Sep 112020

I looked at elections results in #CA35. Norma Torres Barillas wins by 30% most of the time. Why is she spooked?

Is it the scrutiny over her love of Islam while ignoring her own Catholic Faith? Open Borders advocacy while being incredibly weak on MS-13?

Torres hails from the birthplace of MS-13 and to the best of my knowledge has never denounced them – while attacking the US Backed government in Guatemala that is trying to deal with MS-13.

I do think it is delicious that Torres is fundraising and having to spend money against Mike Cargile. I wonder how much of the Torres money is going to support her family political empire. (Her son, who is as much a communist as she is is in City Council in the District. Cozy.)

Perhaps this website by Mike Cargile really torched her worse than we imagined.

To think, this race would have never gotten my attention had it not been for the political insiders in the CAGOP Lynching Mike Cargile.

Of course, Norma Torres – once an LAPD Dispatcher now lambastes her former department indicating disgust over the job she once held. It must be nice living inside the ivory tower of Washington DC away from the real world. And we’re all a bunch of racists because we disagree with her.

Very interesting stuff as I am seeing Democrats in supposedly safe seats having to spend money on themselves. Pretty fascinating.

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