May 182020

Despite what the experts say, it appears that Katie “Trainwreck” Porter is sweating. She has been making several appearances on fawning media. There is some palace intrigue regarding the fate of Senator Dianne Feinstein as some of the pyschos on the extreme left think she is going to get arrested for insider trading. The problem is that it is not illegal under the rules Obama signed in to law the year after the practice was allegedly banned. Secondly, take a look at her and ask yourself if she could beat Adam Schiff in a communist primary in California?

Yup. This is the Congressman from CA-45.

Greg Raths beat Don Sedgwick and others in the primary. We’ve written about John Thomas (Sedgwick’s consultant) many times, but suffice to say the experts thought Sedgwick was the best ticket for the GOP. They obviously were ignoring the John Thomas factor – now it appears they are stuck on the notion that Raths can’t win #CA45.

Will 2020 be the year that Greg Raths actually calls people and raises money and support? It’s out there if he will get it and Katie Porter is not well-liked despite what she’d have you believe.

Jennifer Seibel Newsom – the first lady of California wrote a fawning article about Katie Porter in some gossip rag. (Remember Jennifer Newsom was Gavin’s 2nd or 3rd affair on his previous wife) The Atlantic wrote an article about Porter grandstanding against Political Action Committees and sources tell me none other that perennial leech and consultant debris Matt Cunningham is telling people big donors are sitting out the 2022 US Senate Race in California.

So – are Matt Cunningham and others known to be associated with Disney working against Greg Raths on behalf of Porter? Do they think getting Porter parachuted in to the US senate (BatWoman costume and all) will make it easier for Disney to purchase a replacement? If Disney cares this much why didn’t they intervene in the CA45 Primary?

Porter on her own right seems to have missed the memo about her easy re-election: (From Elle Magazine, a publication that tells women to have an affair on their husband to liven up a dull marriage among other brilliant advice tidbits)

What’s your greatest fear heading into the 2020 election?

One is that I represent an area with a large campus, the wonderful University of California Irvine. I’m very worried about those students and how they’re going to vote. I’m also worried broadly about how Americans react when they’re struggling. This is a time in which so many people are unemployed, so many people are worried about how the economy is going to bounce back, how they’re going to pay their rent or their mortgage, what kind of job opportunities might be there for their kids.

I think when that happens, that fear often turns into anger and frustration, and sometimes that turns into wanting to find someone to blame. The reality here is the problem is the virus. I worry that people will just be so frightened, and they’ll get angry and they’ll get discouraged about the potential of government in a time like this. There’ve been so many lost opportunities by the administration in this pandemic. I very much hope that people see and believe in the good that government can do.

As if we have not figured this out already – the democrats have been ballot harvesting for years. I’ve seen it in 2002, 2006, 2008 and I’ve been told specifics in other elections (including 2012 in Washoe County Nevada). Katie Porter knows that without a college campus, teacher’s union halls, senior living facilities, SEIU halls and the like that her road to re-election will be much more difficult. Planned Parenthood facilities serving as ballot drop-off points are not enough to do the job. Also note her confirmation that Government is her higher power.

I’m very worried about those students and how they’re going to vote.

Stay tuned folks – I think there is something to the US Senate rumors about Katie Trainwreck:

Who is your top pick for vice president?

I am a super fan of Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. These are the two women who made it possible for me to launch my campaign. When I first thought about running for office, I’d never run for anything, not even city council or student government. When I went to both of them and I said, “I’m thinking about running for Congress,” they both made very clear that they would be by my side and be with me every step of the way. [There’s] that potential for growing the next generation of leaders. I’ve seen them both do that. They’re both passionate about justice, about equality. They’re both willing to stand up to power, and they both have strong voices.

But remember what’s most important: I’m very worried about those students and how they’re going to vote.

Katie Trainwreck for Senate. Congress is but a stepping stone…

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