Aug 102020

But of course!

A few years ago, they spent $2 Million against Rico Oller and for Frank Bigelow (AD05 – Safe R), note that Bigelow appointed Jessica Patterson to be a delegate to the CAGOP

They spent $500K burying Ken Vogel (ironically a client of Scott Winn) in favor of Heath Flora in AD-12

More recently, they dumped $2MM in to Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh (formerly Bogh) in SD23 preferring to pick a winner in a GOP Primary while three vulnerable GOP incumbents got table scraps. BTW – Ling Ling Chang, John Moorlach and Scott Wilk have all caught and passed their communist challengers in money. However, the Dems have $10 Million in the bank (at least) and more coming.

Heck, they set fire to $250K on Jesus Andrade and once he got humiliated, they threw Jim Ridenour the Republican Nominee in SD-05 to the wolves. (Similar to White Male nominees AD-67 Kelly Seyarto, Andrew Kotyuk AD-42, Greg Raths CA-45, Ridenour has not been mentioned by the CAGOP leadership at all)

Laurie Davies AD-73 and Diane Dixon AD-74 have gotten token mentions by the establishment.

However, Suzette Martinez-Valladares-Valladares has been some sort of cult hero. The former Congressional Staffer has been some sort of pulp fiction rock star. AD-38 is Her Majesty’s home district so it makes sense that there is some sort of sisterhood going on there.

Her Majesty the CAGOP Chairwoman has a lot in common with Valladares. This includes running around Northern LA County trying to take credit for the Victory of Mike Garcia in CA-25.

However, a closer look at the truth shows Suzette Martinez-Valladares Stuffing CA-25 Congressman Mike Garcia in a box. 

You are looking at this correctly. AD-38 golden girl and hero Suzette Martinez-Valladares DID NOT VOTE FOR MIKE GARCIA in May of 2020. Had she returned a ballot, there would be a date and the status would say “Accepted”. Also, if Suzette had voted at a vote center, the Secretary of State’s website would have stated as such.

I guess Her Majesty and Suzette have something else in common other than demographics – they both ran CA-25 Congressman Mike Garcia through (albeit at separate times).

Jessica Patterson (aka Her Majesty) is attempting to get people to engage in AD-38. I wonder how willing those Republican activists and donors will be knowing that Suzette Martinez-Valladares straight up lied about any role she had in the victory of Mike Garcia. She did not even vote for him, and you might be surprised to learn that Martinez-Valladares has quite a record when it comes to “supporting” Republican candidates for office. More to follow.

Similar to how I jumped on Proposition 19, because I saw some familiar names, your intrepid blogger is taking a look at some of the other machinations of the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure.

UPDATE on Prop 19:

As of today 8-10-2020, there are no consultants listed on the No side. This suggests that Tom Ross and David Stafford Reade are in the shadows. Remember, what is known for certain is Reade and Patterson were telling political insiders they had the votes to kill prop 19 at the initiatives committee. As far as the yes on 19 side, Jeff Randle’s business partner Mitch Zak is listed as a consultant for yes on 19. I am not going to let my issues with Jeff Randle change my position on a very good and necessary measure for California.

Important Blogger’s Note: any claims about family farmland being subject to re-assessment if Prop 19 passes are false. The whole farm is exempt from re-assessment.

AD-38 and Prop 19 shows the insider game at its’ worst. They cash in while shunning and mocking the grassroots. (Remember the commentary about cancelling the convention in Feb 2021…)

Back to AD-38, It appears that the CAGOP leadership did a poor job of vetting candidates once again. Suzette Martinez Valladares is like a hilly area out in the desert. It is full of illegally dumped trash, and the trash in AD-38 is what your intrepid blogger is sifting through in our quest for answers in 2020 election cycle. I am not sure why the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure is putting so much effort in to Suzette.

Beyond this, why are they promoting a candidate in a Safe Seat (AD-38) while ignoring Kelly Seyarto AD-67 and Laurie Davies AD-73 (both safe seats)? That’s not even consistent!

Why are they ignoring Diane Dixon AD-74 (our best shot at a pick-up)? It can’t be as simple as sisterhood and AD-38 being her majesty’s home district could it? That’s political malpractice!

Your intrepid blogger has done some research on the latest CAGOP poster child candidate and like most others, Suzette Martinez-Valladares when viewed closely has nothing to offer and a resume’ that does not stand up to scrutiny. Worse, we’ve already caught her in a bright shining outright lie. There are plenty more where that one came from.

Welcome to Right on Daily AD-38 as the more her Majesty and the court of squishes try to control, the worse it gets for them.

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  3 Responses to “CAGOP / AD38 Update: Why is CAGOP Leadership Fixated on an RvsR Runoff? Especially a Candidate that Gave CA-25 Congressman Mike Garcia the Finger???”

  1. The most important election in I can’t remember when, and Suzette Valladares was MIA?
    Typical, she one of the greatest empty suit self promotors since Antonio Villaraigosa.

  2. Anyone who spends time and money on California is a rino! The country is in anarchy and if we lose the white house blm will rule the nation. As a delegate i am only spending my time and money on the battle states, pro 209 has been repealed and next year discrimination against white people will be legal in California, trying like hell to get down under before i have to pay repatriations to Kamala, willies whore and a decendant of slaveowners.

  3. Thank you for including me. I’d like more, please.

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