May 132020

Update: At about 3PM 5-13-2020 Christy Smith sorta conceded. Then the media sorta called the race. The points about Dean Logan stand. He is a partisan hack and should be watched closely by anyone valuing fair elections.

Get to know Dean Logan, the LA County Registrar of Voters. He is the person that at 4:55 PM on Friday 5-8-2020 decided to put a voting center in Lancaster where there had not been one. Lancaster is the most democrat area of #CA25. R Rex Parris is the mayor of Lancaster and is alleged to have been helping Christy Smith behind the scenes which included his “urgent” request to Dean Logan for the Vote Center (which included same-day registration capacity, imagine that). Rex Parris is a Republican who hates Mike Garcia and President Trump. (My opinion based on evidence)

Speaking of PRESIDENT TRUMP – daddy made a house call to CA25:

Logan has done this before – in a recent special election that crossed from Pomona to San Bernardino County, Logan had several vote centers set up in heavily democrat areas ostensibly to help Dem operatives harvest ballots.

Dean Logan has a history. He was a central figure in the overturning of the 2004 Washington Governor’s election.

In case you need your memory refreshed, that was when Attorney General Christine Gregoire was running for governor against Republican candidate Dino Rossi. When they counted all the votes, Dino Rossi was the winner – by 261 votes. Such a thin margin triggers an automatic recount. When they did the recount, they found some more Gregoire votes, but Rossi won again — by 42 votes this time.

And that is when the Democratic machine of Ron Simms, Christine Gregoire, and the head of King County Elections at the time, a guy named Dean Logan, got involved. What was revealed in subsequent lawsuits was remarkable. On the third recount, they miraculously found a few hundred more votes for Gregoire to steal away the governor’s race. Apparently, there were 300 illegal votes, 400 more where the voter could not be verified, 240 felons who voted illegally, 44 votes from dead people, and 10 people who voted twice. When all of those votes were counted, the third time around, all of a sudden Christine Gregoire was the governor.

People on the ground in the area tell me that Logan has been overtly partisan and has aided democrats while making life difficult for Republicans. Many are still convinced that he put his finger on the scale in 2010 against Steve Cooley who came very close to winning the California Attorney General Race. Still others have seen him time and time again cater to democrat areas while leaving Republican areas in the lerch.

Did you see what happened last night in the California gubernatorial primary? In that primary, 118,000 people were accidentally left off the Los Angeles County polling place rosters. We’re talking about nearly 120,000 people who went to vote. Some left frustrated, and some were promised absentee ballots.

It didn’t just happen in 2018. It happened again in 2020:

Imagine that. A Republican that did not get a ballot in #CA25. Given Dean Logan’s history I am not surprised.

Now – People on the ground are telling me that Logan is alleged to be withholding information on the number of outstanding ballots and has ordered people in the LA County Registrar’s office to slow-roll the count.

Meantime – the Chair of the CAGOP went on National TV to take a victory lap even though the CAGOP had little if anything to do with last night’s results. The CAGOP does not have the resources to send lawyers to the LA Registrars office to keep track of Logan and his goons – it is going to have to be the NRCC and the Campaign.

It is my opinion based on the above that Dean Logan is corrupt and a partisan hack.

Here – he slams white people. His twitter feed is full of partisan pablum and re-tweets.

So, is the national media refusing to call #CA25 because they know something we don’t know about the remaining ballots or how Dean Logan and crew MAY manipulate them?

P.S. Rex Parris needs to be unseated and I don’t care by whom. Dean Logan needs to be railed publicly and held accountable for running the LA Registrar like a union shop.

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  One Response to “#CA25 Update: National Media Refuses to Call Race Even Though Garcia Leads by 12%. Could Dean Logan the LA Registrar Be the Reason?”

  1. Smith conceded the race. AP called it for Garcia.

    Smith would have needed to get 97% of the outstanding ballots in her favor in order to win. That would have been too great a task, even for California Dems.

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