Jun 252020

All four donors are Democrats, by the way

The first official act of Supervisor-Elect Suzanne Jones is to move the office literally across the street to a new suite that will cost the County $5K a year more than the office Kirk Uhler currently has.

That also involves county staff moving her office at a cost of about $10,000-$15,000 to the taxpayers of Placer County.

It gets better – despite having her election certified three months ago, Ms. Jones has yet to reach out to any of the department heads in Placer County. Perhaps she is so impressed with herself that she is waiting for them to call her? Or, perhaps she does not care as she is now beholden to the NIMBY’s in Placer County.

Given that she is going to have a direct impact on the entire county, you’d think she would meet with the department heads.

Got it? $5K a year more + $15,000ish for the move. She has already cost Placer County $30-$35K and she has not taken office yet.

On that note – one Viktor Bekhet had his attorney contact me in an attempt to bully me in to not writing anything about him and pulling anything I had written about him down or something like that.

Not bad. Another legal demand letter (Number 29 in my career) and someone who called the cops on me courtesy of her crew. Why am I not surprised that Jones is already costing the taxpayers money and developing “goodwill” among county staff?

I can hardly wait to see what her Municipal Advisory Committee looks like.

P.S. Supervisors get full County Benefits, too. This means any of Suzanne Jones’ therapy visits once she takes office are also covered in full. Given what I think of her mental state, that alone could be millions.

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