Jun 222020

This is the same Politico that is hunting GOP Congressional Candidates including CA10 and GA14, so whenever they jump in to a budding scandal you need to be very skeptical.

The story about Phil Ting is getting traction even as CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson ignores it. (What about protecting and defending women?) Also appearing to try and avoid the situation are Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Marie Waldron and the Comms Guy Matt Fleming.

Enter Politico:

TING TUMULT: The California political world was abuzz this weekend after Assemblyman Phil Ting publicly admitted to an extramarital affair that had been alleged by a conservative website — and Ting’s emphatic denial of allegations that the woman in question had been exploited for political purposes. “The allegation that my bills or votes were ever driven by any personal consideration is false,” Ting tweeted. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon swiftly backed Ting up, accepting his apology and rejecting “allegations in a right-wing blog.”

Leaving aside Ting decision to use a false identity — including a photo of fellow Assemblyman Phillip Chen — to seek out partners on a website called “What’s Your Price,” the allegation of political malfeasance is a serious one. The story on Communities Digital News paraphrases Carmel Foster saying she was “exploited” by Ting, the California Labor Federation and the Domestic Workers Alliance. While Foster did indeed testify in favor of labor priority bill AB5, a Labor Fed spokesman told us he had not met with Foster or worked with her on testimony. A National Domestic Workers Alliance representative confirmed Foster worked with them from 2018 to 2019 on gig worker issues, during which Foster helped “develop a vision of fairness and pilot for home care training,” and said Foster testified voluntarily to her own experience.

We spoke to Foster this weekend, and her political grievance centered on her sense that her life story was used for legislation but not credited.Foster said she signed up for the gig-work program Handy and connected with the Domestic Workers Alliance for help filing a wage claim. She said Ting did not explicitly bring up the legislation or urge her to get involved. Instead, she said she was frustrated that he had not informed her of backing legislation that reflected her plight, including his vetoed 2018 bill to create a dedicated domestic worker program within the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, and didn’t talk to her about the measure. “He used me for those bills,” she told us. “He used my story.” And she said she was angry to have been told what to say during an AB5 hearing.

Note the spin from Politico. #1 they parrot the talking points attacking the source of the allegations. #2 They allow Ting to get away with just an apology. #3 the amount of coverage related to the defense against allegations is more than double the allegations #4 They attempt to bracket the victim’s issues as some sort of bruised ego thing.

Since Politico has a pattern of defending democrats and attacking Republicans, it stands to reason that they are attempting to meddle on behalf of Phil Ting. It is a good thing there are two more parts to the Ting Scandal set to be released.

Dear readers, don’t hold your breath waiting for Jessica Patterson or Marie Waldron to weigh in. They did not have a whole lot to say about Bill Brough either, as Patterson waited until it was completely safe politically to comment on the Brough Caper. (Post Assembly Rules report validating one of the victim’s stories)

Meantime, let’s keep taking the trash out of the California State Legislature.

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