Aug 032020

In taking a look at Karm Bains, I found a couple DUI’s from 1994 and 2001 respectively and another conviction for refusing to take a chemical test later that year. It appears there is some affinity between he and David Reade beyond a paycheck.

Nearly 18 years in to my sobriety, I get that people can change. Karm Bains has also had a slew of civil issues (see also lawsuits). There appears to be a life pattern that we are going to extrapolate.

Karm Bains doing his part to support Gavin Newsom’s shutdown orders

As your intrepid blogger continues looking for information on Karm Bains, it appears that he is a rich kid that grew up with privilege, who always seems to find trouble.

Regardless of him re-registering NPP in order to hide his political allegiances, let’s take a look at his money:

I find Meg Whitman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gentleman Jim Nielsen on the list. This explains the affinity of Jim Nielsen for this democrat. It appears that Mr. Bains learned well from his father to throw money around to local electeds.

A review of Federal Contributions shows that Karm and his father have thrown money around for years. Karm’s father contributed to Jerry McNerney  (COM-Stockton) in 2010 who beat Richard Pombo.

There are also donations from Father and Son to both John Garamendi (who threatened to kick Donald Trump Jr’s — on National TV) and Doug LaMalfa.

Now, we have a view of how Karm Bains landed those three endorsements.

Here is a legitimate question though – do we really know where Bains stands on anything? He’s played both sides of the political spectrum for so long it is impossible to know. This is why has appointment by Jerry Brown is informative.

Does Karm Bains support illegal immigrant labor? (He is set to inherit a 40,000 acre peach orchard)

Does Karm Bains agree with the national democrats on de-funding the police?

Does Karm Bains still drink? If so, why given the amount of trouble he’s had related to booze? Wouldn’t that suggest issues with his personal decision making?

Does his pattern of political donations suggest purchase of influence? Should we be concerned about someone this close to the swamp gaining political power of his own?

Karm Bains is in a runoff against Tej Mann for County Supervisor. A lot of people think Bains is the favorite – a lot of people should start asking a lot of questions before falling in line.

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