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We aren’t talking out of turn when we have been blistering the CAGOP’s leadership for a series of blunders as they seek to find their way to the the promised land. We’ve pointed out how they are ignoring Andrew Kotyuk, Kelly Seyarto, David Valadao and others in their communication.

California Republican Assembly (CRA) President Johnnie Morgan

It looks like CRA President Johnnie Morgan did not make the cut either. The CRA is an age-old Conservative Volunteer Group (founded in 1934) and while I have my opinions of the CRA, they are the oldest and most prominent GOP group out there. You’d think their President Johnnie Morgan would have been invited to participate in an upcoming “Conversation” by the CAGOP? Nope.

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Date Time: Jun 11, 2020 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Description: In light of current events and the struggles our nation has faced for generations, we want to invite you to join us in a very important conversation. The California Republican Party will be hosting a Roundtable and Q&A session. As a party, we must come together to discuss how we can move forward together.

The event will include California Republican Party leaders from the Black community, including:

Jonathan Madison, CAGOP Bay Area Regional Vice Chair

Reverend Dwight Williams, San Joaquin County Republican Party Chair

Walt Allen, Covina City Council; Director, Rio Hondo Police Academy; Chair CAGOP Initiatives Committee

Corrin Rankin, Founder, Legacy Republicans Alliance & Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board

Roxanne Beckford Hoge, VP Legacy Republicans Alliance, LAGOP 46th AD Chair

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You will note one of the featured speakers is none other than the SJGOP Chair who has been running interference against #CA10 nominee Ted Howze. He was a part of the attempted execution of Ted Howze’s campaign by Jessica Patterson and Scott Winn. Why is he included and not Johnnie Morgan?

You can’t even claim it is because CRA is not elected – because two of the other participants do not hold elected office nor is the Legacy Republican Alliance Chartered by the CAGOP yet. (but they should be – so get the paperwork going guys!) Note- I worked with Corrin Rankin and continue to hold her in high esteem.

It is my opinion that the CRA is higher ranking than a local officeholder or a state party officeholder due to profile and the age of the group. The only conclusion I can draw for Johnnie Morgan getting snubbed is this – The CRA committed the unpardonable sin of endorsing Travis Allen – so Morgan is excluded from the panel discussion.

So, if you screw over a card carrying member of the Choctaw Nation (CA10 Nominee Ted Howze), you get to be invited. If you lead a Conservative Grassroots organization that voted their conscience, you are shunned. This is the CAGOP of Jessica Patterson.

To be continued…

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  6 Responses to “CAGOP Update: Apparently the CAGOP’s (Black Republican) Conversation Omits the Highest Ranking Black Republican in California”

  1. I agree 100%, Aaron. Johnny Morgan has distinguished himself for years as an honorable conservative Republican leader. It is an insult to this extraordinary man to omit him from the conversation.

  2. Aaron, I concur wholeheartedly. This snub of CRA President Johnnie Morgan by CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson is ludicrous. She owes him a public apology and an invitation to the meeting. CRA needs to be at the table. By failing to include President Morgan in the discussion with CAGOP leaders, Chairwoman Patterson is denying the Black community their due voice. I am appalled. Jessica Patterson, if you’re listening, do the right thing…call Johnnie Morgan now!

  3. Wait….what????

  4. Wait…what? If this was a deliberate snub, it’s inexcusable. If it was an oversight, it’s also inexcusable. How could the CRA state chair be excluded?

  5. I don’t understand. We are an all inclusive Party and this conversation demands a diverse group. President Morgan has shown the upmost loyalty & should have been a part of this conversation, he has worked hard to recruit and expand membership and endorse great candidates. Jessica Patterson, do we want to really evolve as a party, or is this a token meeting? If you are really trying to do something meaningful why would you omit one of your most prominent, longstanding members of the CAGOP? I pray this was an oversight (although I don’t see how you can miss the CRA President) and you will extend the invitation due him, along with an apology.

  6. Hi Aaron — I’m a friend and fan of Johnny Morgan and his work for California conservatives, and was one of the panelists on the CAGOP call last night. I can’t speak to the relationship between Jessica Patterson and JM, but I can tell you how the call was structured. I’ve been advocating that we address head on the BS charge of Rep=Racist for a while. Corrin brought me on as VP of Legacy Republicans in part because I represent the immigrant wing of black Americans, and though I balk at identity politics, Dems have specified that field so let’s play on it! The panel were all involved in police and/or minority outreach and the call was to address how we can move forward as a party while BLM and cries of “defund the police” dominate the conversation. As far as I know, CRA isn’t a black outreach organization. Johnny is one of many CAGOP leaders but that’s not what the call was. We at Legacy Republican Alliance and Black Voices for Trump want everyone to know our proud GOP history. And to re-elect Donald Trump in November!!!

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