind of successful multi-millionaire loses 4 homes to foreclosure and gets a small claims judgement entered in against him? Is this a resume for someone you’d trust in office?

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