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Victory has 1,000 fathers.

The primary criticism is that the CAGOP, Kevin McCarthy and others stymied a party endorsement of Mike Garcia Pre-Primary. The LAGOP and the Ventura GOP both endorsed Mike Garcia. The CAGOP, clearly at the behest of Kevin McCarthy ignored the local parties and did not consider an endorsement. The board tabled the idea. (With Shannon Grove – an acolyte of McCarthy – leading the charge) While the By-Laws of the CAGOP state that the party does not have to endorse – the refusal to do so is a slap in the face of the local GOP activists and a nod towards the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. In the case of Garcia, he had 100% of the local county parties supporting him.

The irritation I have with Jessica Patterson taking credit for the victory post May election is partly rooted in this fact and…

… the $500K or so that came through the CAGOP to send some 30 pieces of mail in to #CA25. Why am I irritated by this? It’s great that it came. It’s great that Tom Ross’ Cal Plan was the conduit. It is 100% legal for the NRCC and RNC to pour money in to the CAGOP in unlimited amounts because the CAGOP gets an insanely cheap rate for mail.

What is not cool is when people are taking credit for other people’s efforts. (which included going on National Media)

What is also not cool is the continued hostility amongst insiders for all things Trump. Mike Garcia bear-hugged the President and it aided GOP turnout immensely.

Insiders tell me that the money spent on Garcia’s behalf that was run through the CAGOP via the Cal Plan came from back east and not the efforts of Jessica Patterson or others in California (beyond Mr. Ross playing a role in directing it). We’ll know soon enough the truth as the financial reports will be available shortly.

The sources of money are a key point to remember as the media is trying to rattle the National Republicans by taking cheap shots at candidates. Without a solid local base of money and support to keep the skittish national people on the reservation, money like the $500K that Cal Plan facilitated coming from back east could disappear quickly if left-wing rags are successful in spooking the institutional people. Mike Garcia raised a ton of money in his own right and will need to continue to rely upon that as the NRCC appears to be afraid of its’ own shadow.

More on this concept to follow.

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