May 282020

The RNC delegation FEC account reports $109K raised. Andy Gimmecandy has pocketed over half of that money, $58,500. I am sure the delegates to the RNC will be thrilled to find out about this.

Note – I’ve been told of three would-be RNC delegates who were selected and then removed by Jessica Patterson, Jeff Randle or David Stafford Reade. To the victor go the spoils, Never-Trumpers are controlling the Trump delegation to the RNC from California.

In previous posts, I had mentioned that they jacked up the delegate fees. As of 4-30-2020, here is the tale of the tape with all the money:

(source data)

The Wheeler Company is the same Katie Wheeler that works for the CAGOP.

Of course Andy Garakhani is also known as Andy “Gimmecandy” – this is part of his reward for gathering proxies, campaign consulting and otherwise helping install Jessica Patterson as CAGOP Chair.

None of these people are doing anything illegal. It is interesting to write about the people that are getting rich off of the institutionalized failure of the CAGOP. It is also illuminating to see how they leverage things to get paid even more – while abusing party resources to set up people like Kevin Faulconer (who hates President Trump) for governor or Kristen Olsen (who also hates Trump) for Congress.

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