Jul 272020

Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to 2020, President Trump is going to get re-elected and Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is on a suicide mission. The fact of the matter is that the leftist media are throwing out Q-Anon so much it has no meaning. However, Kevin McCarthy because he is weak and is worried about what people think of him is an easy target for Politico and Media Matters to Cower.

When you add in the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure that runs the CAGOP – you have a toxic mess. Note the CAGOP still has an endorsement in effect of Joe Collins in CA-43 despite his claiming his bodily fluids were worth 15 Million in a court filing. Collins has four children he has been in and out of court regarding because he believes he is a sovereign citizen and thus not under the laws of the US. (including Child Support)

However, Ted Howze exercises free speech, that’s bad. Someone uses his social media and they skewer him for it. With weak, corrupt leaders like those in the CAGOP no wonder why 62% of Americans fear to speak their mind due to fears of retaliation!

Now – introducing Mike Cargile. The man has a phenomenal resume. But – Cargile made the cardinal sin, he exercised free speech to mock the way people characterize themselves. But, because of the weak CAGOP Leadership he has been pilloried.

Media Matters – the soros funded organization was sent this screenshot. Media Matters is an extreme left wing chemtrail conspiracy website. It is astounding that the CAGOP would ignore the issues in CA43, yet let Media Matters dictate their endorsement in CA35.

Media Matters, like PolitiFact and Fact Check, is a left wing 501 c 3 media website that targets all conservative opponents like Fox News, Breitbart,  PJ Media and Zero Hedge.

Media Matters for America (MMfA) was established in 2004 by conservative-turned-liberal activist David Brock. MMfA was created as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. MMfA positions itself as a fact-checker, focusing on conservative media bias and inaccuracies. In practice, the organization frequently criticizes opinions of conservative commentators.

Now Media Matters is bragging about Jessica Patterson and crew yanking the CAGOP endorsement of Mike Cargile.

After watching the #CA10 fiasco, your intrepid blogger is going to write about this seemingly hopeless Democrat District because it is a great window on a lot of things political in both California and Nationally. Norma Torres is the incumbent and she is an extreme left-winger – literally a wanna-be squad member with a fascinating background. Torres also has some astounding issues in her background suggesting the inordinate amount of drama in #CA35 may have several underlying issues.

Protecting a squad member is why Media Matters wanted to intervene in #CA35. The spineless weasels in the CAGOP Leadership have their reasons too. We will hash all of these out as we open up yet another political race on Right On Daily.

As a side note – Mike Cargile has a ton of prominent Black supporters. We’re going to get to the bottom of the #CA35 race soon and all parties involved.

Note: on 7-25-2020 the CRP’s Board of Directors decided to give the #SD25 nominee a chance to get due process before lynching her for making social media posts of her own. The discussion led by three board members called for creating a uniform standard for free-speech and what the line is before it comes to un-endorsing someone. In our next installment of the #CA35 Chronicles, we are going to talk about the consultants involved and begin to explore why Media Matters is worried about a seemingly Uber-Safe Democratic Congresswoman.

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  3 Responses to “#CA35 Update: Why is the CAGOP Using Politico and Media Matters as a Clearing House for Candidates? Free Speech is Dead”

  1. The CAGOP is feckless and self-serving. They are not focused on finding the best candidate to serve the people. Instead they seek out the best candidate to serve their pet projects and pad their pockets! They have proven this time and again.

    Keep shedding light on the lies that the left is slinging. Mike is the man that the people of #CA35 need. Regardless of party, he will do what’s best for California.

  2. As a San Bernardino/Los Angeles County Committee Member and your 2018 SD 20 nominee, I personally will vote for Mike for CD 35.

  3. Idiocy.

    Pure idiocy.

    Cargile has no right to mock anyone, especially not would be constituents.

    He’s a racist and QAnon imbecile

    Blogger’s Note: Why is Norma Torres so worried in her safe district??? hmmm….

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