Jul 022020

Hell hath no fury like a consultant scorned. It appears that Orange County Political Consultant Sam Oh is in that category.

Mr. Oh runs/works for an outfit called “Targeted Victory”. They burst on to the scene recently and have run some high profile races in Orange County.

He is running and/or consulting for the campaigns of Michelle Steel #CA48 and Young Kim #CA39 while attempting to derail GOP Nominee Greg Raths in #CA45.

One possible motive for Sam Oh is that he used to work for former #CA45 Congressmember Mimi Walters. Greg Raths at one point ran against her in the primary. I first encountered Sam Oh in the 2011 takeover attempt of CRA by the legislature and David Stafford Reade. Oh was the President of one of the 8 CRA Units in Corona.

Oh is also reputed to be close to NRCC guru Sam Spencer who is basically the National Republican Congressional Committee’s consultant on the West Coast. When the news about Jessica Patterson and Scott Winn running to the NRCC to try and torpedo Ted Howze was first relayed to your intrepid blogger, Sam Spencer was mentioned as part of the coup. He was not. I do not believe that Spencer is guilty of anything other than talking to a lot of people…

… like Sam Oh who has been reputed to be on a rampage. I am not sure how Mr. Oh, who is responsible for two major GOP races in America has the time to vent a personal vendetta against Greg Raths. Perhaps this was why I had gotten feedback from past and current clients of Mr. Oh that they felt like he was not paying enough attention to them?

I have also been approached by three separate people about Oh’s behavior. Two of the three were careful to tell your intrepid blogger that Mr. Spencer was not a part of the attempted sabotaging of Raths. I do reserve the right to investigate further and could update this blog as such. As of right now, your intrepid blogger is aware of phone calls and emails by Mr. Oh to various stakeholders and would-be donors by Sam Oh in an attempt to isolate Greg Raths. This is very similar to the attempted lynching of Ted Howze.

For the time being pending further investigation, allow your intrepid blogger to serve notice that Sam Oh has made it to “On the Radar” status in the Right on Daily Young Guns program.

There is an old adage, “Revenge is not Profitable”.

P.S. Anyone with any information about Sam Oh or any other so-called Republican Leader attempting to sabotage Greg Raths (or any other nominee of the GOP) is encouraged to email [email protected] you can remain anonymous.

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