Jul 162020

Gavin Newsom is expected to announce tomorrow morning 7-17-2020 that he is shutting California Schools Down for the rest of the year. Why? Orange County is styaing open for School and LA County is not.

Newsom already made several draconian moves to cover for his protege Eric Garcetti whose management of LA has been atrocious (over half the new COVID cases are from LA). Now, Newsom is being forced to double-down to cover for Los Angeles County.

Country Day is the $25,000 a year private School Gavin Newsom’s kids attend:

Isn’t that special – so Gavin’s Winery staying open while most others closed was no accident.

From an anonymous School Board member in Orange County – bottom line Gavin Newsom’s thugs in state government have threatened the funding of SoCal School Districts to compel them to shut down. This is in line with the 1-800-RATT-OUT-YOUR-NEIGHBOR hotlines he has set up. Communist police state tactics.

This is California, meantime the CAGOP continues its’ feckless watered down messaging – and the Minority Leader in the Assembly for the GOP celebrates 18,000 felons being released from Prison by the end of August.

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Got it? Gavin Newsom – release felons, make it impossible to protect yourself, shut Churches and School down completely.

Thanks to SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts who tried to split the baby refusing to assert the rights of Churches to operate – his cowardice is enabling people like Gavin Newsom to run amok. The other four Liberals we expected to rule against religious and academic freedom.

Meantime? Gavin’s kids get to go to school.

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  12 Responses to “Gavin Newsom Bombshell – On the Eve of Shutting California Schools Down For Rest of 2020, The Exclusive School His Kids Attend Stays Open!”

  1. His name is STALIN Newsom!

  2. Wow, what a surprise. (sarc)

  3. *staying open

  4. Supreme ruler of CA has spoken..we must obey! Does anyone value *FREEDOM* anymore!?

  5. No state funding if open, then, how about no property tax remittances to the state.

  6. The governor made it abundantly clear that the closure affected PUBLIC SCHOOLS and his Kid’s School can apply for a waiver! Private schools are actually better and provide a more personalized education due to the size of classes being limited Public schools on the other hand have become the child care facilities to those parents who should have never had children and care less about their child’s education and also become areas for mass shootings and racial violence. I find it interesting that the democrats that control Sacramento pay a ton of money to send their kids to private schools while championing public school.

    I do not have school age kids anymore as mine are grown they also attended private school and no it was not easy but well worth the investment. If you are so concerned about your kid receiving a proper education try sacrificing something for your kids like having nails done, drinking , over priced vehicles, etc and maybe reinvest that saved money in your child’s education. Do not blame the Governor for the virus maybe the person you should blame is yourself.

  7. Good grief. Because I am an arrogant liberal, I am going to point out that You don’t need to capitalize school or church in the middle of a sentence. It looks like you could use some distance-learning yourself taught my an America-Hating Left-Winger like me!

    Also the reason why his winery is still open is because Napa Valley doesn’t have that many covid cases, so they say. Do you want him to shut down the less affected areas just for fun? Sheep. If we just had a proper lockdown early on and for long enough we would be free of this just like New Zealand did. Instead we’re prolonging the misery because some of you primadonnas are too selfish to put on a mask for six weeks. Anyone with a brain knows that Newsom is always right unlike idiot right wing bloggers like you.

  8. Actually I’m an independent because I recognize that this divisive bipartisan bickering only enables the corporate oligarchs to keep stealing as fast as they can while the rest of you amuse yourselves with your never-ending democrat versus republican puppet show. Meanwhile the hands that hold both puppets belong to the corporate oligarchs who are robbing our country blind and have been been for decades.

    I didn’t say Newsom was right, I think he reacted to the pandemic well at the beginning but caved in to the selfish idiots who wanted to open up their bars and theaters despite the fact that anyone with three brain cells in a row can see that the era of the bar or theater is over for at least the next 1-1.5 years. Unless we let them function without any accountability for the damage they cause like a socialist pub that distributes the economic and health expenses to the rest of society while lining its own pockets with its outdated business making pennies on the dollar as it clings to a pre-pandemic business model. If Newsom had just held on to the lockdown for another month and fined people without masks we’d be starting our economic recovery much faster than this nonsense of locking down only to release too soon.

    Let’s all whine about masks instead taking away our freedom and turn a blind eye to the increasingly alarming dictator-like action of our lying, cheating orange ruler. Protesters being thrown into unmarked vans and not read miranda rights in Portland? That’s okay, it’s this darn mask that’s the real threat to our democracy.

    Let’s pretend to be libertarians and patriots instead of sheeple enabling our overweight king and moscow mitch to dump on our democracy and bankrupt this country the way he bankrupted four of his businesses. Let’s pretend to be Christians while doing the exact opposite of what Jesus wanted.

    Your grandchildren are going to want to know how you let all of this happen and they are going to think you’re idiots. And they’re right. Go ahead and worship your putin puppet. I don’t think you could actually stop and be pro-America if you wanted to. Meanwhile putin is laughing his head off because mr. orange stable genius is the best agent he’s got and he’s entirely free of charge.

  9. Country Day private school in Sacramento is open with distance learning and in person learning, as of 7/17/20. Sacramento is on the monitoring list. Gavin Newsom’s order will allow them to apply for an exemption.

    Magically, Napa is not on the monitoring list; therefore, those businesses can open with safety restrictions. (However, this does not account for NAPA County’s data being accurate or backroom deals on behalf of rich winery owners) President Trump wanted to withdraw federal funding to get schools to re-open, sounds like everyone is using the same “communist” tactics. Thank you for getting your information right before you posted this!

  10. Weird how California has every reason to be the most successful State/place in the world (weather/beaches, mtns, desert, business, hard workers, great work ethic). Unfortunately its ran by Democrat leftists trying out pushing socialism (that doesn’t work anywhere). FACTS! Thanks to social media they are now acting like spoiled college children they used to just lie to for votes so look out people! Only gonna get worse :-/ bye bye CALI!! Texas or Florida for me!!

  11. You’r grammar is terrible. Are you one of the Russian Bots hired to cast doubt and negativity. I am a PROUD CALIFORNIAN. If you dislike the aftermath of the pandemic LOOK AT THE PRESIDENT who decided to “Play it down” after claiming the entire idea was ta “DEMOCRATIC HOAX”. If you voted for him, you were a sucker. If you vote for him again, after all you have learned about him, you are a LOSER.

    Blogger’s Note: Why so angry? Is it because you know President Trump is going to get re-elected?

  12. “You’r grammar is terrible.” ^^

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